For years, for companies to directly increase sales on Instagram, they had to rely on their bio links to direct followers to the site’s landing pages. But things have changed!

Below are 12 ways to boost Instagram sales, making it a platform beyond brand awareness and helping you earn the money your company deserves:


1. Business account or nothing!

First, make sure you have a business account on Instagram, not a personal page!

A big reason you are not generating sales on Instagram is that you are not enjoying the benefits of business profiles! If you use Instagram as a way to promote your business, you need to take advantage of these profiles!

Switching to a business profile is simple. Log in to Facebook on the Instagram app. Then, just select the Facebook page you want to connect to. After doing that, just fill out your profile!

The use of a commercial profile allows:

Access Instagram Insights, which provides companies with all the data they need to know about their account and performance posts.

Add a contact button so you can send an email, start a call, DM, etc.

Show the category of your sector, helping in the search for those looking specifically for this segment.

Put product links and add URL to your Instagram stories and posts! This feature is only available for profiles with 10K followers or more

2. Images for purchases made for purchases

The truth is, the better your things look, the more you will sell. So, why aren’t you taking photography more seriously?

The perceived value of your products and the reliability of your brand are often judged by the quality of your visual content. This means that having a beautiful photograph of high-quality products can go a long way in boosting sales for your business.

Think about the last time you shopped online and came across a bad photo of the product, dark or blurred. You may not have been able to find out the actual size of the product or you were not sure what the color would be. Maybe there was so much in the picture that you didn’t know which item was for sale.

Chances are that you didn’t buy that item.

Unlike shopping at a boutique or department store, when you browse online, you can’t get the product. You cannot touch it, hold it in your hands or feel the texture with your fingers. All you have are the photographs to base your purchase decisions.

Therefore, as a company, ideally, your images will need not only to be creative and attractive but to properly highlight your products in a useful way. does a fantastic job of creating quality images that can be purchased with your hair bands:

In addition to sharing attractive and flat images of products, they also share lifestyle images that show people how to style and the size/scale of products in models/influencers.

Looking at their account, they have a visual grid with the brand, clear as to what they sell and attractive. Like them, you can create attractive images that make people want to buy by doing these steps:

Creating photo edits and consistent looks that are brand guidelines (your followers should recognize who you are when they are scrolling through the feed).

Varying the types of photos you are posting (studio, lifestyle, making plans, etc.)

Creating mood boards 

and inspiration boards

Framing your images working the rule of thirds and interesting designs

Using good lighting and “golden hours” for outdoor sessions

Using scenarios and props that tell the story of your brand/campaign

Using influencers in your industry to add traffic and interests to your images

In short, the visual representation of your brand online can be the first experience that your customers have with it. So, make sure you are caring and unique!

BONUS: Scaling Instagram Photos

Avoid poor quality and take photos with scaling in mind. The Instagram format makes your images square, within a frame of 612 x 612 pixels; therefore, consider the square shape when shooting, otherwise, things can be cut!

3. Who are you? Complete your bio

Even though it seems obvious, many companies do not write a complete and convincing biography of the account, thinking that it does not matter.

What a mistake!

If you don’t fill out your profile completely, people won’t know if you are a legitimate company that they can shop from! Therefore, add an attractive and unique biography that shows the value of your company and the content that you will provide in your account. This is the place to show who you are and what you are!

Yes, we already know that so there was a missed opportunity to educate your potential customers just by readjusting the option “Wildroot Gota Yoga ?? in your slogan. Instead, you could have written something to better engage and inform customers about what you are like:

Opening Hours / Days

Inspirational phrases related to the company


Captivating descriptions of what you care about / what makes you different

Don’t make the mistake of skipping details! People realize who is polite and who is not!

Keep your Instagram bio light, branded, and engaging. Imagine a biography that requests to the Instagram community you want to lead and reflects the tone of the images you think to share.

Convince them of the value!

On Instagram, you only have one opportunity to direct a click directly to your website, but with LinkTrees, you can do more! With Linktree, you never have to change your bio link again!

Link tree is a free tool to optimize Instagram business, whether you are a blogger, an professional, or a content platform. You will receive a bio link to house all the content for which followers are directed and they will receive location options as below:

As a company, this feature downloaded through an app helps to drive specific traffic to the locations you want. . The best is that you can follow!

Using Linktree is an excellent and free way to drive more traffic to your target audience on Instagram and thus increase sales. If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you do it right now!

Send followers anywhere: articles, website displays, events, recipes, and more!

5. Offer exclusive promotions and benefits

Put some fun in your followers’ feed with bonuses, special offers, and house ads. As 41% of Instagrammers claim to follow a brand to take advantage of gifts and gifts, this is an opportunity to boost some sales!

The text overlay allows you to include your promotion directly in the photo, which is an elegant way to advertise sales and discounts. For example, created a modern and visually appealing promotion on their Instagram, highlighting the offer they were running.

Like My Calm Blanket, you can also create promotions that people will engage with, in addition to stimulating some sales. If you don’t have creative tools like Adobe’s, there are plenty of free options to use! Free apps like Phonto, Canva, and Easil allow you to choose the font, the message, and the placement of the text directly on your image, creating a formatted image ready for Instagram!

To take it a step further, you can increase sales by geographically defining your promotions, events, and sales. Believe it or not, posts with “geotags” get more engagement than those that don’t. This is specific to places where people can walk to your business.

Running one sale a day at your store? Post an image and geographically identify the location of your retail store so people can easily know where to go shopping! Geotags tell customers where they can find your products, try them out and buy them.

6. Tag products on your Instagram posts

With a commercial Instagram account, you can tag your products on your posts!

This means that you are turning Instagram into a digital store for your customers to find products, prices, and URLs that they can purchase directly. Like most things in marketing and e-commerce, you need to make the shopping experience as easy and “brainless” as possible. When you do that, sales increase.

To get the most out of “shopping pins”, add all your products on Instagram via Shopify or in a shopping cart of your choice. This makes it easy for your followers to see prices and product details. Please note that to activate Instagram purchases, you must set up and be approved for purchases on the social network.

For example, if you are browsing the Instagram feed and you see a product you are interested in, all you have to do is touch the photo to see the price and purchase options. For example, here’s a backpack I saw at Urban Outfitters :

When a user clicks the button, they will be able to see the names and prices of the products and, as there are no redirects involved in the process, you will not disable customers who are just browsing! Purchases are made across the Instagram platform through landing pages!

This is convenient for Instagram users who are already ready to buy because they don’t have to switch between websites and apps to view products!

7. Fun content that engages the engagement

As silly as that sounds, it’s not all about direct sales. Sometimes, you need to invest in your tribe of Instagram followers to get greater returns and improved loyalty. When you make fun of competitions s and events, you are rewarding your most loyal customers, so they have more likely to buy from you again.

To start, think about what you want to donate and the best way to engage your target audience with your brand. For example, if I were a men’s shoe company looking to promote a new limited edition shoe, perhaps followers would share the photos of ?? The Places You Go ?? The photos can be inserted using a campaign hashtag and showing the unique places where the shoes took them.

If you are having difficulty with the content ideas, check out our list below:

Caption for this photo contest

Discount Code

Voting contests

Hashtag images

Products in images/videos

Tell a story

Get a free year of X product/service

Gift Card

Arouse interest in your offer! Offering participation discounts or gifts is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales on Instagram. It is an economical method to promote your products and increase sales. Through this method, you can also raise awareness of your products or services, as customers share news about the offer with their friends.

8. Hashtags work, real official

Hashtags are unifying content and help promote your business and products to new crowds of people trying to find specific searches.

For example, if I were a person trying to find eco-friendly baby shoes, I could type #Ecofriendlybabyshoes on Instagram and find companies that sell items I’m trying to find directly. If you are a business looking for this type of search, you need to start improving your hashtag knowledge!

Make a list of hashtags that represent your brand and research them to gauge their popularity on Instagram. You should choose long-tailed or combined hashtags that are not as saturated. Like #InandOutBurger instead of just #Burger. They attract a smaller, more targeted audience.

In addition to finding the right hashtags, also select brand hashtags. Branded hashtags will direct your posts and create company awareness. As users begin to recognize your products, hashtags should gain momentum!

9. Share user-generated content

I’m not sure about you, but I think we all like to be recognized, right? Well, your followers and customers are no different!

By including the content of his followers in his Instagram feed, introducing products, and pinning them to the post, he promotes a sense of appreciation and connection from the customer. In fact, 65% of Instagrammers say they feel honored when a brand mentions them!

There are many benefits to introducing your customers, especially if they help you visualize the use of your products. By sharing useful content like this, you’ll have motivated buyers and a better chance of making a sale!

User-generated content is another form of word of mouth advertising!

Celebrate your existing customers. Think of their content as a kind of living social proof for potential customers who still have questions.

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