What Is Anchor Text in SEO

What Is Anchor Text in SEO?

According to research, SEO can reduce the cost of acquiring customers by an average of 87.41% compared to digital advertising.

You can boost your rankings on search engines by choosing the right anchor text. So, what is anchor text in SEO?

Also known as link text, anchor text represents a link’s visible, clickable text. Usually, the SEO anchor text appears in a different color than the other text and is regularly underlined.

The best anchor text will let the reader know what to expect after clicking on the hyperlink. Read on to explore the best practices for optimizing anchor text in SEO.

What an Anchor Text Looks Like

The best anchor text describes the article getting linked to and motivates those visiting the page to click. Search engines understand the linked article is relevant since the link text and URL correlate.

In HTML, the first piece of code represents the URL and the second part shows the link, which is the anchor text.

Adding internal links to your content makes your site structure clear to search engines. With the text of the link, search engines can make sense of your internal links, giving them more context.

If you link to other content, Google will use the anchor text to indicate the topic on the linked page. Besides adding more context to links for SEO, anchor texts are significant to your users.

The link text will clarify the value of a link and tell your users where it leads them. Avoid using a focus keyphrase in the anchor text, as it can confuse search engines and your users.

Types of Anchor Text

Link text is essential for your internal links and incoming external links. Your anchor text can take form in various ways.

You can have an exact match link text. You can also consider the anchor text an exact match if it has a keyword that mirrors the page you’re linking to.

Partial match link text includes a variation of the keyword on the page getting linked to. Further, a branded link text represents a brand name used as an anchor text.

A naked SEO anchor text is when a URL gets used as an anchor. A generic anchor text represents generic words or a phrase that’s used as the anchor.

A commonly used generic link text is “click here.” Lastly, when you link an image, Google uses the text in the image’s alt attribute as the link text.

Optimizing Anchor Text

Ensure the anchor text uses descriptive keywords when describing the page or idea linked to.

Still, you must be careful when optimizing anchor text for SEO. Often, it’s easy to over-optimize your link text. This can happen when you over-rely on repetitive and keyword-rich phrases.

You can visit the Learning Hub for more ideas on link building and choosing the correct link text for your content.

What Is Anchor Text in SEO?

Now, you can describe what anchor text in SEO is from the information provided in this article. Besides, you know the types of anchor text and how to use them in your link-building strategy.

Anchor text matters significantly in search engine optimization by letting Google know what a page is about. Always ensure your anchor text remains natural and relevant for better results.

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