Should I cancel my cable TV subscription?

Should I cancel my cable TV subscription?

Are you planning to cut the cord because of the rise of streaming services? If you are confused and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of having cable TV, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many people are going through this frustrating process. For some people, it’s just another decision, and well, for some people, cutting the cord can be a tough decision. Because of the fact that you will need a streaming subscription on top of the cable TV services in order to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows, many people are switching to the streaming service.

Despite the hype created by the streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are many people, who are not ready to switch to streaming services. If you are getting quality TV services consistently, then maybe you don’t need streaming.

My personal preference is streaming services. It seems more trustworthy and streamlined to me. With the streaming App, it is more simple and hassle-free to watch whatever you want at home or on the road using your phone.

What I feel like is it’s all about your needs. Many people are okay with having cable TV services. There are many cable TV service providers like Cox, which offers their customer what they want. After signing up with Cox cable, you also get a streaming app, which allows you to watch live TV wherever you want.

If you are not sure if you should keep the services or not, you should compare the pros and cons of the TV services. This way, it will be easy for you to figure out what you want. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of cable TV services.

Pros And Cons Of Cable TV Service

First, we will discuss the pros of having cable TV service and then we will come to the cons of TV service.


The following are the pros of the cable TV service:

Live Sports

With the cable TV service, you will get access to a lot of live TV channels and live sports programming that you won’t get through streaming platforms. Keep your cable TV service for sure, if you enjoy watching live sports.

You will still need a basic cable TV bundle if you want to watch your favorite teams and sports along with watching movies on Netflix, as these streaming services do not offer access to live sports. Even though you can watch the game’s highlights or even watch the entire game later, the thrill of seeing it live is on another level.

On-demand and pay-per-view content

If you subscribe to a streaming service, you will have access to a certain amount of content, and if you want additional content, you will have to subscribe to other streaming services. On-demand content is not available through streaming services. Only people with cable TV services are eligible for this benefit.

With many cable TV service providers, you have access to a huge selection of on-demand programming that is available anytime you want. In addition, you can also get access to pay-per-view content before it becomes accessible on any streaming service, including MMA battles, UFC fights, and even movies.

Best Channel Lineup

With cable TV services, you will have access to the finest selection of channels. If you subscribe to a live TV streaming platform, you will only be able to watch a limited number of channels. You may be able to get networks like ABC News using streaming services like Hulu but in order to get access to premium channels, you will have to pay a handsome amount of money.

Only 53 channels are included in even the Sling TV subscription, which is considered one of the best live TV streaming services. With the cable TV service, you can get access to more than 250 channels, which includes both local and premium channels.

Doesn’t require an internet connection

If you subscribe to cable TV services, you do not require an internet connection. You must have a high-speed and reliable internet connection that is fast enough to sustain your consumption in order to use streaming services, which will obviously cost you money. That money will obviously be on top of the streaming service charges. You will be dependent on your internet connection if you have streaming services. You won’t be able to watch Netflix, if your internet goes out or if there is a power outage because of bad weather.

With the TV service, you won’t have to worry about the internet connection. All you need is a subscription to the TV services and that’s it. Nothing else is required.

Best bundle pricing

Internet is a necessity these days and if you are planning to get internet service along with cable TV service, you will be getting amazing discounts. The discounts won’t be just limited to the internet, you will also be getting discounts on the TV service. Isn’t that cool? You will be saving money on both services.

Moreover, if you go with the bundle, there will be many other perks that you will be getting. However, if you go for the standalone service, you won’t be getting those perks.


The following are the cons of having cable TV service.

Extra charges

If you decide to subscribe to cable TV services, you must accept the fact that even a basic cable TV plan will cost you a significant sum of money. You will need to pay extra charges, such as broadcast fees, sub fees, and taxes in addition to the cable TV subscription fees. However, with streaming services, there are no extra fees. You only pay the monthly subscription charges.


In addition to other fees, you will need to rent the equipment, which will cost you some money each month. To access the services, a cable TV box is required for each TV. For example, if you have three regular televisions in your house and you want to get service on all three, you will have to get three cable boxes, which will cost you around $30.00 a month.

Summing it up

Both cable TV and streaming service has their own pros and cons; it all depends on your needs and budget. You need to define what your usage and budget are, then it won’t be a tough decision for you to decide whether you should keep the TV service or you should switch. Here

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