MBAs in Finance

Why Now Is The Time To Get An MBA

When people are seeking advanced business degrees, a master’s in business administration (MBA) has long been one of the most popular to earn — and there are more than just a few reasons why that is the case. The University of St Thomas MBA program provides advanced degree seekers with a well-rounded education that helps ensure future success in business.

If you have ever considered the possibility of getting an MBA, you’re on a great track to establishing yourself as a leader in commerce and industry. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to go through with it, here are some reasons why it’s time to take a leap and land squarely on an MBA program.

It’s A Diverse Degree

One of the greatest aspects of having an MBA is that it’s a diverse degree. Many advanced degrees are highly specialized and paint students into very specific corners of concentration. Theoretically, specialized degrees lock degree holders into an extremely target field of practice. An MBA does the opposite. It actually can expand your career opportunities.

MBA degrees are famously generalized in a way that allows students to specialize in the areas that most draw their interest and highlight their talents. However, those specialties tend to complement the degree as opposed to supplementing them. Earning an MBA is prestigious in its own right. Choosing a specialty is the icing on the scholastic cake.

Opportunities Open Up With An MBA

Many people power through their undergrad studies and head straight to grad school to work on an MBA. Alternately, there are also many people that go back to college later, seeking to earn their MBA degrees. Both camps are onto something smart. One of the reasons that earning an MBA is such a powerful move is that it extends professional opportunities in a big way.

Almost any field or industry can benefit from a talented professional with an MBA. In fact, one study focused on an MBA student population of medical doctors that went back to school and obtained an MBA to increase professional growth and opportunities. While some fields are more competitive than others, prospective employers almost always do the same thing when comparing possible candidates. They look at who has better qualifications.

People with advanced degrees often do so to stand out and increase their professional opportunities. As an MBA is one of the top advanced degrees to earn, these degree holders gain a unique advantage in any profession. It’s a comprehensive, yet generalized degree that only the sharpest minds can successfully complete.

MBAs Have Earning Power

Statistically, advanced degree holders earn more money.  That holds true for people that earn an MBA. Some reports estimate that people with MBA degrees automatically earn at least $20,000 more (or have the potential of earning) just by proxy of having the degree alone. For many people, that amount of money equates to an annual salary. People with an MBA degree can theoretically add that to a base salary for highly qualified candidates with four-year business degrees.

Other Benefits of Having An MBA

Outside of increasing career opportunities and earning potential, MBA degree holders have other advantages. One of the most effective tools a person has to advance their career is to have the power to network. People with MBAs tend to be excellent networkers. A strong and viable MBA program helps solidify this talent so that people can translate this into their chosen industries. Proficient networking is a powerful tool that can make a positive difference in someone’s work life and career.

MBA programs yield degrees that keep on giving, both professionally and personally. Finding an excellent MBA degree program that works for you can be the start of a brighter and broader future.

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