What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Trucks That Exist Today

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Trucks That Exist Today?

Curious about the various types of commercial trucks available today? 

One of the most robust vehicles ever made is truck since it can transfer the heaviest items. Whether it’s vehicles, produce, equipment, livestock, or machinery, it travels by truck if it has to move by road. Trucks are also for moving whole loads of hard drives between them quicker to convey data. 

Interested in learning more? We gathered here some of the types that you can get today

Garbage Truck

A garbage truck collects public waste and brings it to a solid waste facility, like a landfill or transfer station. The various styles of garbage trucks include:

  • Front-loaders
  • Side loaders 
  • Rear loaders 
  • Automated side loaders 
  • Manual and Automated side loaders 
  • Semi-automated side loader 

In the US, this type of truck is also called a trash truck. In other places, it’s a junk truck, rubbish truck, bin lorry, bin wagon, bin van, or dustbin lorry. 

Dump Truck

A dump truck, tipper truck, or dumper truck carries materials, gravel, rocks, and sand. Moreover, it also takes Jobsite equipment to and from building sites. Usually, a dump truck has an open-box bed, added at the back, and outfitted with hydraulic rams to hoist the front. 

Heavy Hauler

The heavy hauler is responsible for carrying loads too large for the roads, like pressure vessels or turbines. It includes a large tractor unit and a multi-axle flatbed trailer. When traveling with a heavy hauler truck, you may need a special permit or an escort. 


Tractor-trailer trucks or semis have tractor units fastened to an extended trailer. The design is most often used to transport freight. The drivers of this kind of truck must always follow trucker safety rules, as their shifts are vast and might cause harm to cars nearby. 

Styles of tractor-trailers include:

  • Flat roof sleeper 
  • Mid-roof sleeper 
  • Day cab semi-trucks 
  • Raiser-roof sleeper 

A Freightliner is an example of semis and should be in all listings of the best commercial trucks. 

Grapple Truck

A grapple truck has a grapple loader installed to its frame for putting and hauling large waste. The local sanitation or waste collection businesses usually use grapple trucks. In addition, they sometimes use grapple trucks in road development and rehabilitation. 

Tow Trucks

A tow truck, also known as a wrecker or recovery vehicle, tows damaged or impounded vehicles. It includes retrieving a car disabled in an accident and moving one through a flatbed to another area. 

Flatbed Truck 

This type of commercial truck can be both rigid or articulated. As the name implies, its framework is a wholly flat-level bed with no roof or sides. It enables fast and smooth loading of products, and they carry hefty loads and uncommon loads that need more space.

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Learn The Various Types Of Commercial Trucks

All types of commercial trucks can carry anything from large cars, food, oil and gas, water, furniture, and big machinery. They’re real metal brutes that travel each day to take essential stocks for companies. They’re a vital part of the ecosystem and hire a large percentage of the world’s human resources. 

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