Open Source Video Editing: Common Video Editing Mistakes To Avoid

Open Source Video Editing: Common Video Editing Mistakes To Avoid

Are you looking to learn how to avoid common video editing mistakes?

The world’s demand for media and content continues to increase. It’s projected to grow by USD 417.85 billion during 2021-2025. With this growth, many business owners are looking to add video marketing to their content creation strategy.

However, many make common video editing mistakes. These not only diminish the quality of their materials but also waste their time and resources.

Want to identify and correct these mistakes? Here’s a guide to common open source video editing mistakes to avoid in 2023.

Not Organizing Your Files

Organizing your files is an essential but often overlooked aspect of video editing. Without a good system for organizing your files, you can become overwhelmed trying to find what you need. It’s common for amateur video editors to end up scrolling through hundreds of files trying to locate their current projects.

Taking the time to organize your files into separate folders for each project can save you a lot of headaches. Name your files logically and back up your work regularly. That way, you’re able to review and re-edit your work at any time.

Furthermore, a good organizational system allows you to quickly locate specific clips and assets right away. Not organizing your files is one of the most common mistakes to avoid in open source video editing.

Not Making Backups

Not having a backup of your media and project folders puts you at risk of losing your work. This is if anything happens to your computer or the hard drives you are editing from.

It is important to always make copies of your project and media folders while editing. Also, use an external hard drive to store these backups. This would ensure you have a clone of your project if something unexpected were to occur.

Not Making The Most Of Your Tools

Being a good video editor means not just having access to the right software but also knowing how to make the most of your tools. Each tool may offer different workflow options and features for creating your masterpiece. Not using the correct tools for specific tasks can lead to compromised results.

Familiarize yourself with the tools and master the different avenues of your editing software. This will help give your videos an extra professional touch.

The expertise of a post-production company can also help avoid these problems. Their access to editing software can also be beneficial for more complex projects. Consider investing in a corporate video production company at to avoid these mistakes.

Not Having a Workflow

One of the most common mistakes made in the editing process is not having a workflow. Without a workflow established, editors may feel overwhelmed. They may succumb to distractions and ultimately waste time.

When creating a workflow, you must establish your project structure. Also, familiarize yourself with tools and software and organize the footage and design elements.

An important part of creating a workflow is setting deadlines. This will create a unified timeline to refer to as you work. With this, you can stay on track and avoid unnecessary stress.

Having a workflow can save time and money. It helps editors finish projects on schedule and within budget.

Not Enabling And Disabling Clips

If a clip is not disabled and enabled correctly in the timeline, many unwanted effects can occur on the final output. Not enabling and disabling clips can also be a time-consuming oversight, as it takes time and effort to undo a mistake made here.

To avoid this problem, it is important to double and triple-check clips for proper enabling and disabling before rendering. The extra step taken to check over the selected clip can save time and effort in the long run. This will ensure the best possible output from the open source video editing program.

Not Motivating Your Cuts

It’s important to make sure that each cut in a video is motivated. In other words, every transition should serve a purpose in progressing the story or message. It’s also important to make sure that your cuts avoid making the pacing of the video too abrupt or jarring.

To avoid this mistake, spend a little extra time editing the footage, making sure that the cuts are entirely motivated. When possible, try to anticipate the audience’s expectations. Use sound design and visuals to ensure that the shots match the intensity of the content.

Additionally, keep in mind the goal of the video when making cuts. Each transition should work to help you reach that goal.

Not Using The Right Music

Music can completely change the vibe and atmosphere of a video. So it’s crucial to choose music that complements your visuals.

Fortunately, there are plenty of open source music libraries available online that are free. If you’re not sure what type of music you want, conduct some market research to see what kind of music other videos in the same genre use.

When selecting a song, pay attention to the rhythm and emotion it conveys. If you choose the wrong song, then you can risk ruining the entire video.

So, be sure to pick music that fits the tone and emotion you’re aiming for. When in doubt, use music from open source libraries to ensure you’re not infringing any copyright laws.

Making SFX And Music Too Loud

You should use special effects and music to enhance the visuals and content, not overpower them. When making SFX and music too loud, it can distract from the visuals and message and potentially even damage viewers’ ears. Furthermore, it can be a legal issue if the SFX/music gets too loud.

To fix this issue, simply adjust the levels of the SFX/music with the dialogue and other sound effects you’re using. This will ensure that all elements of the production are cohesive and not fighting for attention. Making sure that SFX/music doesn’t get too loud is an essential step when editing open source video.

Avoid These Common Open Source Video Editing Mistakes

Open source video editing has come a long way. Now it is just as capable and user-friendly as commercial software.

With the right tools and techniques, anyone can edit a video to make it look professional. To make the most of the available tools, it is important to remember and avoid common mistakes.

So, what are you waiting for?! Start taking on video editing projects today.

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