Should You Think Like A Hacker?

Should You Think Like A Hacker? The Evolution Of Cyber Security Training

Gone are the training days of learning cyber security through a book, or long-form text. For that matter, gone are the days of any education needing to follow a linear approach – it doesn’t work for us all, and it doesn’t cover all bases. 

Science shows that learning by doing is better for retention, and TryHackMe has implemented this with cyber security training. TryHackMe is a cyber security training company, launched in December 2018. They specialize in red and blue team training for all skill levels – with lessons being launched purely through the browser, doused in gamification. 

Launching A Career In Cyber Security 

Learning in action is a key pillar when considering how to get into cyber security. Being able to showcase to prospective employers your understanding of topics in action, how they are relevant to the business and how you would actively work to mitigate risk can absolutely bridge the gap between securing the job. 

TryHackMe is listed as desired experience in many job postings in the industry, so you can cross-reference the training you should do with the jobs you are looking at to build together a base for your training. 

Should You Think Like A Hacker? Red Team Training 

There are ethics to consider when looking at learning offensive security. How can you be sure people are acting red team training for good? Is learning hacking illegal?

Well, learning to hack is totally legal, and companies like TryHackMe amplify the message of learning hacking to think like a hacker and arm business defenses. Whilst it is hard to monitor the usage of every user on the market, enabling businesses to better defend their companies through sensing weaknesses and vulnerabilities – as hackers do – plays into the good. 

When you have the hacker mindset, you can accurately delve into the cyber security standing of different platforms, and expose risks ready to patch to avoid real-world problems.

Red Team Month

Red Team month was enacted to celebrate everything offensive security and red teaming. TryHackMe launched a brand new technical pathway that builds off of the fundamentals formed in previous learning sessions and dives into initial access, post-compromise, host evasions, network security evasions, and compromising active directories.

If you’re looking for a red team hacker academy, TryHackMe has the training for you. After completing this training, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to pursue new lucrative career opportunities in offensive security.

Cyber Security For Business

Human error accounts for the biggest cause of breaches across the entire internet landscape. With this, whilst proper firewalls and software should be a focus for businesses, training team members across departments is a necessity to reach optimum security. 

Get started in cyber security training today to broaden your horizons and open opportunities.

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