Original hanging planters

Original Hanging Planters, Practice Upcycling!

Original hanging planters
Original hanging planters

Do you know that you can reuse objects that you no longer use and transform them into more interesting ones? You just need to let out your most creative side. On this occasion, we propose different ideas for you to create original planters easily.

By practicing upcycling, you will be contributing to the general well-being of the planet. Cheer up!

What is upcycling? This increasingly fashionable term has emerged in recent years to refer to creative recycling.

Is Upcycling And Recycling The Same?

Not quite. Recycling is an industrial process whereby an object is used as a new material to create a completely new object. Upcycling consists of the creation of new objects using creativity and giving them a greater final value.

Interesting right? Surely on more than one occasion, you have practiced upcycling and you didn’t even know it.

Many objects in our daily lives could have a much longer life than they often have thanks to this activity.

In addition to bringing out our imagination and creativity, we are helping to create a much more sustainable and ecological world by generating less waste.

As reflected in the data of the annual report on the generation and management of municipal waste from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, Spain generated a total of 22.2 million tons of urban waste in 2018. Of these, 53.4% ​​(11.8 million tons) were sent to the landfill and only 18% (4 Mt) were recycled.

At Jardinatis, we want to help ensure that the number of waste sent to landfills is as low as possible.

Next, we will show you how with a little ingenuity and, above all, you win, you can transform disused objects into original hanging pots for your plants. Go ahead and practice upcycling!

11 Original Hanging Planters

1. Plastic bottles

 Plastic bottles
Plastic bottles

Who doesn’t have a plastic bottle at home? Water, soft drinks, oil, detergents …

You can use half the bottle or the whole bottle. If you use only half, you must fill it with the substrate (placing the lid previously), and transplant or grow the plant you have chosen.

For larger compositions, you have to cut a rectangle along with the bottle and you will have your original planter ready. Finally, you just have to tie a rope and you can hang it on your terrace or balcony.

2. Lamps


We love this idea! Reuse some very elegant chandeliers and transform them into perfect pots for hanging plants.

We will place some pots in the place of the bulbs. The pots have to be relatively small in size and made of plastic since the luminaire has to be able to support the sum of the weight of the substrate and the plant itself.

It is better than the plants are varieties that require little watering since, being plants that will be hanging, it will be more difficult to access them.

3. Chicken coop hoppers

Chicken coop hoppers
Chicken coop hoppers

What do you think! The chicken coop hoppers are used to feed the chickens but also to reuse them as containers and create original hanging planters.

In our case, we have galvanized hoppers that will become improvised containers.

4. Soccer balls

 Soccer balls
Soccer balls

If you have punctured or old soccer balls at home, we encourage you to make these original planters. Making them couldn’t be easier!

You have to cut the upper part of the ball so that it is in the shape of a pot with enough space to be able to introduce the plants.

Some holes are made in the lower part as drainage and, others, in the upper part to be able to hang them.

The corresponding washers and chains, the substrate, and the plant itself are introduced.

5. Basketballs


The technique for making these planters is the same as with basketballs. First, the circumference of the pot of the plant to be introduced is marked with a marker and cut.

A little gravel is put in the base, so that the ball has more stability, and is filled with substrate. Finally, the plant is planted inside.

6. Planters with tires

Planters with tires
Planters with tires

Once the tires reach the end of their useful life, their components can be reused for different things: shoe soles, artificial grass, asphalt … We propose this simpler option: hanging flower pots.

If we use a tire as a hanging basket, we must bear in mind that we will not be able to use much space for planting.

If we use them as containers in the ground, on the other hand, the surface on which we can plant the plants will be greater.

7. Bulb


With one light bulb, you can create two different hanging planters. For both, first of all, you have to remove the filaments from inside.

To do this, put on some gloves and carefully pierce the socket of the bulb. Once empty, you already have the base of your planter. (It would be necessary to place the fixing to the wall).

The first idea that we propose is to use it together with plants grown in the substrate, the classic plantation. The second idea is to grow them in water, hydroponics, in which the substrate is replaced by water and liquid fertilizer.

Does any plant work? No, the best known are the lucky bamboo the pothos, the spathiphyllum ( spathyfillum ), the philodendron ( Philodendron scandens ), and the sweet potato ( Ipomoea batata ).

8. Basket

Sure you have a basket at home. With it, you can create this beautiful planter for mini-size succulents in gray and purple colors.

As the basket has a wireframe, we will use a little moss on the base so that the substrate does not fall off.

We incorporate special substrate for succulents and cacti and we begin with the planting. We cover with more moss and compact.

9. Birdcage


To create these decorative cages, the most suitable plants to plant inside are succulents or succulent plants and, preferably, hanging size so that the decorative effect is greater.

Planting is simple: first, a thin drainage layer with expanded clay is laid, followed by the substrate.

The different plants are planted and, with care, you have to take the leaves out through the holes.

Some of the varieties you can choose from are Rhipsalis, Senecio, Sedum Burrito, Echeverias, Muehlenbeckia, and Aloe Vera.

10. Coco


This idea is very easy to do and the result seems very nice to us. First, we empty the coconut and sand.

We make some holes in the lower part, to act as a drain and, another two, in the sides to fix the chains. We place the chains, introduce our little plant and add substrate.

If you don’t want to use metal chains, you can make a rope potholder using the macrame technique.

11. Metal bin

Metal bin
Metal bin

As this wastebasket has holes, the first thing we will do is cover all the corners with moss so that the earth is also somewhat moist. (It should be on both the sides and the base).

We will introduce the substrate and, in our case, the plants that we are going to plant will be hanging since we want the bin to hang. We add some chains or ropes to the bin and that’s it!

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