Remarketing is a way to reach those who visited your website but did not close a purchase. The approach is to target ads to that audience. The pieces will appear online, while users are browsing other pages.


This tactic, also known as retargeting, can help attract leads to your dealership. Thus, the trend is to increase conversion rates.

Remarketing for car dealerships

The old advertising strategies have been losing ground. When a car dealership advertises on the radio or TV, it ends up promoting the brand to a large audience, but not always interested in that product.

With digital technologies, the way to reach consumers has changed. You need to understand the person’s buying journey and offer them relevant content at the right time.

You won’t always win top customers. However, sponsored link campaigns, content marketing, and other tools help to draw more and more specific profiles ?? and accurate ?? leads.

Retargeting in the car-buying journey

Purchasing a car, both zero and semi-new is not an overnight decision. It can take months for the subject to decide which model is the most comfortable, economical, beautiful, or any other quality that seems important to him.

It is common for future buyers to read comparisons and follow sites that specialize in reviews. They will also visit the pages of several dealerships, mainly to check the payment terms and delivery time of the vehicle.

A brand with visibility on the network is more likely to attract these potential customers. From the first visit, then, remarketing takes place. The strategy, if well designed, can guarantee great results.

How to remarket with your audience

The biggest challenge is to filter qualified leads, as some visitors maybe just curious, with no real intention to buy. Others, even if they want a new car, leave the page without leaving a name, email, or other means of contact.

As the retargeting process is not instantaneous, the first step involves increasing the audience of the site to, from there, select the target.

Relevant content

One way to generate traffic is content marketing. The company can maintain a blog with information about the automotive universe, from the news of launches to curiosities about mechanics and traffic laws.

One should resort to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the use of keywords to facilitate organic access. For example, if someone goes to Google and types in “why the 1.0 engine is more economical”, you can find a post from the store with the answer.

Keywords also help to target sponsored links and other types of ads. It is worth specifying. The term ?? new car Porto Alegre ?? is too comprehensive. ?? Ford Ranger Porto Alegre ?? can reach a more certain niche, with greater potential for conversion.


Here’s another difference between traditional advertising and remarketing ads. The banner should not direct the user to a generic area of ​​the website, such as the used car catalog.

Instead, ads are worked out for each car model individually. The Ford Ka 2015 banner is linked to a specific page, with all relevant information about that item.

Digital marketing tools allow you to restrict the reach of advertising according to the age group, geographic location, or consumption habits of the individual. However, technology only generates results when used by an intelligent professional who can interpret data.

Time to time

When well structured, the retargeting campaign makes the name of the dealership reach the public very early, at the top of the purchase funnel. With the brand at the head of the leads, it becomes a real option for purchasing the vehicle.

Still, it is a medium-term decision. So don’t expect an immediate jump in conversions. Campaign planning should provide for at least a few months of execution.

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