Sectors To Invest In 2021

Three Interesting Sectors To Invest In 2021 And Not Die Trying

Getting rich in 2020 has not been an easy task. The black swan of the coronavirus disrupted the plans of many investors. This exceptional year has generated great headaches for bag lovers, with several hits.

And entire economic sectors have been practically paralyzed due to restrictions approved by governments.

In general, the industries and companies that have brought digital solutions and adapted their processes have a good perspective, although there are many other factors to take into account, also depending on our objectives and financial plan.

But 2021 offers a more optimistic horizon, as we will see below:

Real Estate Market

The real estate market offers a great attraction for the coming year

In addition to being one of the industries that remained stronger this year despite the pandemic, it is projected that during 2021 it will register positive growth.

The processes that have been digitized, such as the financing of works, sale of real estate, and obtaining credits for their purchase, have streamlined operations and it is worth taking a look at them to invest in them.

Is investing in real estate is still a safe bet today?

According to the Valuation Institute, investing in real estate is still a safe bet today. The winds of recovery that begin to blow today, together with the historical profitability that real estate has had, especially in Spain, make investing in a brick an almost always safe bet. And more so in volatile times like those in which we are living.

International funds are realizing the historic opportunity that the atypical slow down in this market has brought about as a result of the health crisis.

 For Example: Real Estate

The case of the Singapore Elite fund stands out. Just a few days ago the news broke in the salmon press of its irruption in the Spanish real estate market. If the river makes a noise it’s because water is running.

For its part, the aid from the expected European funds also augurs a recovery in a sector that has not had an easy year. Only in the residential sector is expected rain of 3,500 million euros from the European Union. Without a doubt, excellent news for those who are considering real estate investment for the next year.

Stock Markets

Stock markets could give us nice surprises in the new year

The coronavirus has been especially cruel to the European continent. The uncontrolled contagions in the territory have forced the partial or total paralysis of entire sectors of key economic activity.

It should come as no surprise, then, that European stock markets have been hit hard this year by Covid-19. None has been saved from the financial drain of red numbers and uncertainties. What’s more, 2020 will be remembered for black days of historic double-digit declines.

However, these collapses also open a horizon of interesting opportunities. The ultimate investor buys when you see blood on the streets could end up being truer than ever in 2021.

European Stock Exchange

The large European stock exchanges, such as the Paris Stock Exchange in Top Rated Forex Brokers, which groups together the CAC 40, SBF 120, MIDCAC, Second Marché or Nouveau Marché indices; or the Madrid stock market, which brings together the famous IBEX 35 or the BCN GLOBAL, offer a ripe scenario for a big rebound, having generated an important floor in prices. 

There are assets that have been affected by panic sales and that, today, are undervalued. Therefore, bullish winds are blowing in the stock markets and 2021 could be the year of the European stock markets.


Cryptocurrencies Prepare for Stratospheric Growth

The recent pulverization of its all-time highs by bitcoin is generating renewed interest in cryptocurrencies. This time, unlike in 2017, institutional investors are entering the market in style.

Well-known names such as One River Asset stand out, with more than 600 million dollars in bitcoin recently acquired, or MicroStrategy, which this December managed to raise 650 million dollars to continue acquiring bitcoin. 

Cryptocurrencies To Bitcoin

Alternative cryptocurrencies to bitcoin, known in crypto jargon as altcoins, are also sparking a nine fever among investors. Therefore, 2021 could be the year in which cryptocurrencies respond to their detractors with stratospheric gains.

With the exponential growth of digital operations and online transactions, online security, and options for enhancing digital protection has grown a lot.

The blockchain is the encryption technology that cryptocurrencies use, for example, and that financial and consumer institutions are already using in their processes as well.

Other Sectors To Invest In 2021

Other sectors, such as mobility and delivery, are also exploring different ways to use it, to protect user records, making it an attractive investment if you are looking for a sector with high-performance potential for the next few years.

In short, 2021 looks much better than this year, thankfully. With vaccinations against covid-19 just around the corner and massive capital injections by major global financial bodies, such as the European Central Bank, everything seems set for a full-blown recovery.

Real estate, company stocks, or cryptocurrencies are some of the markets with the greatest potential to obtain great stock returns next year if everything progresses without major surprises. 


Remember to evaluate different options within these sectors to know the details of each one and choose instruments or companies that fit your financial possibilities and objective. Do not stop diversifying to protect your finances, and remember to monitor them punctually to make the right decisions at the right time. Are there a new happy 20’s coming? We will soon know.

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