You have a party to go to and are faced with the following mission: to find an amazing outfit and accessories to rock the look. Calm down, I’ll help you choose the earrings for the party and tell you which model suits each type of event.

Party earrings: every occasion calls for a different jewel!
Party earrings: every occasion calls for a different jewel!

First, you need to think about whether it is a formal or informal occasion and whether it is during the day or at night. Because? Because the party earrings, as well as the other accessories that you will choose, will depend on your answer.

Thought? So, let’s get to the suggestions!

Earrings for the party during the day

Occasions that are during the day ask for a less heavy jewel to not carry the look. However, if your outfit is more basic, you can choose more striking accessories.

Another thing to think about is whether you are going to wear your hair down or down. If you are thinking of wearing it stuck, your ear will become more apparent and the size of the earrings for the party

will greatly influence the amount of attention you will attract. So, if you want something more discreet, opt for smaller earrings, without stones or with crystal stones.

When using loose or semi-loose hair, you can choose long and more robust earrings, because if they are too small they will not appear.

Models of earrings for a formal party

If it is a wedding or graduation you can use stones, as long as the earrings are not too big. The jewels in yellow gold and rose gold are the most suitable. If you want a more classic look, pearls are a good choice!

A nice idea is to combine more than one earring. This model of ear cuff in the photo below is a suggestion for a modern look with a medium level of discretion. It also matches informal events

Templates for an informal party

Being an informal event like the company’s end-of-year get-together, baptism, boss’s birthday, baby shower, or child’s birthday, you can wear silver jewelry or semi-jewelry, as they are more stripped.

I’m not talking about not wearing gold party earrings, I’m just saying that the silver accessories also match!

At events during the day, you need to pay close attention to the size of the jewels. When in doubt, choose smaller parts. If you want to use rings, check out the post “ Ring earring: small, medium or large, which one to use? ”.

Earrings for evening party

If the event is at night, you will have more freedom to dare. But, also, you will need to pay attention to the way you will wear your hair and the clothes you will choose. Sometimes a beautiful dress if worn with a particular shoe or accessory can lose its grace and become a mistake.

Or, sometimes, a simple outfit if combined with striking accessories can be a complete success. In the end, it’s all about balance!

Formal Party Templates

When I think of a formal party at night, I can already imagine Oscar! But I have not yet been invited to this type of ceremony and it is usually a prom or wedding. Is your case similar ?!

If you want to stand out, opt for earrings for a sapphire or emerald party, they are beautiful and modern. If you are going to wear a strapless dress, large earrings are a good bet, regardless of whether your hair is tied up or down.

Don’t like accessories with big stones? Choose a more discreet earring like this gold droplet and combine it with a more robust necklace or make a more elaborate hairstyle.

Templates for an informal party

Being an informal occasion, the tips are the same if the party was during the day. If in doubt, choose pearls if you want a more classic look. Or, for a more modern look, choose different combinations of earrings, such as ear hooks, ear jackets, pressure piercings, and ear cuffs.

Surprising on party

Even when we have to use a very similar type of production daily, because of work, we can make all the difference in the outfit with a change in earring style daring to the unexpected. Thus, a party earring, all worked in stones, in the middle of urban and casual production, gives an entirely special touch.

Another wonderful example of how we can play with production is the reverse. But let’s say that the dress’ code is a party, which allows for certain neat productions. An earring for urban fashion, or ethnic earrings, made with different materials on a silver base (such as leather, fabric, wood), can make our production an absolute highlight!

Unique earrings

Another way to wonderfully diversify your production with earrings is to use unique pieces, with incredible and unusual designs. Some formats, especially when it comes to larger accessories, are unlikely to have the design copied by others. It is in them that the key to surprise can also remain.

How to diversify with earrings?

We know that there are times when the dress code is very rigid, and you can’t innovate too much to not get out of line. However, even at these times, there is a fundamental rule to diversify. It is a rule that has no mystery, has no difficulty, and is very easy to be followed.

The rule is a surprise! The unexpected, when it comes to an outfit, is the difference between sameness and absolute prominence. Sometimes, just an accessory well used at the right time makes all the distinction between a   fabulous look and something like everyone else.

The key to diversify with earrings and increase your production, above all, is to print your style!

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