The Importance of Quality Assurance in a Call Centre

The Importance of Quality Assurance in a Call Centre

Call centers are an essential part of most customer service departments. They give consumers a place to have their queries, concerns, and problems addressed. However, in order for a call center to run well, there needs to be some kind of quality assurance. Quality assurance is the process of ensuring that your business’s call center is performing according to your company’s standards. It is a way of evaluating the performance of your call center agents and ensuring that you deliver consumers a quality experience, each time they reach out.

If you are the owner of a business and have a call center, then this post will tell you why quality assurance is important.

Consumer Choice

Consumers have more choices than ever. If you don’t introduce call center quality assurance, then you will struggle to hold onto your business’s customers. After all, if dealing with your business’s call center is stressful, then why wouldn’t they just go and take their business somewhere else? There are likely hundreds of other businesses offering the same services as you, so if they don’t have a pleasant experience with you, they’ll just find another business.

Losing Revenue

If you don’t have quality assurance processes in place, then you will lose customers. If you lose customers, you will lose revenue. At the moment, businesses all around the world are struggling to stay afloat because of the cost of living crisis, and interruptions to global supply chains. If you are a business owner, then losing revenue could be very dangerous for your business. It could lead to you having to close it down. You should always be focusing on ways to make profits, not lose them. Ensuring quality assurance is one way of increasing profits (or at least maintaining them).

Employee Satisfaction

With better quality assurance comes greater employee satisfaction. A lot of people seem to think that by investing in quality assurance, it is only their customers that benefit. This is not true. When you invest in quality assurance, your employees’ lives become a lot easier, too. Part of quality assurance is making it very clear what your employee’s roles are, and what they are supposed to do. Clarifying your employee’s jobs will then make it easier for them to fulfil their duties. Employees in some companies feel that their jobs are ambiguous and aren’t sure what their duties are.

Achieving Mission

Every business has a mission. Quality assurance can help you to achieve yours. This is because quality assurance will help you to achieve more profits, greater employee satisfaction, and produce results. However, quality assurance alone isn’t going to help you to achieve your mission. You also need to make sure that other areas of your business and departments are optimized, invested in, and working properly. Make sure that you staff each department with high-quality employees, who are experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated.

Producing Results

When you introduce quality assurance processes, your employee’s attitudes will change. Rather than sitting around and doing nothing, treating their work as no more than a job, they will begin working more, and ensure that they deliver results, and resolve your problems. When staff are working harder and trying to resolve problems, it will be a lot easier for them to deliver desirable results. It should be noted though, you do need to incentivize hard work to employees. You can do this by introducing an employee of the month scheme, or bonuses for employees who work hard.

Positive Environment

With quality assurance comes a more positive working environment. As has already been mentioned, quality assurance will improve your employees’ lives. When your employees’ lives are improved, they will naturally be a lot happier. Happy employees mean a positive work environment. Again, quality assurance isn’t just about customers, it’s also about employees. If your employees are not satisfied at work then they will never perform optimally. Their negative attitudes will leave them feeling as though their job is meaningless, which means they won’t put effort into their work. You can easily cultivate a positive work environment by introducing quality assurance processes into your company.

Brand Following

When your call center has quality assurance processes in place, customers will trust your business more. Trust is a fantastic way of improving brand following. If you can get your customers to trust you, then they will prefer doing business with you. Your customer support department is a very important department because it is the department singly responsible for gaining customer trust. If a customer has an issue and it can’t be resolved through your call center, then they won’t want to do business with you again. If they feel like your customer support department has an attitude or is rude then they won’t trust you.

Resource Management

When quality assurance processes are introduced, it’s a lot easier to manage your business’s resources. Resource management is something that you always need to think about. If you aren’t using your business’s resources properly, then your company won’t perform well. Resources need to be spread around in a way that ensures that the benefits derived from them can be maximized. Quality assurance helps to ensure that resources are managed properly and aren’t being misused. You need to make sure that your call center’s managers properly train staff and teach them how to make use of resources, though. If they don’t then employees won’t know what they are supposed to do.

People Focused

Finally, quality assurance is all about people. It’s not about profits or anything else. While you can increase profits by ensuring quality assurance, profit increases are just a side-line benefit. The main purpose of quality assurance is to ensure that customers and employees are happy. When you focus on customers, in particular, they will trust you more, and they will enjoy their interactions with your business. When you focus more on profits than people, your customer’s experiences with you will no doubt be negatively affected.

Quality assurance is something you need to ensure for your customer support department, and call center in particular. It can help you to get more results, make profits, and ensure that both employees and customers enjoy their time with you.  

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