Software Companies: Three Things You Should Look For

Software Companies: Three Things You Should Look For

Need to hire a software company to develop your app but aren’t sure which team to hire?

There are 26.9 million software developers in the world. The USA takes the lead in software development companies with the state of California hosting the largest number.

A Google search for ‘top software companies’ returns 3.8 billion results. Which one should you choose?

This article offers three essential tips on things you should look out for when selecting a development company.

Read on to learn why quality means more than the initial expense. Discover why a solid infrastructure can lead to higher leads and sales. And see why ongoing support will ensure the success of your application.

Software Company Services

Software developers produce a range of products and services to suit all use-cases including:

  • Website and e-business development
  • Mobile device apps
  • Cloud data analysis and backup solutions
  • Enterprise desktop management software

The list continues ad-infinitum to match the growing demand for newer technologies. For example, Progressive Web Apps combine traditional mobile apps with web applications and work on any device.

What Sets The Top Software Companies Apart?

Every custom software development company claims to be the best.

They highlight client stories that sing their praises. They list a staggering range of deliverables on their website. And they point out great customer reviews from their Google business profile.

Yet, how can you know for sure that the team is right for your specific needs?

Below are three things you should look for when deciding which developer to partner with. Each cuts through the marketing spiel to get to the bottom line. And the common theme in all three is quality.

1. Develop Quality Software

Beyond price or quantity of services or the number of available coders is the ability to produce quality software.

The best companies follow the Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC:

  • Requirement analysis and planning
  • Architectural design
  • Software development
  • Testing and deployment

Modern management techniques like the Agile system provide unit testing throughout the cycle. Managers liaise with stakeholders to ensure that each element matches their requirements.

The end result is a top-quality product that fulfills its role.

2. Solid Organizational Structure

Many of the millions of developers are one-person operations. That’s fine for a few simple jobs but look for a team with a solid organizational structure. Especially one that has staff in each department.

For example, professional software companies incorporate a marketing role.

ERP software leads are difficult to maintain so dedicating a team member to this task is essential. Other traditional business roles like finance and HR ensure that issues get resolved quickly.

Smaller teams who juggle everything often drop the ball. Rely on one that won’t.

3. Ongoing Support

Custom mobile applications development company exist to produce unique applications. However, once deployed, those apps need ongoing support and maintenance. If the team is too busy to offer this then consider an alternative.

To make sure this scenario won’t happen to you simply reach out to their past customers.

Ask about the level of support during and after development. Question them about their Service Level Agreement (SLA). Hopefully, you will hear a high level of praise.

More Custom Software Development Company Advice

Software companies promise the world but not all deliver.

Put quality at the top of your list. Contact the team’s current and existing client base. You’ll soon discover if they performed well both during development and afterward. Only choose a software company that you can rely on to support you.

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