What Does FT Mean?

What Does FT Mean?

Like many of the acronyms covered in the Internet Dictionary, there is no single universally accepted definition for FT.

But here are the three most common uses of the word, so you can be certain that you’re using it correctly.

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What Does FT Mean?

Here are the meanings of the word FT.

Meaning #1: 


Uppercase FT or lowercase ft refers to FaceTime – an app that lets people use their iPhones to make free video calls to each other.

Unlike all the competitors, such as Zoom, Skype, SnapChat or Whatsapp Video Call, FaceTime was the first referred to as an acronym. 

This may be due to FaceTime being around for a longer period of time as one of the earliest entrants into the video conferencing space, or perhaps it’s because of the higher quality of the face-to-face interface – known for its simplicity and sleek design.

In addition to being able to add more people to a video chat, FaceTime also offers an option where you can share photos and videos directly between two devices. You can send each other pictures and videos via iMessage.

When someone asks if they can video chat with you, they probably just want to talk to you. They might not know what ‘FaceTime’ means, so you should explain that it’s an app where you can see each other’s faces and talk face-to-face. You could also say “Let’s video chat!” instead of “FT?“.

Meaning #2:


This is a newer use of the term, often used in marketing to describe an artist who is collaborating with another artist on a track.

In music, the featured artist is considered to be an important part of the song, rather than just another musician who happens to be performing it.

For example, Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne means that Lil Wayne was featured on Drake’s song. This means that the song will appear in Drake’s album, rather than Lil’ Wayne’s.

Meaning #3:

Financial Times

Finally, FT can stand for the British business and financial newspaper, The Financial Times. Typically used in corporate and finance circles, the FT is one of today’s most respected sources of news and analysis.

When people ask “Did you see the FT this morning’?”, this means they’re asking about the morning edition of TheFinancial Times.

Always be aware of the context in which the word “FT” is used. If you know that the person using the term means one thing, then you’ll know whether they mean something else by it.

What Does Ft Means In Social Media Life?

There are many full forms of the term ‘’ft’’ in social media. People are using this term in different ways as they are owning this term. Here are some full forms of the term ‘’ft’’.

  • Feet.
  • Foot.
  • Full Time.
  • Free Throw (basketball).
  • First Thing.
  • Fast Track.
  • Field Training.
  • Field Test.
  • Facetime.
  • Family Therapy.

FT means “following trend” and is often used in social networks when someone wants to say that they’re going to follow any particular trend at the moment.

What Is The Meaning Of ‘FT’ In Texting?

When texting, Apple users use f/t to suggest using Facetime (a communication app) for face to face conversations on their devices.

Also used in texting (and Twitter), FT can mean either “Fuck That” or “For Trade”. If you’re looking for work online, FT can mean “Full Time”. As for abbreviations, FT can mean “foot or “feet” as well as “Financial Times”, which is a UK newspaper.

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