The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Fixed Base Operator

Did you know there are around 5,400 aircraft in the air at the busiest flying times? If you own a private jet business, you’ll be looking for ways to make your aircraft stand out from this massive crowd, and one of the best methods for doing this is to work with a fixed base operator (FBO).

But what should you think about when choosing an FBO? If you work with the wrong company, they could provide your clients with a poor experience and damage your business’s reputation.

You’ll be happy to hear this brief guide will explain which factors can help you find the best FBO in your location.

Keep reading to find out more about selecting an FBO.

Essential Aircraft Services

When choosing an FBO, you’ll want to make sure they can perform a comprehensive range of maintenance services for your convenience. These could include refueling, de-icing, and ground handling services.

Ask when these services will be carried out, and ensure the employees are trained and experienced in their roles.

Passenger Amenities

Your private jet clients will expect high standards, and your FBO should provide your guests with a first-class experience. Inquire if a firm can offer your customers a VIP concierge service, complimentary meals and beverages, and access to conference centers for business use.

A high-quality FBO will also keep its facilities in immaculate condition at all times. Should this not be the case, this could be a sign that you may want to look for another company.

Staff Facilities

As a private jet owner, you’ll be conscious of providing your staff with the best possible working conditions. Check if an FBO has restrooms for your staff and flight planning facilities to prepare for the next journey. There should also be washrooms where your employees can freshen up after a long shift.

Customer Care Standards

When considering your fixed base operator options, customer care will be a top priority. Confirm that an FBO will have staff available at all times and that they can help your clients plan their onward journeys. Being able to ask employees with local knowledge about the area can provide the finishing touch to your customer’s experience when flying with your private jet business.

Work With the Best Fixed Base Operator in Your Locality

It’s essential to only work with a fixed base operator that can enhance your business. Make sure the FBO will take care of all the necessary private jet maintenance tasks, and that they will provide your clients and staff will a luxury experience. It’s also important to ensure your preferred FBO takes exceptional care of your clients while they are traveling with your company.

When you find a top-class FBO, you can rest assured they will add value to your business and help to raise the reputation of your private jet firm.

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