When Should You Erase Data From Your Device

When Should You Erase Data From Your Device? A Guide

Are you done with the data on your electronic devices and want to erase it?

Sometimes, you cannot be sure of the best way and time to wipe it from your hard drives. That is why you should explore all options before taking action. 

Here are a few things you need to know before you can erase data from your devices. 

Why You Need To Wipe Hard Drives 

Hard drives and memory cards can store a lot of data, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your old equipment lying around. If you don’t erase your personal information, there is a good chance someone else will. With increasing high-profile security breaches, wiping your hard drive before selling or giving away a device has never been more important. 

How To Wipe Your Hard Drive 

If you plan on selling or giving away your old computer, you may want to erase your hard drive before donating it. You also need the right tools such as Certus Software to wipe it. Before doing that, you may want to think about the following factors. 

  • Your privacy 
  • The privacy of your business partners and clients 
  • The type of information contained on the hard drives 
  • The risk associated with third-party access to your data 

If you’re concerned about privacy, you may want to take a more hands-on approach. Do a clean install of a new operating system, which will also allow you to make sure that all of your data has been removed from your hard drive.

Formatting Without Destroying Data 

Formatting, in most cases, doesn’t erase data from your electronic device. A format prepares your system for a new operating system or application; it’s similar to reinstalling an operating system on a computer.

Formatting will remove all user-created content on an iPhone, but it won’t destroy data stored on the phone itself (such as contacts and calendar events).  

Permanently Erase Information

At some point, you’re going to want to erase a file so that it can’t be recovered or read. You may have just pulled a report for your boss, and she didn’t like it and wants you to go back and change it. To protect her privacy, you need to make sure that report is gone forever before handing her a new version. 

The same goes for sensitive information, whether at work or in your personal life. Before permanently erasing files from an electronic device, whether an SD card, flash drive, or hard drive, ensure that all of your information has been backed up elsewhere, ideally in at least two separate locations. 

Let Experts Handle Your Data Needs 

If you are not sure of the best way to erase info from your electronic devices, you should not gamble. You have to be sure of whether to back it up or delete it permanently. In this case, you should trust experts to manage it on your behalf. 

We hope you now know how to erase data from your phone. For more informative content, keep reading our articles.

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