Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The Best PDF Converter: Create, Convert PDF Files Online

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

 If you work in an office, one of the things you might be asked to do is to create a document. This usually means you will be working with PDFs since the PDF is the most common format type for businesses due to its range of use. While PDFs are extremely useful, there are some potential complications involved.

Oftentimes when working with and creating a PDF document, it will require other documents to be converted into a PDF so that you can work with them. The ability to convert and create PDF documents is an essential part of modern office work because it allows the user to work with any document while still having a consistent file type. But the next question to ask is, what do I need in order to create and convert documents?

To create a new PDF, you will need an online PDF editor. There are many great ones to choose from, but for this particular task, you will need a specific type of PDF editor which comes with certain tools. The most critical tool an online PDF editor will need to help with this task is a PDF conversion tool. Most PDF editors available online offer this, and there are even special PDF conversion sites.

These allow the user to convert documents to PDFs or back into another file type such as Microsoft Word. The next step is to establish which PDF editor/converter to use to work with your documents.

When choosing a PDF editor or PDF converter, the best thing to do is to read reviews about which ones offer more (and for what price). Most simple PDF converters are free but come with ads. The best way to go is to choose a well-known PDF editor such as Lumin PDF.

Even though some of these might cost money or require some small subscription service, they are usually safer and better options than the alternative. Besides this, depending on what you wish to do with your document after you create it, PDF editors offer a diverse array of tools to choose from and different PDF editors will sometimes offer different things, so it’s a good idea to check what they offer as well as what you need. Here are four of the more popular online PDF editors and converters that can be used to convert or create a PDF file.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a popular online PDF editor which also works as a PDF converter. If you need to convert Word to PDF or PDF to Word, Lumin PDF can do this and more. With Lumin PDF you can also create a PDF from scratch and customize it to your or your business’s needs. While this is fairly standard for PDF editors to also offer the ability to convert a file into a PDF, Lumin PDF offers more for people working in the office in the area of file access.

Lumin PDF works with Google Drive, this means you can upload files from your or your business’s Google Drive account and work on them in Lumin PDF. Combining this with the PDF converter allows you to take a file or doc from your Google Drive, convert it into a PDF, work on it, then save it back into Google Drive as a PDF. This is a powerful tool that works well for any kind of project.


PDFelement is another well thought of PDF editor that also has a PDF conversion feature. PDFelement is somewhat easy to use in comparison to some other PDF editors, this might make it an easier tool to use for those who want to create a PDF but do not have much experience. So PDFelement could be a good option for making fillable templates or other types of business documents. PDFelement also offers an easy-to-use PDF converter.

To convert a file to a PDF with PDFelement, all you must do is go to the options menu and select the convert PDF option. From there it is just a matter of selecting the document then saving it as a PDF or whatever document type you need it to be. PDFelement is a simple PDF editor and offers a user-friendly experience. It lacks some features of more powerful PDF editors such as Adobe Acrobat or Lumin PDF, but it is still a solid choice.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a great and low-cost alternative for individuals who need an online PDF editor but without a big price tag. Foxit Reader still offers many of the basic tools a PDF editor should offer.

This includes a very good PDF converter that is easy to use. While Foxit Reader does not have many of the features that might make it attractive to larger businesses who need to create new PDF documents and templates, it does have the tools that an individual might need for their own personal project. Foxit Reader is a great alternative to more expensive PDF editors and converters such as Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

 Probably the most famous PDF editor is Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is very well known and with good reason, it is a powerful PDF editor with many tools. It also allows users to simply convert PDF files or make new PDF documents and templates from scratch.

Although Adobe Acrobat is a great tool for converting PDFs or making them, that does not automatically make it the best one when comparing it to other online PDF editors available. Adobe Acrobat is one of the more expensive (if not the most expensive) PDF management services available. This may or may not be a factor for you and your business, but it is something to consider when choosing a PDF converter.

There are many more options than these four, but these are some of the better PDF editors and converters you can use currently. They offer different tools and come with different price tags, but they all offer the basic utilities needed for PDF conversion. So if you need to convert a Word document to a PDF, or a PDF document into a Word Document, having a PDF converter is a great asset when working with multiple document types or trying to create a new PDF file.

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