What does based mean?

What does based mean?

The American rapper, Brandon Christopher McCartney, commonly known by “Lil B” and “The Based God”, yes we do.

What does it mean to be based?

Based is a slang term used to describe someone who acts like an addict of crack cocaine or someone who acts like an addicted person. 

However, recently, people like Lil B have begun to reclaim the word based to mean acting like yourself.

What does based mean on tiktok?

Dictionary.com defines being based as being addicted to cocaine. However, lately the definition of the word has been altered by the rapper Lil B who coined “based” to mean “being yourself and having no regard for what anyone else thinks about you.” 

The new definition of the word “based” has been adopted by the alt right online community as a way of praising people who they deem as “un-woken.”

Where does based come from?

Baseheads come from the slang basehead. A basehead is a person who uses freebase (cocain) instead of smoking it. It means that the user has become an addict.

When we hear the word “base,” we often assume something negative. But what if we replaced the word base with “be”? What if we said, “I’m not trying to be someone else, I just am who I am.” That would be called “being yourself.” And that’s exactly what Lil B was saying. He wasn’t trying to be anyone else; he was simply himself.

It’s unclear when Lil B started calling himself Based God, but by 2012 he had become known for using the term “Based God” to refer to himself. Eventually, a cosmological system developed, which referred to Lil B as a kind of higher-powered god who could use his powers to curse NBA players.

Who uses based?

Being a rapper who is known for having maximum swag is not surprising. But, the fact that he has a mansion, sports car, etc., is not surprising either.

Based meme

A common saying among Lil B fans is “Thank You Based God”. It means thanking God for something.

What does based mean in politics?

On the other end of the political scale, alt-right, White Nationalists, and other Trump supporters have adopted the term “base” to mean something different from its original meaning. They use it to describe people who support them, even if they don’t agree with everything they say.

How TikTokers are using it?

There are lots of words I’ve learned here that I don’t really understand, but I enjoy using them. Examples include “based”, “brick up”, and “supers”.

You can check out the hashtag \@Based on TikTok for some helpful advice.

“Cool and confident” is the most common meaning of BASED on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Insta­gram, and TikTok.

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