Ronald DeFeo

Ronald DeFeo, Biography Of The Murderer Of The House Of Horrors Of “Amityville”

Today we bring a story that surely almost all of you will have heard at some time, since it was taken to the cinema in the film The Amityville Horror of the year 1979, and in 2005 through a remake.

But today we are not going to talk about cinema, if not about a real assassin as life itself. This story is included in our “Deluxe Assassins” section.

all dates back to 1974, at 112 Ocean Avenue, located on that avenue in the town of Amityville, very close to New York City.

NAMERonald Joseph DeFeo, Jr.
COUNTRYUnited States
DATE OF BIRTHSeptember 26, 1951
DATE OF DEATHCurrently alive
NAMESThe Amityville Killer; Butch; The Murderer of Voices
NUMBER OF VICTIMS6 (his entire family)
JUDICIAL CHARGES6 crimes of murder in the first degree
CONVICT6 sentences of 25 years in prison

In That Number Is Still To This Day, The Following Famous House

Well, the house could be called a normal house in the Long Island area, if it weren’t for the fact that one of the most heinous crimes in human history took place inside, which had as its main protagonist our murderer of today in the Web.

Beneath that house and many years ago, the native Shinnecocks Indians abandoned the sick, people with mental health problems, and dying people to their fate, for various reasons. Once they died after being left without food or drink, they were buried right there, something that at that time was a habit, a bad habit, but after all a habit, and worth the redundancy (habit, habit, habit …).

Years later and even centuries later, a sorcerer bought the land and built the house, and inside it, he began to practice various witchcraft rituals, which woke up the dead who had been buried there, for hundreds of years.

Some say that this man named John Catchum even practiced satanic rituals with local animal sacrifices, and also with the atrocious murder of several children, who were used in said satanic acts.

When this “good” man passed away, he was also buried, under the house, very close to the basement of it.

With this panorama, and for those who believe in spirits, things did not look good at all, for the daring family who wanted to live in that house, with the appearance of a mansion.

For the last 100 years, the house has been owned by numerous families. Until the Riley family sold the house to the DeFeo family, nothing unusual had happened inside the house, and the little mansion was just like any other house in Amityville …

After this brief but forceful explanation of the history of ” the house of horrors “, we began to write what happened inside, when the DeFeo family was completely installed and molded in the town of Amityville, and inside the aforementioned house.

Everything seemed normal in the family until the father began to experience strange mood swings, and constant ups and downs, which made him very hard and strict with his children, one of them our protagonist today on the web, Ronald Joseph DeFeo.

Ronald’s relationship with his father was therefore very bad, given the continuous confrontations between both, and especially those episodes worsened when the father treated his mother badly, there Ronald even became very violent with his father.

Ronald was growing up and his character was getting worse and worse, showing a lot of aggressiveness, even with his mother, whom he had always respected. This character made him withdraw from the social world, and no friends were made.

His parents wrongly decided to give him money and numerous gifts, to make his behavior more normal and appropriate for a young man of his age. However, the fact of carrying a lot of money in his pocket, caused Ronald to enter the very dangerous world of drugs, which in some cases is the prelude to the potential psycho-killer.

Seeing that the situation did not improve with these gifts, they decided to take him to several psychiatrists, but the behavior of the young man, far from changing, worsened, even threatening to kill the doctors themselves, in those mental health therapy sessions.

Time passed and Ronald became a neighborhood bully, even leading a dangerous street gang that committed crimes everywhere. During a party in Amityville, Ronald pointed a rifle at the head of one of those present and then said it was all a joke. This was his first contact with firearms, something that, on the other hand, even in these times, is something common in the United States of America.

The great first threat of Ronald to his family, took place on a cold night in 1973 when his parents argued very strongly, and he lost the papers presented in the kitchen and said to his father with a shotgun.

The father was stunned by the scene, but thinking that Ronald was not going to shoot … he was wrong since Ronald pulled the trigger, but the shotgun jammed and things did not progress. After the event, Ronald told his father that he was going to pay for all the mistreatment to which he had subjected his mother.

Parallel to all this told, Ronald had settled in the basement of the house and began to perform satanic acts and rituals, something that of course was strange since, in reality, he was emulating that sorcerer of whom we spoke before, and who was buried a few meters from where Ronald did say satanic practices. Chance? who knows…

After committing the crime of robbery against his grandfather, which he wrongly did not report, Ronald would become one of the most well-known personalities in the history of the world black chronicle

At dawn on November 13, 1974, Ronald executed his most macabre plan, all supported according to him, by invoices that he heard in the basement and that said to him verbatim ” kill them”, referring to murdering his entire family.

The truth is, that Ronald did not know the history of the burial of those people centuries ago, and he did not know the history of the witcher. Although now we are not going to talk about the possibility that it was true that that house was plagued by spirits, who gave Ronald orders to kill, then at the end of the article, we will make a small reference to the matter …

Returning to the topic of his plan to assassinate his entire family that day, November 13, 1974, we tell that Ronald threw several drugs at the dinner that his entire family later consumed, with the intention that they would all fall asleep, to kill them point-blank.

He lay down on his bed, but without falling asleep, and waited at 3:15 in the morning, to get up and proceed to carry out his atrocious plan.

Ronald took one of the hunting rifles that he had in his room and proceeded to head towards the rooms of his relatives, who were sleeping peacefully and soundly, given the high doses of drugs that they carried in their system

Ronald first entered his parents’ marriage room and shot them point-blank in the head, which ended their lives instantly. The one he was most angry with was his father, whose skull he opened.

Then he went to the rooms of his brothers, to continue with his plan to annihilate them all, while he continued listening to the supposed voices that told him louder than ever “kill them, kill them all.”

The youngest of the family and sister of our protagonist today, Allison, woke up, since she was the only one who did not consume the first course of dinner, and therefore was not drugged. She saw the horror that her brother was causing in her family, and after murdering her brothers, Ronald grabbed Allison, who was crying out for help, and took her to her room, to which she also unlocked several point-blank range accurate shots, which ended his life.

The plan was already executed in its entirety, and the trail of blood and horror spread throughout the mansion at 112 Ocean Avenue 

The hours after the terrible multiple murder, Ronald tried by all means not to be discovered, leading a life of the most normal, precisely that life that he had never led until then.

However, a family friend who brought the press to the DeFeo house every morning was surprised to see the family cars in the place, and that no one opened the door for him. He met Ronald, and in an attempt to divert attention, he showed his concern to Bobby (the boy from the newspapers), since he told him that he had not been able to enter the house either, since he had left the keys inside.

With total cold blood, thus demonstrating that his mental faculties were not as damaged as he wanted to believe, he kicked the door open next to Bobby, and on entering the house he played the greatest role of actor of his life, showing his dismay and horror at seeing the corpses in an advanced state of decomposition, of his entire family.

It was another neighbor who finally called the police, and they appeared at the scene, and were horrified by the magnitude of the event that occurred inside “the house of horrors.”

The DeFeo Family Was Buried Two Days Later

Investigators began the corresponding investigations to hunt down the monster that had caused that tremendous horror in Amityville, and of course Ronald was the main suspect, being mysteriously the only member of the family not killed in that terrible massacre.

Faced with police pressure to tell the whole truth, Ronald DeFeo pleaded guilty to the murders of his two parents, his two brothers, and his two sisters, although he said that he was not the culprit, since voices that came from the basement of the house, he had been ordered to murder his family.

His lawyer asked that he be declared insane, to free himself from jail, but the court did not swallow

In Total 150 Years In Prison Fell To Ronald, 25 For Each Of The Murders.

After all this, the media around the world echoed the news that dealt with the supposed spirits that were in this house, and that they would have been responsible for ordering Ronald to kill his entire family.

Much controversy caused the case since the truth is that Ronald DeFeo when he performed the satanic acts in which he used animals to sacrifice them, he did not know the story of the witch who lived years before in the house, and who performed precisely the same acts that he.

If to this we add that the next family that occupied the house, the Lutzes, also confessed to having seen and witnessed supernatural effects, including poltergeist phenomena, spectral vision, and various psychophonies, the matter, in the end, had become something serious, and part of the North American and world society began to believe in Ronald’s version Of ugly.

However, years later, someone allegedly discovered a plot, in which the Lutzes were involved, and that they had made all that, to win a handful of dollars.

Whatever happened that fateful day inside the house, the truth is as we have commented previously, that there can only be two possibilities …

– FIRST: It so happened that Ronald DeFeo led a very similar to that of the sorcerer John Catchum and that the famous voices were imagined in his mind, and they never existed.

– SECOND: Really inside that house, very strange things happened, and the voices thing would not be such a crazy idea as many might think, since we repeat, Ronald DeFeo did not know the history of the witch, so in no case could he be predisposed to act like him, and to get into the role of the witcher sending him orders in the form of voices, to assassinate his family.

The Truth Is That Everything That Happened That Morning Was Very Strange

The story has been taken to the world of cinema on numerous occasions, and to the world of reading, and real rivers of ink have flowed, where everyone gives their opinion.

But the only thing we do know for sure is that the official version of events was plain and simple, that Ronald was a ruthless mass murderer, and that he did not give his family a choice so that they could save themselves from that atrocious multiple parricides.

Currently, Ronald DeFeo is still in prison serving his sentence, which we could almost say is a life sentence.

We Await Your Opinions!

Do you believe in the official version? Or on the contrary, do you think that something paranormal happened in there? 

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