What Is Android Digital Signage?

What Is Android Digital Signage?

Starting a new business? 

Great, but how will you advertise to walk-in customers? How will you display menu items, promo sales, and new product announcements? Failure is always going to be a lingering shadow, especially when you consider how 50% of businesses shut down in half a decade.

You could use print media, but why spend that much when you can invest in Android digital signage?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how this signage works or why it’s important for your business. Learn all about it with our in-depth dive below:

What is Digital Signage?

Take a moment to look at the nearest sign, billboard, or announcement board. These use traditional print materials. Digital signage replaces the paint and print with a digital image designed on tools like Photoshop, displaying the image on a screen much like a TV.

One of the biggest benefits of digital signage is you can alter the content. Discovered a typo or outdated information in the image you displayed? You can remove the flash drive where the images are, edit the photo on your laptop, and then plug it back in. 

Introducing Android Digital Signage

Now take the concept of digital signages but add the convenience and management power given by Android. 

This gives you much more flexibility. Using Android apps and players, you can schedule which images or videos to display. You can control the signage player from your phone too, enabling quick editing and alterations.

Don’t have an Android TV to take advantage of this? You can use something as simple as a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick to turn any screen into an Android display.

Benefits Af Android Digital Signage

Why invest in a digital signage player Android offers? Is it worth the cost compared to traditional digital signage or print signage? The benefits start with the fact you don’t need much to start:

Low-Entry Barrier

One of the best things about Android digital signage is you don’t need tons of high-end gear. You don’t need to be a software engineer to understand how to manipulate the display. You only need a TV, Internet connection, and your phone or tablet.

Don’t have an Android TV? Some digital signage companies can provide an Amazon Fire TV stick with all of the software already preloaded for you. Now you simply need to plug it to activate your digital signage.

Affordable Tools

Traditional digital signage requires a lot of expensive tools. You’d need a propriety screen that can display the images or videos you want to display. You’ll also need a unique app that can read the files.

However, this is no longer the case thanks to the introduction of Android apps, cloud connections, and remote management. 

Now you can use any TV. You can rely on affordable digital signage apps on the Google Play Store. Whenever you need to edit or manage the display, you can do so on your laptop or even on a phone.

Remote Management

As mentioned, you don’t need a high-end machine to manage your Android signage. You can do so using your phone or tablet. 

How does this work?

You’ll have to log into your account first. This is the account for the software you use for the display, which relies on cloud technology. After logging in, you can manipulate every app, image, and video on display.

From your phone, you can even change how long each display lasts before cycling to the next one. You can set up daily schedules too. 

Beautiful And Eye-Catching

Android digital signage offers a much brighter, clearer, and beautiful image compared to print media. Of course, a lot of this depends on the kind of screen you use. 

Even with a low-end screen, however, there’s no denying that you can make vivid, eye-catching displays. A static billboard looks great but you’ll grab the attention of more people with short videos and HD images.

At the end of the day, creating eye-catching displays remains a major goal. You want people to look. Only then will they take the time needed to check the information displayed. 

Updated Information

Did you know you can use Android signage to display real-time Twitter posts? You can keep people in the loop by displaying a news ticker at the bottom. It’s also possible to schedule multiple ads to play during different hours or days to keep your walk-in customers informed about your products or services.

Do you have an ongoing sale or a special promo for new products? You can announce these on your new display. You can remove the announcements as soon as the promo ends and replace them with whatever new material you prefer.

Drives Sales

Ads boost sales, this is why companies invest so much in them. Ads can target people you know already show interest in your products and services. They can target newcomers and build a desire for what you offer. 

Android digital signage can do all of these and more. The flexible nature of this type of signage allows you to target specific demographics during different times. This gives you full control to determine how you want to drive your sales.

Improves Shopping Experience

Have you ever been to a large book store or a shopping mall? It’s easy to get lost, especially if it’s your first time inside or if you’re looking for a specific item. Android signage eliminates a lot of the hassle.

With touch screen signage, for example, you can allow customers to locate what they need. They can interact with a store database or a store map. 

Improving customer convenience and shopping experience should be on the top of your priorities. The easier it is for them to shop in your store, the more likely it is they’ll come back. Your signage can help you achieve this goal and more.

Take Advantage Of The Best Digital Signage Software

Now you know why it’s important to invest in Android digital signage. It’s more than a fancy replacement for posters and billboards. With remote management and more, you can turn it into a powerful marketing tool.

Of course, improving your business doesn’t end here. If you want even more business, advertising, and technology tips and tricks, we suggest reading our other posts today. Discover all the new methods you can take advantage of!

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