Tips for you to drink water

Tips for you to drink more water during the day

Tips for you to drink waterThe recommendation is repeated all the time by doctors, physical educators, nutritionists, and other health experts. It turns out that it has a fundamental function for the proper functioning of the organism.

– It is water that transports oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other components of the cells – explains nutritionist Anália Baruch.

It is also water that takes toxins from cells to the kidneys, that is, it detoxifies the body. Senses like sight and hearing also need hydration.

– Another very important function of water is the regulation of body temperature, since it is one of the components of sweat – highlights Anália.

For those who do not like to drink freshwater, the specialist recommends herbal teas like mint and lemon balm, without sugar. Teas should be decaffeinated in order not to stimulate cardiovascular function – avoiding black tea and excess chimarrão is the order. Juices can be used for hydration, but be careful with calories.

A good indicator, according to Anália, is the color of the urine: the darker and more concentrated it is, the more water the body needs.

– The lack of water in the body also results in dry skin and hair, trapped intestines, and other discomforts – he warns.

The nutritionist’s tip is to leave a bottle on the work table, inside the bag, or in the car, to remember to drink water.

In the internal campaign “ Drink water – a health campaign”, developed  with the objective of encouraging employees, collaborators, patients and visitors to consume, at least 2.5 liters of water per day, some tips to achieve a goal, remembering that water is vital for health, beauty, and especially survival.

cat drinks water experts recommend taking at least 2.5 liters of water per day, while the Institute of Medicine (USA) determines that the adequate intake (AI) for men is 3 liters (about 13 glasses) of the drink per day, and for women, the recommended intake is 2.2 liters (about 9 glasses) of total drinks per day.

First Week

 First Week All studies show that drinking plenty of water is important for a person’s health and well-being. If you’re not used to drinking water, at the beginning of this campaign,

which can calmly be part of your life until the end of your existence, which we hope will last, and if you prefer (we wish it will) to be undying, here are some tips from the Institute of Medicine (USA) to get enough water to keep your balance.

As the amount of water that each person should drink per day depends on their physical health, the climate they live in (hot or cold – cold places decrease the evaporation of liquids through sweat) and, type of life (sedentary or agitated people who sweat much, they need a little more water). Athletes and people with great physical wear should drink even more than two liters.

water jarExperts suggest a test to assess how much water your body consumes. You must weigh yourself at the beginning of the day and after two hours of work.

The difference in weight is the amount of liquid you need to replace (each gram equals one milliliter of water). But, to be sure how much water you need, consult a Nutritionist, who will assess your lifestyle, body composition, and diet, to calculate how much your body spends, how much it replenishes with food, and how much should be supplemented with water.

Stay tuned

 Experts explain that those who drink little water have symptoms such as headache, constipation, difficulty in digestion (by diluting gastric juice), muscle and joint pain.

There is dryness of skin, eyes, and hair. In more severe cases, tiredness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating can also occur. But the excess of fluids also dilates the stomach, which can increase the amount of food ingested can harm the urinary tract, because it overloads the kidneys and leads to increased elimination of minerals like sodium and potassium, unbalancing the functioning of the body.

Do the right thing

 Ask your questions with the person most suitable for this: the doctor. As each organism works differently and in due time, always look for a doctor to clear up your doubts, after all talking about drinking water to maintain physical balance permanently, is talking about health, and the one who most understands this is him – the doctor.

The tips – In order to get an adequate amount of water to balance your health, the Institute of Medicine (USA) gives some tips and you can, after expert guidance, list those that best suit the type of life you follow.

1 – Compensation. Do not allow yourself to drink a soda (diet preferably) until you have had 2 to 4 glasses of water.

2 – Transition – Have a large glass of water at each transition point of the day: when you get up, just before you leave the house, when you sit down to work, etc.

3 – Facilitate – To facilitate, keep a large bottle of water full on your desk and drink all day.

4 – Fill the glass – Overturn a full glass several times a day. Go to your kitchen now and fill a glass. Not to drink from time to time. Just drink it right after filling it.

5 – Control -Make a table and mark it each time you drink a glass. Make a chart for 30 days and you will have developed the habit of drinking water as part of your routine.

6 – Expedient – Have a glass every hour, while at work or school. When the shift ends, your water quota will have been reached.

7 – Increment – Freeze peeled pieces, lemons, limes, and oranges and use them instead of ice cubes; it is refreshing and already counts as a portion of fruit.

8 – Refuel – After each visit to the bathroom, drink a glass to replenish your system.

9 – Motivation –Set a goal to drink X amount of water a day, then write it down with your reasons! Remembering your motivation will help you continue when the enthusiasm is gone.

10 – One more sip – Every time you pass by a water source, take a sip or two.

11 – Bet on you – Place a bet with a co-worker to see who can drink more water throughout the day.

12 – Diversify – Fill a large glass with crushed ice or ice cubes and eat them as a snack throughout the day.

13 – There is still time – Take a two-liter bottle of water to work and try to drink it all before the end of the day. If you’re not done, drink on the way home.

14 – Artifice -Keep a large glass filled with ice on your table and keep refilling. The key is to drink with a straw – you will take bigger sips and drink more than once.

15 – One before, one after – Drink two full glasses at each meal, one before and one after. Also, have a drink before each snack so you won’t be eating much.

16 – Help – Put reminders on your phone or calendar to drink at regular intervals. Surprisingly, it helps a lot!

17 – Waiting – Take a small bottle of water at all times and drink during downtime, for example, while waiting in line at the bank, on the subway, etc.

18 – Hot water –Not all the water you drink has to be cold … drink a little hot too. If you can stand that heat – if you’re a fan – have a nice cup of hot tea near you. But make sure it is decaffeinated because caffeine steals water (it’s a diuretic).

19 – Company – Always keep a bottle of water on hand while watching TV, washing clothes, making dinner, etc.

20 – Beauty- Drink two glasses of water for your daily skin treatment. Drink, clean, moisturize, and then drink again.

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