What is the real difference between Google search ads and image ads? We explain to you!

What’s The Difference Between Search Network Ads And The Google Display Network?

What Is The Real Difference Between Google Search Ads And Image Ads? We explain To You!

These are different types of ads, but you may not recognize them just by their names. Therefore, we are here to analyze the specific differences between the two and the different ways they benefit your business.

Google Image Ads

If you visited any site on the Internet, you saw an image ad.

Imagine this, you are visiting a website to book air tickets for a future trip and, on the right of the screen, there is an ad for a hotel chain. This is an image ad and can be used by companies to redirect potential customers to their websites.

Think that way; image ads give businesses the option to promote their products or services, even when a potential customer is browsing other sites. Whether someone is updating a news source or watching videos on YouTube, a company can still reach Internet users on these web pages with the help of image ads.

Image ads can be used more effectively, targeting specific people or sites for the ad.

These ads also focus on targeting based on audience and content.

Audience segmentation can be refined to focus on the following:

Demographic – target audience based on age, sex, location, and others who will be most interested in your products or services.

In the market – this group of users can be targeted because they want to make a purchase related to your business and products. They are actively buying or consuming that type of product right now.

Affinity – here users are not necessarily buying, but engaging with content related to certain categories of products and services.

Remarketing – To reach people who have visited but left your site, remarketing will place an ad for what they saw on your site to motivate them to return.

Similar audience – collects information from users similar to those who have been targeted for your remarketing efforts and shows your ad to them because of their related interests.

Content targeting is limited to the following categories:

Keywords – Based on the context of a webpage, your ad can show if it has the same or similar keywords.

Placement – this allows you to have discretion about which sites or web pages you want your ad to appear on.

Topics – A broader targeting option for placing ads on pages that focus on a topic related to your ad, and can

appear on pages that do not talk about the subject, other than keywords, where it requires that the content be related and not the site.

Google Search Ads

You can view ads on the Google Search Network as a direct response to a user search, and these ads are based on the immediate need for a product or service.

When a user is searching specifically on Google, a search ad will appear in the results at the top and bottom of the page. This ad is a direct response to the survey the user was performing.

It is essential to know, however, that these are not common search results on Google. These search ads will appear above the organic search results and will be identified by a small box labeled “Ad” located next to the page’s URL.

Setting up resources for this advertising option allows your business to appear before the organic search results that a user normally interacts with. The user must continue to scroll through the page to reach these results, where search ads at the top of the page no longer require scrolling by the user and end up attracting a lot of attention.

Search ads are more immediate because they act directly based on the user’s keyword input and can promote quick user action to visit a website to search for products or buy something quickly. They work directly with the public’s demands.

As an example, we search for “engineering company” and below are the results of advertisers for the term:

Some updates have recently been made to Google’s advertising metrics and are worth keeping up to date. Follow our blog and Google portals to stay on top of the news on the platform.

Final Thoughts

It is normal to feel bogged down in terms of marketing actions and that is why we are here. To help when it comes to designing ad strategies on the Google Ads Search and Display Network.

At Fator, we understand the importance of support throughout the process of building and optimizing ads. Contact us to find out which ad strategy is right for your business goals!

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