In today’s world, where visual and audiovisual content is king, it is essential to create eye-catching elements that connect with the public.

We know that making images takes a long time or sometimes you don’t have the necessary design skills and abilities to make them attractive and of quality.

Don’t worry: for that there are graphic design applications (better known as apps) that you can use, without investing so much time, and best of all, you can do it from your mobile phone. Pixlr


Adobe spark

Adobe Photoshop Express


Color Reference

Rookie Cam by JellyBus

Pantone Connect





Procreate Pocket

Adobe Illustrator Draw

CREATE – CREATE: Graphic Design


A Design Kit

Text Art




Bazaart Photo Editor & Design

Logo Maker: Logo Creator, Generator & Designer

Logo Maker – Design Creator

Watercolor Logo Maker

Design Studio: Graphic Design, Invite & Logo Maker

Logo Maker Shop

1. Pixlr ( Android and iOS )

If you need photos for your social networks, your website, or your articles, Pixlr allows you to play with a good number of effects, borders, and overlays.

With this tool you can fix the obnoxious red eyes, cut and adjust the dimensions of photos. Also, you can create overlapping images and text.

2. Canva ( Android and iOS )

It is a tool that newbies can use since you do not need knowledge in graphic design to do different types of good quality work from your smartphone.

This app has templates to create brochures, logos, posters, business cards, flyers, book covers, and even curriculum vitae. In addition to being free, it offers a paid plan that gives you access to premium templates.

3.  Adobe Spark  (Android and iOS)

Create social graphics, web pages, and even videos in no time. You can apply filters and animations to your images. Create your materials in a few minutes and share them instantly.

The tool has an inspiration gallery (so that you can see other projects), a blog with graphic content, and a series of templates that you can use to create your images.

The app is divided into three: Spark Post, for publications on social networks; Spark Page, to create web pages in just a few minutes, and Spark Video, to create short videos in no time.

It is a free application and it also has paid plans that allow you to customize your projects, create unique designs and give you access to premium templates.

4.  Adobe Express (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)

From your smartphone, correct and edit your photos, add texts and borders to your images and improve their quality.

The tools allow you to make quick adjustments such as flipping images or modifying distorted camera angles. With this app, you also eliminate noise, improve the focus of photos and create movement with the option of a complete blur.

You can also add filters and effects, make collages, and import and export images from your mobile device to social media, Dropbox, Google Photos, and Adobe Creative Cloud. This app supports images with RAW and TIFF format which helps you to incorporate, import, and edit in it.

5. Snapseed ( Android  and  iOS )

Snapseed is a photo editor with which you can automatically adjust the color and contrast of the image, enhance it and edit it. Currently, the app belongs to Google.

A great success of the tool is that it allows you to save the progress of your works so that you can conclude them later if you did not have time to finish them when you created them. It also saves the editing history of the users, so it is possible to redirect you to any previous action that you have carried out. You can also save the filter combinations that you used and set them as default filters.

With this application, you can share your creations instantly on social networks. Snapseed is available for both operating systems.

6.  Color Reference  (Android)

Do you want to know a dictionary of colors? This graphic design application allows you to see all the color gradients, their composition, their code, and their name.

You can create backgrounds and make custom color palettes and save them. And if you want to invent and save new colors, select the color of an image to identify exactly what it is and create colorful wallpapers, this is the app for you.

7.  Rookie Cam by JellyBus  (Android and iOS)

With this app, you will edit photos with professional quality. It allows you to use your cell phone camera and add filters with more than 116 effects that are applied in real-time. It offers you the function of highlighting the blur, also in real-time.

You can create collages for a magazine, poster, or thematic album; Check the editing history and compare your new creation with the original photo. Also, it has a video tutorial to effectively take advantage of the app.

8. Pantone Connect ( Android and iOS )

If you are a designer and you are interested in visual harmony through colors then this app is perfect for you, as it allows you to create color palettes from an image and apply them to your designs. It is easy to use and you can get the colors you are looking for references and even share them on your social networks. This application is an Adobe extension for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator that allows you to access a catalog of more than 5,600 Pantone colors including the color of the year.

It is an essential application for designers and color experts and is available for both smartphones and electronic tablets. Capture colors anywhere, search, organize and filter colors from the Pantone library, and cross-reference between color systems (X-Ref).

All the functions of this application are free and to use it you only need to register to open an account

9.PostWrap (Android)

This application allows you to create posters through its templates, you just have to choose the one you like the most or add the background image of your choice and modify the text, the font, and the color you want; then the poster will be generated automatically. Share your design on your social networks and voila, it is that simple to use this free application.

10.  Desygner  (Android and iOS)

It is an app with great ease of use, created especially for those who are not designers and want to do quality professional work. It is very easy to use and can be a very useful tool to generate content with included text.

If you want to create graphic content from your cell phone or tablet and work with layers, effects, and multi-page files, the app has free templates that you can use when making your designs. It also offers its stock of royalty-free images, exclusive icons, and vectors, hundreds of fonts, and pre-made banners.

You can resize your designs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads, and even brochures.

Its payment option, with which it is possible to import and export PDF and configure your brand kit, has a cost of 9.08 USD.

11.  Photoleap  (iOS)

With this app, you create exclusive and original images and designs thanks to its easy-to-use tools, which allow you to mix images into one, add glitch art effects, and play with their shapes.

Without the need to have great design knowledge, with this app, you can transform a landscape into a planet, disperse pixels, add surreal backgrounds to your images, among many other options.

It has tutorials to get the most out of it and allows you to export in TIFF, PNG, and JPG formats. It is only available for iOS.

Your costs for unlimited access are $ 6.99 per month.

12.  iDesign  (iOS)

It is a precision drawing and design application with which you can create professional-quality drawings, illustrations, and designs with just your fingers and your mobile screen.

It has motion controls and features that keep your finger from obstructing your vision and allow you to trace accurately.

Contains a variety of basic and advanced tools, such as center-based arcs and circles; measured in feet, inches, and fractions; architectural format; dynamic grid; freehand drawing; text-to-path conversion, and many more features.

With it, you can import SVG files and export designs to JPEG, PNG, PDF, and SVG formats. It is only available for iOS, for $ 6.97.

13.  Procreate Pocket (iOS)

This graphic design app is illustration-based and contains a large list of brushes to use that are customizable and allow you to create creative illustration sketches for any type of content. It offers a set of innovative artistic tools to create any sketch, paintings, illustrations, and graphic animations from your smartphone.

Includes high definition canvases and continuous autosave so you never lose your work. In addition to brushes, it allows you to simultaneously transform objects into multiple layers, animations, and GIFs. It is a very complete design tool that inspires me to create unique designs thanks to its drawing and painting tools. Its price is $ 4.99.

14.  Adobe Illustrator Draw (Android and iOS)

It is a mobile app that offers vector drawing tools and functions, with simple usability. You can export the vectors directly to Illustrator if you want to refine them from your computer.

The app allows you to publish your final project on Behance, the social graphic design platform so that you can promote your work. It has usage tutorials, forums, and a frequently asked questions section in case you have any questions when using it.

Adobe Illustrator Draw gives you a choice of five vector brushes and even gives you the option to customize your toolbar. This way you can include your favorite brushes and paint in ten drawing layers and one photo layer.

For $ 1.99 you can buy 20GB of storage.

15.  CREATE – CREATE: Graphic Design  (iOS )

If you want to draw and explore your creativity, Create is an application that will help you to do so, since it allows you to create designs with a high level of precision, save and share your editable files, as well as add texts and create PDF files.

It is free, although it has a subscription of 19 USD per month with which you will have access to its unlimited functions.

16. Over ( Android and iOS )

Create designs quickly and easily. With this application, you can edit images and videos and share them on social networks. It has free pre-designed and customizable templates, but if you want to access a larger library of images you will have to pay $ 10 per month.

Use this application from your mobile to easily create content by adding text and graphics to your photos and videos without the need to access a computer. With this app, you can also generate different publications for Instagram, Facebook and even create banners and logos from your mobile.

17.  A Design Kit (iOS)

This application allows you to create modern and colorful designs for your photos anywhere and everywhere. It contains realistic brushes with which you can draw color textures and it also has a large number of options for image backgrounds, stickers, and text fonts in its free version. If you want, you can access a more extensive library and all the functions of the application with a monthly membership that costs 3.99 USD.

It is an application that allows you to create content and share it on your social networks thanks to its preset cuts with the exact measurements you need. It is very easy to use and you do not need to have experience as a designer, since it offers different customizable options that allow you to create easy, fun, and colorful posts.

18.  Text Art (iOS)

With this application create professional publications and posters, add quotes and texts to the images you post on your social networks. It is very easy to use and you do not need specialized design knowledge, since the application offers different types of fonts and a large database of inspirational phrases that will help you save time in the search for the perfect copy for your designs. 

If you prefer, you can access its Pro version that includes more than 40 different designs and styles of text. It also allows you to add your logo and remove the watermark from the application for 7 USD per month.

19. Graphionica ( Android and iOS )

With this application you can create designs for social networks and collages; combine videos and images; add text, stickers, and backgrounds; remove the background from an image and save it as a sticker. The application also allows you to plan the feed of your social networks through templates that you can save to generate more content later.

It is an easy-to-use application. In its free version, it offers several useful design editing tools and you can access the premium version with unlimited access to all functions for $ 2.99 per month.

20.  DesignLab (iOS)

Create professional layouts and choose from millions of customizable graphics, fonts, and templates. With this application, you can create Instagram stories, content for social networks, brochures, and even funny memes.

This application has different tools such as customizable templates for different types of format and content such as podcasts, YouTube, logos, collage, quotes, special events, blog, invitations, wallpapers, Facebook cover, etc. It also contains stock photos, fonts, shapes, and filters that you can use to create your designs easily.

The monthly subscription to have unlimited access to all its templates costs $ 5.99, but in its free version, it offers several accessible options.

21.  Retrospect (iOS)

If you are looking for a touch of nostalgia in your designs then this is the application that you should download on your smartphone, since it allows you to create pixel art of an image and make it look nostalgic. Simply add an image from your smartphone photo library and the application transforms it into pixels for you, as if it were made in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The application also offers a wide variety of color palettes and you can unlock all features for $ 2.99.

This application, in addition to pixelating your images, even allows you to customize them.

22. Bazaart Photo Editor & Design ( Android and iOS )

This application allows you to create professional layouts and collage for your social media content. It is very easy to use and you can remove background from any image, erase unwanted objects, retouch your images, add stickers and backgrounds. The app works with different layers to create hundreds of designs thanks to its professional and easy-to-use tools and functions. You can unlock features starting at $ 5.99 per month.

23.  Logo Maker: Logo Creator, Generator & Designer (Android)

If you are looking for an application to generate designs for your logo and brand identity, this app allows you to create professional logos from your smartphone. It offers different functions such as backgrounds, textures, colors, types of fonts, stickers, and shapes so that you can create your brand logo in a short time and easily from your smartphone.

This app to make logos also allows you to create posters, brochures, and any content for your social networks. You don’t have to be a professional to create amazing designs. It is a free app.

24. Logo Maker – Design Creator ( Android and iOS )

The logo is the design that customers relate to a company, it is the first impression they have about the brand and it is a fundamental piece to connect with your customers. This app to create logos is very easy to use; Contains more than 200 templates to help you generate the perfect logo for your brand, 5,000 icons in more than 30 categories including business, fashion, and watercolor, plus more than 100 backgrounds and more than 100 overlays for that extra touch to your designs. Industry classification allows users to generate unique and accurate designs for their brands very quickly from their mobile phones.

This application does not require a subscription to make simple logos, but if you want to make constant use of its functions in an unlimited way, you will have to pay USD 9.99 per month. It is an ideal tool for professionals in the graphic design industry who are looking for an app to make reliable and easy-to-use logos from their smartphones.

25.  Watercolor Logo Maker (iOS)

Looking for watercolor logo designs? This application has artistic functions that will help you to give a beautiful and artistic look to your logos. All you have to do is select the category of your industry and find the logo design that you like the most to customize it to your liking. Save all your designs in high-resolution PNG files.

It is a simple and easy-to-use application that offers many design customization options. Its price starts at 2.99 USD and has a free version.

26.  Design Workshop: Visual Layout, Invite & Logo Maker (Android)

With an easy-to-use interface, this app to make logos from your smartphone allows you to customize your logo through different functions, such as color gradient, add text with multiple sources, and even draw lines and shapes. Contains various preset logos for all business categories that you can customize. It is an app to make logos very easy to use from your device and will help you to facilitate your work in the design of original logos for your brand.

In addition to creating logos, this application also helps you design invitations and various publications for your social networks. It is a free app.

27.  Logo Maker Shop (iOS)

Choose from more than 1,000 customizable logo templates and design your logo through the more than 5,000 resources that this application offers you, including fonts, symbols, and backgrounds. With this application, you do not need any experience in graphic design, since you start creating your logo through the pre-established templates that help you step by step. You can design from simple logos to more elaborate combinations. The templates are divided into 13 categories that will help you choose the one that best suits your business, whether you are looking for a vintage, abstract or colorful logo. This application offers you multiple possibilities of logo design.

The application automatically saves your designs, so you don’t have to worry if an unexpected call comes in while you are editing your logo in the application. You just have to go back into the application and your design will be there waiting for you where you left it. It is a free app. Now that you have a list of tools that you can download and try, it’s time to select the one that best suits your graphic needs and goals. Remember to explore each of its functions in detail so that you take full advantage of the offer of each app.

Turn your smartphone or electronic tablet into a powerful design tool and download the best applications. Whether you are a graphic designer or not, these are useful tools that will help you give an original touch to the image of your brand or product.

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