Seven ‘Apps’ To Monitor Your Child’s Mobile

The technology allows from knowing where the child is, and even where he has been, to blocking his mobile from a distance

Technology has not yet managed to get into the of a teenager but at least it already allows adults to remotely track and lock their children’s phone to put some order in their feral digital life, and “give back some control to the one who pays the bill and the terminal”, exposes Cristian Villamarín, creator of Flipd, a phone lock app.

 has made the control of teenagers’ telephones into the lawyer and has decided that those under 19 who purchase a mobile phone are required to install an app, that only monitors the Internet activity. A failure or forgetfulness in the installation of said surveillance system means that the newly purchased device does not work. In addition to the dozen or so surveillance apps available on the market, the Korean government has its own, which is quite graphically called Smart Sheriff. Signs warning:”Younger phone users should install applications that block harmful content for them that have been posted at the entrance of phone stores across the country since last June.

In Western countries, governments have not intervened in parents’ war with their teenage children over cell phone use. But in at least two cases it has been the fathers, and more specifically the mothers, who have struck the table. They were desperate, but not so desperate to throw in the towel. Sharon Standifird is one of them. Created the app Ignore no more after verifying that his adolescent son did not answer his messages and calls simply because he did not feel like it. Before, she had gone through the ordeal of imagining that she had had an accident or that her phone had been stolen, but when she discovered that her son preferred to use his mobile to play, talk with his friends, surf the Internet, or anything except communicate with her, decided to take action on the matter.

This mother is a veteran of the Gulf war in general, he thinks that few things can resist him in this world, so he googled how to design a blocking app, and without any previous experience created an application that allows parents to absolutely control their children’s phone from the distance. If the boy repeatedly ignores the messages and calls from his parents, the phone is simply locked with a code, and he will only be able to make emergency calls nothing more The only way to unblock him is to call his parents back, ”explains Sharon. The proof that the app works is that Sharon says that now her son always answers his calls, or at least he does it more often than before.

Ignore no More. It is an application forIOSandAndroidthat allows you to block a mobile from a distance using a four-digit code. You simply have to select the phone you want to block (from your contact list), dial the code and when your child is going to use the terminal, they will find that the screen is black. To control the phone again the boy calls the contacts from a list previously created by his parents, only those people will be able to deactivate the code.

Teen Safe. It is another surveillance service created by the mother of two teenagers, which already has 500,000 users. It can be used from the phone, tablet, or computer and allows you to see what the child is doing with their device, what type of messages they receive and send, where they go, and with whom. It is recognized as the star of control apps because it allows the monitor to be tracked without the adolescent noticing. It gives parents access to all messages, even those that have been deleted, browsing history, calls made, and Facebook and Instagram.

Life360 Family Locator. It is an afreeappthat cannot be deleted by teenagers either. Parents can configure it to do self-checking-up to two sites, in the free version- so they can know what time the child enters school or when he arrives home. Also, the minor can check in every time the father asks, sending the location, the time, and even a map of where he is exactly. The same technology will be used for an adult to locate the mobile in case of theft or loss. The Biggest Thing In this surveillance system is that it can only be used from another mobile phone It has a version for ios and Android.

Canary. Send an alarm to parents every time their teens send messages, make calls or use a social network while they are driving. The app knows when kids unlock the phone and alerts parents if they exceed the speed limit. Is free.

Norton Family. It is surveillance software that keeps parents informed about the content that their children download from the Internet, as well as the web pages they visit. Parents are supposed to have previously blocked access to certain content so that the program warns them every time the child tries to enter one of the prohibited sites. This way, adults can start a conversation about it.

My Mobile Watchdog. It has more than 20 controls available that do not come standard with the phones. It is one of the most complete control tools, and also one of the most expensive, (five dollars a month or 45 a year, the free trial for Android and IOS is Linkedin the link ). It allows you to monitor the text messages, photos, Internet use, and call history of teens. Parents can make default settings to restrict the use of the terminal and block certain apps during school hours or sleep. Also, it has a GPS that allows you to know at all times where the phone is exactly. And the boy who is assumed inseparable from the device is expected.

  • Footprints. The application does a job of tracking children and shares their location with family and friends. Parents can not only know where their children are but also where they have been. Adults can set geographic limits and the app will notify them when those barriers are crossed. If you can’t stop your kids from breaking some rules, at least they’ll be informed in real-time. The version for Android goes in the link of the app, but it also has for IOS.

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