When should I buy a baby monitor?

When should I buy a baby monitor?

Are you searching for When should I buy a baby monitor? In this article, we are going to discuss in detail when to buy a baby monitor and what should be the most important things to keep in mind when buying a baby monitor?

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On the market, there are a wide variety of baby monitoring devices and resources to monitor the well-being of your child, some very sophisticated. These tips will help you choose the right one for you

Tips for buying a baby monitor

When you go to buy the baby monitor you will find a wide offer, both in design and in features, so the choice can be complicated. The first thing you should be clear about is that sophistication does not have to be synonymous with difficult handling (in terms of installation, interface, passwords, etc.) and that many times the most expensive are not the best. We give you some tips so that you know what is essential and what details to look for according to your needs:

Type of technology  

Baby monitors can be analog or digital. The former have more interference (although with more channels, less interference), while digital technology (DECT) offers a more secure connection and avoids such interference, but it is somewhat controversial. 

According to some studies, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these devices could be harmful to the baby, although the levels of danger have not been established.

When buying the equipment we will verify that it complies with the European safety regulations in general, but regarding the emission of waves, there is no clear legal regulation. However, there are already many models that try to alleviate this and offer low radiation.

Automatic ignition 

 There are baby monitors that are constantly on while others, through sensors, are activated by sound or movement (when the baby wakes up or starts crying, for example). To save on its operation, and also to avoid such constant radiation, it is advisable to choose the models with this feature.


We must be clear about the use that we are going to give it and the scope we need (depending on how big our house is) since they usually go from 100 to 400 meters, indoors. Some models have an alarm that is activated when we leave the coverage area.

Power options 

Baby monitors can be powered by the current, or run on battery or batteries. We will opt for models that offer greater autonomy (obviously the video ones last less than the audio ones), those with a charge and low battery indicator, and those that are equipped with the ‘energy saving’ mode, to optimize their useful life.

There are also devices with a buzzer in case communication is interrupted.

Cameras and screens 

A good option is to choose cameras that rotate up to 360º and that have zoom, to be able to see your baby wherever he is and more closely. What if we take photos or record the images? Ask yourself if you want these characteristics.

As for the screens, there are them in black and white and in color, although what is most abundant are the LCD monitors that tend to gain in size (the average is 3 inches, but they even go up to 8, as a frame digital), and some offer panoramic vision and high definition image.

Many computers can be connected to a television or a computer, and also via WiFi to our mobile phone, which will act as a monitor.

Infrared night vision

 It is a very useful feature (which is activated automatically in many models) because it allows you to see the baby in the dark. And it is that when he is sleeping, in the dark or with little light, it is when he is usually watched the most.

Other extras 

Most models offer some extras such as dim companion lights, temperature and humidity sensor, melodies to reassure the baby, alarms to remind breastfeeding feedings, or details such as a function to locate the receiving unit when do not know where you left it, or a clip to attach it to a belt and always carry it with you (there is a model in which the receiving unit is a wristwatch).

They may seem like insignificant details but they are useful and do not usually increase the price much.

Other models go further and include sensors that record the child’s movements during sleep and activate an alarm when they detect that he is not breathing normally, which could prevent the dreaded sudden infant death syndrome.

How long should the baby monitor be used?

Whenever we talk about children’s products that we have liked the most and least, there are interesting debates about what is necessary and what is expendable.

In my opinion, in each house, and with each baby there is no strict rule and what worked for me could be a mess for others and vice versa. Even with siblings themselves, parenting does not have to be repeated and they are often completely different.

I have always told you, for example, that for me what I used the least, to the point that perhaps we only used it three times was the baby hammock, and instead what I always used and continue to use 8 years later is the baby monitor camera, which for me It is a must without a doubt.

To taste the colors, that is clear. And surely for many families using a baby monitor is not so necessary while for others it is. In addition, there are many variants on the market right now, from the most complete baby monitors whose apps support several cameras at the same time to the simplest intercoms that only send sound. Which one do you need? That is what we are going to talk about today.

Hope from this article you understand when should I buy a baby monitor? Let’s buy your baby monitor now.

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