What the Heck Is a Snail Mail Letter

What the Heck Is a Snail Mail Letter?

If you heard that over 140 billion pieces of snail mail are sent in the US every year, you might find yourself surprised that snails are so talkative! Are they sending mail about the juiciest lettuce leaves or the hot new trends in snail fashion?

Of course, you probably know really that snail mail refers to good old-fashioned letters and parcels sent via the postal service. But how much do you know about the history of the snail mail letter and the advantages sending a letter has over digital communication?

Want to learn more? Read on! We’ve put together this simple guide to give you the key information you need.

A Brief History of the Snail Mail Letter

Letters have been around for almost as long as written language. From China to Greece, letters were a mainstay of communication throughout the ancient world.

In these times, there was no post office. Instead, a handwritten letter would be carried by a servant, or simply a traveler heading in the right direction.

Letters also inspired many great cultural and religious works. Much of the Bible is taken from letters written by disciples. Many biographies of famous figures are structured around the thoughts and ideas they expressed in letters to friends and loved ones.

All this isn’t to say that snail mail is a thing of the past. It still has many practical applications in the modern world.

Snail Mail Letter Benefits

Some people might say snail mail has no use in the modern era. But traditional mail is still widely used across the world and for good reason. Snail mail has plenty of unique advantages over email and digital communication.


In the modern world, cybercrime is on the rise. Anyone who uses email knows how many scammers there are trying to get their hands on your data! Writing a letter and sending it by postal mail removes the risk of communicating online.

Many intelligence agencies are choosing to communicate by snail mail. Using paper and pen means hackers can’t get hold of your private info!


Sending traditional mail might not be as expensive as you might think! The cost of a simple letter might be as little as a few dollars, while light parcels are affordable too.

If you’re looking for affordable, certified mail labels, check out certifiedmaillabels.com where there are a range of cost-effective options for sending traditional post.

Make a Unique Connection

Snail mail allows users to add a personal touch to their letters. Let’s say you have a pen pal in a foreign country or a faraway state. Including a special stamp from your area or enclosing a keepsake in the envelope adds a touch of magic to what otherwise might be a routine communication.

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