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Omar Sy NET WORTH, BIOGRAPHY, Wife & His Career Lifestyle

Here we discuss the current Omar Sy net worth and his whole biography. He was born in France on January 20, 1978. He has seven siblings. His family is Muslim. His Senegalese and Mauritanian origins in a country like France where racism affects society, made him the victim of discriminatory episodes, as he comments in his interviews. 

However, nothing could overshadow his talent. He started working in the audiovisual world at the age of 20 with a versatile personality. He played television roles, a comedy show on the radio, and as an actor in video clips. In the cinema, he worked doing dubbing, and now, in addition to being a world movie star and the protagonist of the series “Lupine”, the most successful series in France at the moment, he is its general producer. In addition, he is the director of his project: “African Dream”.

Omar Sy Wife And Children:

 Omer Sy married In July 2007, Omar Sy wife name Hélène, together with whom he formed a family of five children. They both became parents for the first time in 2001, then repeated in 2003, 2006, 2009, and, finally, in 2017.

When ” Untouchable ” was released in 2011, the success of the film was such that Omar Sy net worth was concerned that the identity of his children was recognized and tried to preserve their privacy.

For that reason, the following year, he decided to leave France for Los Angeles (USA), where he is achieving success in Hollywood 

Discretion As A Lifestyle 

Given the popularity of Omar Sy Net worth in his native country, as similar as that of former tennis player Yannick Noah or former footballer Zinedine Zidane, he and his wife chose to lead their personal lives in a very reserved way, although from time to time they show mutual affection. Through social networks.

However, the truth is that they protect the privacy of their children, two boys, and three girls. Of the elders, little is known in the entertainment press, while the youngest is who, sometimes, appears casually on the Instagram accounts of Omar Sy wife Hélène.

Omar Sy wife is a social worker and is involved in many worthy causes, such as child protection. She founded the organization CéKeDuBonheur, which helps hospitalized children, and also created Siyah Organics, a company of organic products grown in Senegal.

For his part, the current Lupine interpreter has had forays into Hollywood films such as ” X-Men: Days of Future Past ” and ” Jurassic World .” A career that has walked steadfastly and safely through discretion for more than twenty years.

Omar Sy Net Worth The Beginnings

In an interview with the British newspaper ” The Guardian “, Sy said that as a child he had to fight discrimination, but that in a way it was this barrier that led him to find his vocation.

“There is an expression when you come from where I come from and you look the way I look, with this height, this skin color, people put you behind a block of ice, which does not break easily.

I think that led me to my current path. I remember as a teenager I wanted to see a smile on people’s faces instead of that suspicious look they gave me. One way to achieve this was with a sense of humor, making them laugh, ”explained the 1.90-tall actor.

Thus, at the age of 14, he began to do comedy, but that impaired his studies and he graduated from school only at the age of 20. It was after finally passing his graduation exam that, at a family dinner, he ventured to tell his parents that he would be a professional comedian. Being a member of a family with limited financial resources – his father worked in a factory and his mother was a cleaning worker – he knew that his decision would not be made with joy.

“I could see her expression of concern, of fear. They were sure that it would not work for me, but they are intelligent people and they knew that they had to let their son decide, ”said Sy, the fourth of eight siblings, who currently work in France in different trades: receptionists, cooks, nurses and teacher aides.

An Inspiration

The pessimism of his family, however, did not make Sy hesitate. He knew that he had a chance to become a successful comedian because at his school, a young man very similar to him, had achieved his dreams and nothing seemed impossible.

The best soccer player in his school was a boy who “always went to bed early, who trained while we were partying” and, at 17, he was recruited by Arsenal. Thus he left the suburbs of Paris and went to live in London, where he became a soccer star.

The Name Of That Young Man Was Nicolas Anelka.

Sy recounted in “The Guardian” that he saw his friend’s success with joy, he was proud of him, but not surprised, because he had seen how he had worked to achieve his goals, and that inspired him to continue with his goal of living on the comedy.

“Intocables”, His First International Success

When Sy began his career as a comedian, he met two young directors, Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano, who “every time they had a movie, they called him.” Thus was born a collaboration that would change the actor’s life.

“Untouchables”, together with François Cluzet, became an international success in 2011. In this drama, Omar Sy played an ex-con with no education or skills who is surprisingly hired to care for a wealthy and highly cultured quadriplegic man. Despite their abysmal differences, they manage to achieve a noble friendship. 

It is considered one of the most successful French films on the planet with 19 million viewers and first place at the demanding French box office.

Another incredible fact about this film is that it is based on the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, who suffered a terrible paragliding accident that left him a quadriplegic. His autobiography gave rise to the book “Untouchable.” After the film, the novel became a best-seller with 200,000 copies sold only the first two months after it was reissued.

“My life, everything I have professionally, I owe to that movie,” Sy said.

Between Marvel And Jurassic Park

This rise to fame for Omar Sy net worth changed his life completely. “Untouchables” was followed in 2014 by a role in “X Men: Days of Future Past”, none other than Bishop, the mutant who would appear for the first time on the big screen. In 2015, he had a supporting role in the blockbuster Jurassic World, and in 2016 he turned to the dark side in the film “Hell” (part of the Da Vinci Code trilogy directed by Ron Howard) alongside Tom Hanks.

Before “Lupine” he had other film projects, including “Call of the Wild” with Harrison Ford.

Omer Sy Net Worth Far From Fame

In 2012, Sy decided to move to Los Angeles with her family. Although one might believe that the reason was to conquer Hollywood, in reality, the actor has said that all he was looking for was a place where his children could live far from the shadow of his fame.

“Before the movie, when I went to pick up my son, I was Tidiane’s dad. Then he became the son of Omar Sy. I panic. I told my wife that I did not know how to raise our children in those circumstances, with the fame of another hanging over their heads,

“Lupine”, The Most Watched On Netflix

In 2021, the story of a white-collar thief, skilled with his hands and his mind, arrived on the Netflix platform. The “Lupine” series is based on the character Arsène Lupine, created by the French writer Maurice Leblanc at the beginning of the 20th century. This series of books with Lupine as the protagonist is part of the memory of France, so the success of the series was resounding since its launch at the beginning of this year, although not only in the European country.

Omar Sy plays a thief of Senegalese descent, who seeks revenge for the injustices committed against his father by a wealthy man for whom he worked. With a great power of seduction and amazing skills for theft, Assane Diop (Sy) always comes out of any entanglement. Your weakness? His family. Precisely, the second season of “Lupine” begins with what happens after the kidnapping of his son. The production announced that the third season is already underway.

Omar Sy also participates as artistic producer of “Lupine”

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