First Aid Essentials List

The Complete First Aid Essentials List for Your Camping Trip

Are you planning on going camping soon?

If so, you want to make sure you take your first aid kit along to deal with the common camping injuries. While camping is a lot of fun, camping trip safety also has to be your priority.

So what do you take with you? How do you ensure that you’ll be able to protect yourself when needed?

Here’s the first aid essentials list of what to take:

Trauma Items

These are the first aid items needed for healing bleeding wounds and serious burns.

As a side note, you might wish to look at the FASO website to check out the industrial first aid cabinets. 

You’ll want to look at different types of bandages for minor cuts, scrapes, and scabs. These include adhesive bandages that you can buy in bulk at a low price. You can also buy surgical tape to keep the bandages in place.

You can buy moleskin to cover blisters and callouses. You can consider hemostatic pads to help dry up blood.

General Medications

These are the regular medications that can help you with most situations when you go camping.

You should always start by taking insect repellant and sunscreen with you. Make sure you also wear protecting clothing to supplement these.

You should also bring basic painkilling medicine. These can include aspirin or ibuprofen. Make sure you still speak to your physician about which over-the-counter medications are safe for you and your compatriots.

If camping during the winter, make sure you bring cold medication. You might want to bring Alka Seltzer to protect against cold and flu.

You can also bring general allergy medication if applicable. Bring an inhaler if you or anyone else is asthmatic. You can also bring probiotics in case anyone faces digestive issues during the camping trip.

For Treating And Cleaning Wounds

There are also first aid materials that are ideal for treating and cleaning wounds.

You should always have an abundant supply of antiseptic wipes and cotton swabs. You can also bring antiseptic ointment and burn gel to handle these wounds.

For Bone Injuries

If you sprain your bones, make sure you bring an ace bandage along. You can also consider bringing a sling to hold your arm if you sprain it.

You can also bring a hot pack or cold pack to relax the bone if it’s in severe pain. Make sure you also bring thick clothing to protect your body in case of a fall or other injury.

That’s Your First Aid Essentials List

This is your first aid essentials list that’ll help you get through a great camping adventure! Camping is a lot of fun but you also want to ensure you’ll be safe!

Make sure you bring materials to treat trauma injuries. These include bandages and pads. You can also bring wipes and swabs for cleaning wounds.

Bring materials to handle bone injuries but also try your best to prevent these. You’ll want painkillers as part of your general medication as well.

You can find more tips on camping trip safety on our blog!

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