Foods for strong and healthy hair

Super Hair Food For Healthy And Strong Hair

Super Hair Food: Many women still believe that hair problems can be solved only with face masks, hair conditioners, and hair treatments.

We love makeup for high-quality hair care. But we know that without the nutrients that food provides us, we cannot achieve healthy and shiny hair.

Foods for strong and healthy hair
Foods for strong and healthy hair

TOP Of Foods To Strengthen Hair

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants necessary for cell regeneration. They act as a shield that keeps the hair in tip-top shape. Eggs, shellfish, dairy products (no additives or sugar), poultry, and legumes are the highest protein foods that serve as the building material for all cells, including hair. 

In addition to protein, dairy products contain zinc and potassium, which are necessary for the body to function correctly and vitamins A and D. Vitamins catalyze metabolic reactions in the body, while proteins, fats, and carbohydrates literally “build” healthy hair.


Redfish is rich in protein and Omega-3. In addition to the benefits for hair, salmon prevents inflammation and strengthens the nervous system (especially the brain).


Chicken eggs are rich in protein and essential nutrients such as choline and vitamins A, D, and B12. Despite the high-calorie content of the yolk, nutritionists do not recommend neglecting it since it contains most of the essential substances. 

Eggs also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are necessary elements for healthy skin and eyes.

Peanut And Peanut Butter

A quarter cup of peanuts contains up to 9 g of protein, 4 g of fiber, and many antioxidants. In addition, walnuts are very nutritious: use them as a snack and, in addition to healthy hair, you will get a source of energy for the whole day.


Spinach is a superfood loaded with nutrients like magnesium, iron, folate, and B vitamins.

Chia Seeds

Chia is a unique plant source of Omega-3, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. These tiny seeds can be a part of any dish, from soups and cereals to cocktails and puddings. 

In addition to the benefits for the skin and hair, chia seeds help prevent cardiovascular disease and strengthen blood vessels.


Pumpkin is surprisingly low in calories and fat but rich in iron, beta-carotene (an essential antioxidant for the skin), and vitamins C and E, which help repair cells. Add pumpkin to your salads, soups, and snacks to keep your hair healthy.


Like other plant products, grapes contain antioxidants that improve cellular health. Add grapes to your breakfast, and you will get healthy skin and hair and the prevention of inflammatory processes in the body.


Its high content of protein and plant fiber makes legumes essential for any vegetable-based diet. Add legumes to your diet to improve the health of your skin and hair.


Asparagus is high in vitamin B and stimulates hair growth. In addition, they strengthen the blood vessels and the heart.

Quick Super Hair Foods Tips For Strong And Healthy Hair

Foods for healthy and strong hair
Foods for healthy and strong hair

Seasonal changes, a poor diet, or stress can affect the health of your hair. To avoid the loss or loss of shine, you must eat a healthy and balanced diet.

Diet For Healthy And Robust Hair

The proteins and vitamins are vital to maintaining healthy and strong hair. Proteins are found mainly in meat and seafood, milk, eggs, and lentils, beans, and nuts.

The fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins A, B, and E, which protect the scalp, strengthen hair and help growth. Go for peas rich in vitamin B1 (100 g of peas cover 18% of the recommended daily amount) and vitamin C.

The calcium present in milk and its derivatives is also essential.

Minerals should not be lacking either. Iron is essential to prevent hair weakens, is present in green vegetables and red meat. 

Drink beet juice because it has a lot of iron, especially for women who have considerable iron loss every month with their period. Keep in mind that vitamin C contributes to iron absorption; that is why lentils, for example, should be taken with peas rich in vitamin C or with a kiwi for dessert.

Against hair loss, zinc is an excellent ally for the preservation and vitality of hair; you will find it in cucumber. 

The iodine in fish improves hair growth—copper, which also helps pigmentation and is present in meats, vegetables, and nuts. The magnesium is perfect for brittle hair; you find seeds, nuts, whole grains, legumes, and green leafy vegetables. 

The silica is part of the composition of hair and is located in peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, lentils, or raw oats.

Healthy vegetable fats, such as those containing nuts (walnuts) and olive oil, will help moisturize your hair and prevent dryness and brittleness. 

To add shine, sunflower oil and soy can be your allies.

Biotin and folic acid are very important for the proper functioning of the metabolism. You will find them in many foods such as cereals, eggs, liver, orange juice, and vegetables (spinach).

Supplements For Strong And Healthy Hair

The nutritional supplements are an adjunct to diet for seasons when more hair falls at the beginning of autumn. 

An extra supply of micro-nutrients to improve the quality of the hair, give it body and strength and stimulate its growth: vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals (calcium, phosphorus are necessary or, iron, magnesium, zinc), trace elements and amino acids.

The yeast or wheat germ are excellent sources of nutrition for hair. From grape seeds, flavonoids are obtained, powerful anti-free radicals, which protect the structure of blood vessels, and the Ginkgo extract stimulates irrigation in the hair follicle.

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