Top 5 Benefits of a Cloud TMS

By the year 2027, the global transportation management system (or TMS) market is expected to reach a valuation of $11.3 billion.

Clearly, this technology has a lot to offer businesses like yours. If you’ve been on the fence about using cloud solutions to level up your organization, now is a great time to make the switch.

Read on to learn more about a cloud TMS and how it can benefit your business.

What Is a Cloud TMS?

A transportation management system is a type of software that helps to optimize the way a company’s freight moves from place to place.

A cloud TMS uses cloud computing to manage and deliver the software via remote servers. Companies will pay a TMS vendor for access to the program’s functions and specific resources.

Top 5 Benefits of a Cloud TMS

If you’re still on the fence about investing in a cloud TMS, these benefits might change your mind. Listed below are 5 of the biggest perks you and your team will enjoy when you start using this type of technology:

1. Increased Accessibility

The great thing about a cloud TMS is that you can access important information anywhere. Even if you’re not working in the office, you can still use a smartphone or tablet to log in and check things out. This allows greater accessibility for you and your team and gives you the freedom to work anywhere without sacrificing productivity. 

2. Reduced Spending

In the short term, you might spend more money by investing in a cloud TMS. However, in the long run, you will likely save money, particularly when it comes to employing IT professionals.

Remember, a cloud TMS makes it easier for you to keep track of company information and access the details you need right away. Because of this, you likely won’t have as much need for a full IT team.

3. Increased Security

A cloud TMS will back itself up regularly and help you to keep valuable data safe. You’ll be less likely to lose important information or have it fall into the wrong hands, which maximizes company security and keeps things running smoothly.

If you want to enjoy peace of mind while also streamlining operations for yourself and your team, a cloud-based transportation management system is a great option to consider.

4. Easier Scalability

The best cloud TMS will grow with your company. As you continue to build your business and expand your offerings, you’ll need a tool that can accommodate these changes.

Cloud transportation management systems offer a great deal of scalability and will work with your company, not against it. 

5. Easier Organization

When you start using a cloud TMS, you’ll be amazed at how much time you can save and how much easier it is to find the information you need. This tool centralized all of your valuable data in one place, so you can quickly access files and company details without having to go on a wild goose chase.

How to Choose the Best Management System for Your Team

At this point, you might be interested in trying to discover more about the benefits of a transportation management system. You might even be thinking more seriously about investing in one for yourself.

If you want to buy a cloud TMS but aren’t sure what to look for, here are some tips that can help:

Consider Current and Future Needs

Start by thinking about what you need most from a transportation management system right now. Then, think about how you anticipate your company growing and changing in the future, and make sure the TMS you’re considering offers features that align with your long-term goals.

This helps you to avoid spending a fortune on features that aren’t relevant to your company, but it also ensures you don’t skip out on anything that could be beneficial later on.

Research Integrations

Consider the other tools and technologies you currently use to run your business. Then, look for a cloud TMS that will integrate with those other platforms and programs. This will make it easier for everyone to start utilizing the new system and create a smoother transition experience for you and your team.

Ask About Security

Increased security is one of the greatest benefits of a cloud transportation management system. However, it’s still important to ask for specific details about each program’s security features. That way, you can feel confident that the one you choose is the right fit for your business.

Consider Ease of Use (for Everyone)

The best transportation management will be relatively easy for everyone to use. This means you, your team members, and your clients. If it’s confusing on either end, you’ll be met with a lot of frustration and may even lose some clients in the process.

Read Reviews

Always read reviews from past customers before selecting a cloud TMS. This helps you to see what people like and dislike about particular systems and makes it easier for you to choose one that aligns with your company’s needs and goals.

Pay special attention to the types of companies that are using each system, too. That way, you can find one that will work best for businesses like yours. 

Check Pricing

Finally, don’t forget to check each system’s price.

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to on new technology. However, it can sometimes be worth it to invest a bit more upfront to get a system that offers better features or has a better security track record.

Price matters. Don’t let it be the end-all-be-all, though.

Start Using a Transportation Management System Today

Now that you know more about what a cloud TMS can do for your business, are you ready to move forward and invest in one? Follow the steps listed above so you can choose the best cloud programming tool for your organization.

If you want to learn about other strategies that will help you streamline operations and keep up with your company’s freight, we have lots of other resources available on our site. Visit the Tech and Telecom section today for more information.

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