Top 10 Benefits of Custom Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Top 10 Benefits of Custom Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Have you ever considered installing custom outdoor signs for your business?

You may think outdoor signs are mostly for restaurants or chains, but there is a reason these businesses and others thrive with help from custom signage.

For some of the best reasons why you need to get custom business signs, read on.

Why Custom Outdoor Signs?

Custom wood signs, custom metal signs, custom light-up signs, are they all just gimmicks, or do they actually make a difference?

Custom signs actually add a lot to a business. You would be hard-pressed to find a really recognizable brand that doesn’t have signage that is equally recognizable.

Whether you think of the golden arches of McDonald’s or the simple Apple Logo, these brands have built awareness through images that are instantly recognizable, and these same principles can be used with your business, although it will take time to get your brand to the same level of recognition.

Here are the top 10 reasons why signs should be a part of your business.

1. Visibility

Having a physical sign to direct and draw the attention of your new and potential customers is great for businesses of any size.

2. Intrigue

With a custom sign displaying either an image from a marketing campaign or that simply invites the viewer to visit a website or make a call, you generate interest in your business.

3. Mark Your Territory

By placing a physical sign, you are claiming your space and becoming a part of the surrounding community.

4. Great Advertising Potential

Both for your own business, and also as a potential means of revenue depending on the size of your sign. If you have a large area to place the sign in and want to sell some of that real estate to other local businesses, it can help cover the cost of the signage and start working for you.

5. Sales Improve

Depending on the sign and industry that you are in, signs have been shown to increase sales by up to 15.6 percent!

And that is aside from the fact that about 50 percent of customers to new startups with a sign are shown to come from seeing the sign reported in the same study.

6. Helps with Retention

By having a sign for your business, it stays relevant and active in the mind of locals who regularly interact with it.

This regularity helps customers to feel like your business is a part of their routine and they keep coming back.

7. Expand your Reach

Whatever your other advertising efforts may be, having a sign is the perfect way to extend your reach and make an impression on local solid prospects who could be your ideal customers.

8. Become a Local Landmark

With a unique and custom sign that attracts attention, your business and signage can become a waypoint that locals will use to navigate and direct themselves and others.

9. Live in Customers Brains

Having a recognizable sign that stands out gives you the chance to sink into your customer’s subconscious.

You know when you were thinking about car insurance and then an insurance jingle or ad pops into your head, I mean you probably thought of one while reading this sentence, that is what a sign could offer your business.

10. Cost-Effective

Outdoor signage can be considerably cheaper than online advertising and some direct-to-consumer marketing such as leaflet drops. 

That plus how long signs can stay in the area (sometimes indefinitely) means this is a solid investment.

Get A Sign!

Once you recognize how much benefit a sign could bring to your business, the next step is finding a company to bring your vision and branding to life. offers a wide variety of services that help you to achieve success and take your brand from screens and pages into the physical world.

Make Your Move

Custom outdoor signs are clearly a benefit to any business for both the reasons above and many others. Set aside a budget, make an inquiry, and see if it is something you can bring into your business now to see the difference.

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