Personal Branding: Being Your Own Brand

Personal Branding: Being Your Own Brand

When one wants to harmoniously develop both the personal and the professional project, converging both in a life project, one has to face the task of personal marketing and build one’s brand.

This is something that we all want: to develop our potential at work, in our life of relationships, and our daily lives and thus achieve a full life in which there are no dissociations between “what I want ” and ” what I do “; between « what I am » and « what I want to be ».

Making the gap between our aspirations and our achievements smaller and smaller is possible if you have the right method. This is where what we have called “personal marketing” and “you are your brand” comes into play.

What Does It Mean To Be A Brand?

Being a brand implies having the ability to differentiate ourselves from others and being able to show our own unique identity. Thus, our name and image constitute a brand by which we are recognized in the different environments in which we operate.

What does it mean to build your brand?

Building one’s brand involves setting achievable goals, clearly identifying our distinctive skills, and prioritizing our service role: knowing what our customer needs and what we can do to meet those needs.

Some characteristics of the process of building the brand itself:

.It takes time

.It requires effort, commitment, and work (it is not a simple magical instant advertising promotion)

.It aims at different levels: the technical-professional, the offer of products and services that we produce, our image -how we communicate it- and customer satisfaction.

Some of the benefits of this process:

.Improve our image,

.Gives us a better professional and labor position, with its economic consequences,

.Provides personal satisfaction in the sense of recognition and transcendence,

.Generates coherence between projects and achievements,

.Leads us towards the quality of life we ​​seek.

The personal brand involves us completely: we are our container (packaging), we cannot delegate to another person, our properties are changing and vital (as human beings that we are), and we promote long-term interpersonal relationships.

Satisfying needs is my condition as a brand: I must be perceived by my current and potential customers and I must be incorporated into the cost-benefit equations of those needs that I am going to satisfy.

How Is My Brand Visualized?

This is observed in my daily behavior and in the way I provide services. Transparency, honesty, quick responses, efficient problem-solving, and being able to face difficult situations and account for them are all attributes that define a personal brand.

Also, the smile, the way we talk, dress and how we relate to people are visualizations of the brand itself, all within the framework of the culture in which we operate.

To build our brand we must not force our feelings or pretend to be what we are not. The brand must reflect a congruence between our personal and professional life and this coherence translates into what we say -our speech-, and in what we do -our action-.

A Traced Path: Vision And Mission Illuminated

Knowing where we are going is essential in establishing the brand. It is not possible to build a medium and long-term process without a clear and defined strategy and objectives. We must be protagonists and not mere spectators of situations.

It is also important to integrate our dreams into reality, to balance ambitions and possibilities within an ethical and responsible framework, to know that there are things we must give up to obtain others, to listen to ourselves without blindly submitting to the mandates that they were transmitted through the family, society and we have carried with us many times since childhood… building one’s brand is a process of finding oneself.

The Pride Of Being A Recognized And Valued Brand.

Once you have managed, through daily work, to be recognized, you begin to be a reference, a valid interlocutor for certain areas, they begin to quote you, call for meetings, they refer you to other clients.

The best sign that you are on the right track is when you cannot be replaced by another equivalent person.

Examples of the need for change and construction of the personal brand are many…. professionals who need to adapt to technological changes, or the change of course in business, or who face vital crises that lead them to a general rethinking of their lives.

A surgeon who previously operated on the gallbladder has to quickly learn the laparoscopic technique to be competitive, a doctor who decides to leave his clinic and open an independent practice must connect in another way with his patients and colleagues.


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