urge your business back on target

What Do You Have To Do To Urge Your Business Back On Target In 2021?

We list some attitudes that can be decisive to leverage your company’s results and make your brand grow in 2021.

urge your business back on target
What Do You Have To Do To Urge Your Business Back On Target In 2021?

March 2021 is coming to an end, but it has left great changes in Brazilian consumer behavior for April. Understanding these new habits and, above all, knowing how to adapt to such a different scenario will be crucial for the good progress of brands this coming month.

This is because this was the month in which the process of change, which remains gradual, but is now frantically accelerated and stands out in 3 key points, as pointed out by the Coronavirus Consumer briefing.

Here Was The Previous Action, That Was Takes In March 2020.

✓ Concern about the economy

Between March 21 and 24, 25% of Brazilians thought that the country’s economy would recover in two or three months after the pandemic. At the end of May, this percentage dropped to 16%.

81% believed that they should be careful with the money, taking into account the time of the pandemic.

✓ Digitization and use of technology

In Brazil, 50% of people chose to spend their days in the pandemic away from the big cities, which is facilitated by the implementation of distance work and technology.

About 80% of people who used digital channels for the first time during the pandemic were satisfied.

✓ Change in consumption habits

During the pandemic, priorities when consuming also changed. Check out the 10 factors that people considered, according to the survey, most important when shopping at a store during the pandemic, in order from most to least important:

Employees demonstrating cleaning practices


Reduced crowd levels

Cleaning intensity

Distance policies

Availability of hygiene options

Can order online


Competitive prices

Product availability

And so that the company can find quick solutions and adapt to new needs, 3 attitudes must be adopted today, or revised in its business model, so that brands can boost their results in 2021.

Retain your customers

You are reaching and converting more customers. Congratulations. the subsequent step is to form sure you maintain those customer relationships. After all, customer loyalty is vital to accelerating your ROI, since it’s such a lot cheaper than acquisition.

For large corporations trying to find ‘expansion through diversification, existing customers provide an ideal opportunity for diversification through up-sell or cross-sell options.

This automated email lifecycle diagram is taken from our Review email lifecycle automation options module within the Email Marketing and Automation Learning Path. It shows a baseline of automated emails every customer should be receiving supported their interaction together with your business.

In the retain category, we’ve classified product review, post-purchase email, and sale as 3 sorts of automatic email content that help generate loyalty. Email may be a great channel for this type of activity, as segmentation options are plentiful. counting on your audience you’ll also consider, social media, display ads, text, post, telephone, website personalization, and more.

Apply a data-driven strategy to enhance conversion

All things are being well, a business that converts more audience online will grow. Therefore, utilizing testing and analytics to enhance customer journeys on your website can add tons of useful to your existing assets. Testing offers a reduced risk strategy which is especially appealing to low-resource businesses where the necessity to innovate and grow is pressing, yet, big mistakes could prove costly, eg within the ‘survival’ stage of their growth.

Conversion Rate Optimization may be a structured testing and optimization process aimed toward improving key performance indicators for an internet site. These may include audience engagement, conversion rates to steer and sale, or revenue and profitability.

Critically, fixing a CRO program requires marketers to specialize in one or two critical customer journeys and therefore the optimum outcome – this is often not an area for ‘vanity metrics’ but rather laser-focus on what is going to assist you to grow your business.

The chart below demonstrates CRO ongoing. It’s received from our ahead module Conversion Optimization in our latest Digital Experience Learning Path, possible with Business Membership.

How does your e-commerce website connect with the benchmarks? See Dr. Dave Chaffey’s annual summary to stay up so far with the newest e-commerce stats.

Know the market and plan carefully

The shock in the global economy due to the pandemic was felt by practically every country in the world. It is no different and the maxim “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” is worth it here, that is, plan.

There is no need for an annual plan, set in stone, but keep in mind the steps of your business or brand in shorter periods, with defined goals and key objectives to be fulfilled, as well as agility to change the course of the strategy according to your results.

For this, always keep in mind the following questions:

Does my team understand the company’s strategy?

Is my team executing the strategy?

Is the strategy generating satisfactory results?

Planning that focuses on achieving the best results but is prepared for a challenging scenario and a team 100% attuned to the strategies are the first steps on the path to success.

Start inside

It is common to see within companies, in times of crisis, that the first cut in spending is on training and investment in employees. This is a big mistake.

Before you can charge your team for results, you need to empower your workers to serve a fluid market and consumers who change needs all the time.

Of course, monitoring is essential to see if investing in people is generating results as expected.

But to provide complete experiences to your company’s customers, first, you need to deliver internal experiences to your team that shows the way to success.

Finally, among so many movements in the way of consuming, seeing the world, and dealing with processes in general during the pandemic,  Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends 2021 survey highlights 7 trends for brands that want to drive results and grow in this new year.


Organizations that know why they exist and who they are targeting are in a unique position to navigate a scenario of frequent and abrupt changes.


This is the right time for marketers to take advantage of relevant digital tools and create an organizational roadmap to make agile marketing a reality.

Human experience

Direct your company’s mentality about the time of creating products and services, guiding the efficiency and enhancement of the human connection.


To build trust in turbulent times, brands must look at what people value – rather than how they are – ensuring that their commitments are in sync with their competence to deliver consumers’ needs.


Marketers can benefit – and stay ahead of the competition – by developing an engagement strategy based on the client’s active participation in their various relationship channels.


Organizations can better assist customers by creating innovative experiences through cross-sector partnerships.


As the marketing landscape undergoes rapid changes, talent models must evolve at the same time that the area is positioned as a competitive differential.

Putting it into practice

To exemplify and show how the application of these tips can bring results, we can observe the Natura brand that was considered, according to a survey conducted by TM20 branding and Brazil Panels, released by NeoFeed, the brand that caused the most impact positive during the pandemic, according to consumers. 

Early in the crisis, the brand accelerated the process and increased the offer in digital tools, such as e-commerce, betting on online sales, avoiding the challenge of face-to-face restriction.

But this was only possible due to planning and prior knowledge of the market. The company that has existed for more than 50 years, has a culture of planning, seeing in the long term, and finding opportunities in all situations, as we can see in an in-depth case study on the brand culture.

Natura also has a perspective on caring for insiders. In other words, both employees and their resellers spread across the country, have in mind the purpose of the company, in addition to understanding exactly the way of the brand to do business and sell.

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