The 4 Best Client Appreciation Ideas

The 4 Best Client Appreciation Ideas

Customer experience has been voted the top priority for businesses over the next five years with a landslide percentage of 45.9 percent

Part of the reason behind this could be that 89 percent of customers are willing to pay more if they’re guaranteed a positive experience. 

So, how does your business plan on giving the customer what they want? 

Forming part of the customer experience is client appreciation initiatives. Whether you use it at the close of a deal or simply for working anniversaries, client appreciation goes a long way. Keep reading for some great ideas! 

1. Swag Packs Rock 

There’s something pretty awesome about receiving handy, useful items that are branded with your favorite company’s colors and logo. 

Particularly if your brand is one that is a little quirky and a little edgy, you can really get creative with the swag packs you can send your customers to show that you appreciate them. 

Think everything from water bottles to cool caps, funky shirts, custom coffee mugs, branded power banks to cool mouse pads. When it comes to swag packs, the branded world is truly your oyster. 

2. The Gift Of Upgrades 

Perhaps you’re a service-driven business, then this client appreciation idea is great for you! 

Consider upgrading your customer’s subscription for a set period of time as a thank you for their business. Bump them up a level and give them access to extra tools that can help them at no cost for a while. 

(Bonus points because you might be able to convert them to a next-level customer!)

3. Award Them, Literally

Some of the best client appreciation ideas for gifts are those that include the gift of words.

Personalized awards made very specifically for your individual clients can go a long way, like the ones they have on  

You can consider things like awesome glass frosted trophies, or unique marble-inspired tombstones that carry a very special message from your brand to theirs. 

4. Personalised Gifts

If you know your clients and customers on a personal level then finding thoughtful client gifts ideas can show appreciation like no other. 

For example, if you know your biggest spending client loves beer then you could consider sending over a craft beer kit. Or, maybe your most loyal client is a total foodie then you can find a website that does gourmet snack hampers and send one of those over. 

For this, it really depends on how confidently you know your clients.

Maximize Client Appreciation Initiatives Today! 

At the end of the day, the best client appreciation ideas are those that come from having a lot of thought put into them.  

Simply show your clients how much they mean to you by not going with age-old calendars and boring chocolate boxes. 

If you’re still looking for more gift inspiration (even after this great article), type gift into the search bar, and there you have it! 

Customer Appreciation Ideas for Your Business
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