A Brief Overview

What Is Strategic? A Brief Overview

The business world has become increasingly difficult to navigate since the advent of social media. All it takes is one poorly-thought out social media post. A comment said in anger or haste. Then, bam! You’ve generated a social media firestorm.

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to think that their company would never be at the center of such a catastrophe. However, the biggest PR disasters in 2021 prove that even a well-intended marketing campaign can backfire in the wrong hands.

This is why having a strategic communications plan is so important to businesses. What is strategic communication, exactly? How can you get started in that field? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Strategic Communication?

In essence, strategic communication is exactly what it says on the tin. It deals with executing well-strategized communication of an organization’s purpose and mission. This communication takes place across all levels of a company or nonprofit.

Naturally, this includes public relations, marketing, and internal notices.

It’s important that your communications are well-vetted by diverse, sensitive audiences before release. Companies like https://miller-ink.com/ exist to help businesses solidify their strategic communications plan.

What Do People In Strategic Communications Jobs Do?

People in strategic communications jobs can find work in all sorts of different departments within a company. The most obvious places would be in marketing or social media management.

There is, however, a need for consistent language in intracompany communiqués. So, some who work in strategic communication may find work in the HR department.

Regardless, the job duties of most strategic communications positions remain the same. They ensure that all communications released by the company match its purpose, mission, and branding. More specifically, this can include:

  • Working alongside the marketing team to develop and refine company advertisements
  • Refining or publishing company communications across platforms and contexts
  • Determining the right platforms for company messaging, as well as scheduling communication releases

This but scratches the surface of some of the duties you may perform as a strategic communications consultant.

Can You Get A Strategic Communications Degree?

The term “strategic communication” only emerged around 2007 or so. As such, the field is a relative newcomer. All the same, you can major in strategic communications at many reputable universities.

Oftentimes, this gets lumped in with a degree in either Public Relations or Mass Marketing. Depending on your specific focus, you can receive either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in the field.

Let’s Review The Facts

Strategic communication refers to how companies put forth their mission and brand when communicating with others. This field pairs well with the marketing department. However, it may also overlap with internal departments like Human Resources.

A well-trained strategic communications consultant can help a business save face from a PR stumble. Or, even better, prevent such a fumble from happening to begin with.

Would you like to learn more about this exciting field? If so, then check out our blog for more educational articles like this one!

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