What Is a Good Workout Routine That We Can Do At Home

What Is a Good Workout Routine That We Can Do At Home?

Why is continuing to train important for our psychophysical well-being? Is it possible to do it in total safety and achieve good results even at home?

In recent months, the web has gone mad for home workouts, fitness apps, Instagram and YouTube channels and Facebook groups have begun to convert hundreds of sedentary Eternals into fitness enthusiasts. Creativity is a lot, but this does not always lead to the achievement of satisfactory results and, at times, it also risks being dangerous.

Let’s find out what are the best exercises to do at home and what routines can help us feel good physically and mentally. Well, get the weights and mat ready, and let’s get started.

Why Is The Need For Training At Home?

One of the most common problems of those who spend a lot of time at home is laziness. Yes, because paradoxical as it may seem, the more we go out and carry on a dynamic life, the more our body and mind are inclined to move. That’s why a good way to combat laziness, and the boredom that comes with it, is home fitness. Exercising at home is a solution to this type of problem but also to many others, let’s discover its 3 biggest benefits:

1. Time is money

Home fitness solves one of the biggest problems of modern man, the increasingly feared: “I don’t have time”. Work, love, housework, and errands, our days are often correlated by these activities, and training is sacrificed to dedicate ourselves to this type of commitment. Training at home allows us to freely manage our time, it is not necessary to comply with precise rules of the activity or set times. We can organize training in the hours and with the times that best suit our lifestyle, giving us that sense of freedom necessary to move forward and forever erasing the alibi of “I don’t have time”.

2. The long-term investment

You know, you have to do the accounts not only with your own time but also with your wallet. The world of fitness can, at times, be a considerable expense in a person’s life. This is why home fitness can be a good “money-saving” solution. Technogym Bench for example is the perfect solution for its minimum size and maximum versatility. It is an all-in-one station that contains all the tools for a complete workout. Technogym Bench fits everywhere, converting even the smallest space into a completely functional gym.

3. Satisfied and focused

The home is the family place par excellence, a place where we feel at ease and can be ourselves 100%. This is why it is the perfect environment in which to train. Here we can follow our times, stay focused on the music we prefer, or in the silence of our thoughts. The importance of having all the tools useful for our routine should not be underestimated, not having to queue for tools (like in the gym) and not having to run to leave the machinery or the weight free to other people. One of the worst things that can be done when training is not to respect the planned exercises, to replace them with others, or, even worse, not to do them.

Distance Coaching: What Is It And Why Does It Work?

Remote coaching was one of the trends of 2021, the desire to continue training, despite the closure of gyms and sports centers, has led many people to look for valid alternatives to the usual workout sessions they were used to. Motivation often fails when you train alone, so in March group call fitness began to take hold, and personal trainers and coaches began to reinvent themselves and use technology to train their clients.

What is the basic feature needed to follow distance training? Already having a good knowledge of your body and its limits. The trainer, not being physically at home with you, cannot correct incorrect movements or bad postures. In addition to the famous fitness classes on zoom or the Facebook direct reports of personal trainers and fitness influencers, another great success was achieved by mobile applications for workouts such as Technogym’s Mywellness app 5.0 which gives trainers and operators the possibility to use personalized training experiences in any place and at any time. In this way, we can all continue to use the services of our fitness clubs remotely, perhaps with the same personal trainers and coaches that we usually meet in the gym. In addition to live and on-demand classes, the app gives the possibility to use a library of contents created and provided by Technogym.

What Are The Best Tools Needs For The Workout At Home?

As we have already said previously, home fitness can be practiced even without the use of tools or machinery, the maintenance of the body can be done easily with free body exercises. For those who, however, need to develop their physical performance, it will be necessary to integrate the basic exercises with ad hoc tools that can stimulate the muscles and raise the bar of strength and endurance more and more. Let’s see which are the basic tools essential for a perfect “homemade” gym:

– Training mat, or the non-slip mat. It is the essential basic tool for abdominals, weight exercises, planks, and even yoga or meditation.

– Hexagonal dumbbells, are cast-iron weights covered with rubberized material. The hexagonal shape has been designed so that they can be used not only for exercises such as biceps and triceps curls but for more complex movements such as those of man makers or burpees with dumbbells. They can be placed on the ground and support our body in balance avoiding slipping. They can be of different loads so that muscle development can progress over time.

– Elastic bands with handles, the various colors indicate the different resistances, necessary to modulate the intensity of the exercises. Very useful for stretching and toning the muscles of the whole body. The handles make usability more comfortable avoiding slipping of the hand and difficulties in the correct execution of the exercises.

– Knuckle, literally “knuckles”. They are weights with an ergonomic handle that are worn as if they were real gloves, they are perfect for core exercises. Using them will make an even greater contribution to stimulation and strengthening of the abdomen.

– Bench, literally “bench”. Very useful for different types of exercises, from weight lifting to step, from training on the triceps to push-ups on the bench. Cardio fitness is essential because, in addition to helping our heart function to keep the heart fit, it helps kidney functions, keeps joints elastic, and is good for bones. In short, no one should do without it. We talked about useful tools for cardio fitness that can be used at home, there are several but two are the spearheads of this type of training:

1. My Run, is the treadmill designed by Technogym to make the indoor running experience effective and fun. One of the biggest deterrents of running on the treadmill is boredom, but with the MyRun app, the runner can compete with other runners through virtual reality, retrace the favorite routes that are done outside and replicate them even from home and suggests the right playlist to listen to depending on the intensity of the workout. The advantages of running at home are many: you can run at any time, you have a more controlled balance and stride control that prevents the risk of joint injuries, you can monitor your heart performance and you can increase or decrease the intensity at any time.

2. Technogym Bike, the indoor bike of the future: one of the most effective sports for cardio fitness is cycling and the Technogym Bike allows everyone to try their hand at this sport. In addition to the convenience and design of the state-of-the-art machinery, you can have access to immersive cycling sessions that will give you the feeling of being in a real studio with professional trainers and a supportive community. Did you know that the best time to do cycling sessions is in the morning: why do you reach hormonal peaks that make you burn calories faster?

Are 30 Minutes Of Fitness At Home Enough?

Training times are one of the biggest questions of athletes, some argue that it takes a lot of time and that 60 to 90 minutes of a session are needed, while those who are fans of circuit training for which less than 30 are enough minutes. But how much and how should you train at home? The answers are many because many and different are the goals that can be achieved with training at home. The first thing to do is therefore to understand and choose what your goal is: if you have pathologies, you must lose or gain weight, it is always necessary to consult a doctor and professionals who can follow us and constantly monitor our health.

It is certainly true and scientifically proven, that a daily 30-minute workout helps the body stay toned and lose weight. Here are the benefits of this type of training:

Lose weight by speeding up your metabolism

Daily endorphin stimulation helps psychophysical well-being

Consistency is required to tone the body, a little time every day is better than a lot of time now and then

High-intensity short-duration workouts improve athletic performance, which is why they are also recommended for those who train consistently

Homemade Workout, Mistakes: What Not To Do When We Train At Home

We have reached the end of this quick guide to training at home, the last part to analyze is the one concerning the mistakes not to make. One of the advantages of going to the gym or playing a sport is to have professionals and personal trainers ready to correct us and check that the training is done from start to finish. Unfortunately, unless you follow online coaching sessions, training at home can come with risks. Here are the 4 most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them:

1. Never skip the heating! As boring as it may seem, it is essential to prepare our muscles for the training we are about to do. Warming up prevents muscle tears and more serious injuries.

2. Vary your exercise routine. Try to change the sequence of your workouts often and modify the exercises you do. The advantage will be to stimulate different muscle areas and to do so gradually by improving muscle hypertrophy.

3. Do not go from 0 to 100. Start gradually and increase the intensity of the training a little at a time, in this way you will not be discouraged if you do not manage to achieve complex fatigue sessions, you will complete the workout correctly and the improvements you will see will give you a lot of satisfaction.

4. Stretching is key, don’t skip it. After a home fitness session, what could be better than relaxing your body, stretching your muscles, and taking the time to recover? Nothing! So why not do it? It is important to give your body a chance to relax and stretching is the best way to do this. Not to mention that, like the warm-up, it is an integral part of training.

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