Top 3 Things You Should Know About Google Strategy And Operations

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Google Strategy And Operations

92% of global search volume comes from Google alone. That’s an astounding statistic for any business, but for one as crucial to how we navigate the internet as search, it has enormous repercussions.

If you run a business these days, you can’t afford to go without a solid Google strategy and operations. In 2021, a robust Google ads strategy can be the difference between a business sinking or swimming.

So, what sets a great Google advertising strategy apart from a merely good one? What are the things businesses need to know about Google’s strategy and operations in 2021?

Excellent questions. Read on for the answers.

1. Choose A Google Ads Bidding Strategy That Suits You

When you’re dreaming up your Google ads bidding strategies, it can be all too easy to make a hasty decision that ends up costing your business revenue in the long run. There are so many plates to spin as a business owner that you might be compelled to just settle on smart bidding and call it a day.

That could be a big mistake.

That’s not to say smart bidding is a bad strategy, but that it’s only the right strategy for certain kinds of businesses. When you’re going through your Google ads strategy, you need to really drill deep into the nature of your business and ensure that your strategy matches the operations, goals, and growth strategy of your business as a whole.

Anything else will just cost you time and money!

2. Only Automate When It Makes Sense

Google is one of the most impressive AI companies out there (read more about their AI in this article), and their expertise with machine learning extends to their ads business. They will often suggest automatic changes to your placed ads under the notion that those changes will improve your conversion and click-through.

Sure, they might, but they might not.

The thing to watch out for is that Google’s default behavior is to apply these suggested changes automatically after 14 days. If you want total control of your ads, make sure to switch that off.

3. Data, Data, Data

We live in a connected world. The best part of that for businesses is the untold hordes of customer behavior data you can get access to. If you peruse the data on your Google ads strategy, you can easily find out which techniques work and which are going down like a lead balloon.

That will enable you to make the changes you need to maximize the efficacy of your Google strategy to the Nth degree.

Google Strategy And Operations Are Crucial

And that concludes our quick but comprehensive guide to establishing a successful Google strategy and operations. Whether you run a massive multinational or a tiny small business, you can draw on these tips to establish a Google ads strategy that keeps customers back again and again and again.

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