Born January 20, 1978, in Trappes, Yvelines, Omar Sy Net worth is the son of a Mauritanian housekeeper and a Senegalese worker father. He grew up in the district of Trappes with his friends Jamel Debbouze and Nicolas Anelka. At 17, he worked at Radio Nova alongside the same Jamel Debbouze, Fred Testot, Vincent Desagnat, and Michaël Youn. A month before passing his baccalaureate, invited to the Cannes Film Festival for Jamel’s Cinema, in which he already participated with Fred Testot, he decided to give up everything. Canal + entrusted him with a program, in duet with Fred Testot, called Le Visiophone. Bet won: the show meets its audience and the two friends continue their sketches on the small screen and the shows: I’m not my age, After-sales service for shows, Omar and Fred: the show. 

Omar Sy Biography
Omar Sy Biography, Lupin Series Facts and Net-worth

In 1997, he made his first appearance in the film Glastonbury, the movie. He then went on to perform roles in quirky French comedies such as La Tour Montparnasse infernale by Charles Neme (2000), La Beuze , by François Desagnat and Thomas Sorriaux alongside Michaël Youn (2003), or Safari by Olivier Baroux (2009) . In 2003, he even tried his hand at song alongside Dieudonné and the rap collective of the Saïan Supa Crew for the production of an album against racism, entitled Stop à front. In 2005, the after-sales service for the programs of the duo Omar & Fred was adapted by Canal + for television. It is then integrated into the program presented by Stéphane Bern, 8:10 p.m. Pétantes. The duo began to make themselves known and also began to host a program on Fun Radio. On the strength of their success, Omar and Fred then filled the halls with, in 2006 Omar & Fred: the show and, in 2007, the show Je ne faire pas mon age. 

In the cinema, however, he had to wait until 2006 with Our Happy Days, by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache to obtain his first major role. In 2009, he played in no less than three films: Very Special Envoys, alongside Gérard Jugnot and Gérard Lanvin, Tellement close and La Loi de Murphy . The same year, he lends his voice, an exercise he likes, for the dubbing of Volt, star despite himself, Lascars or even Allez raconte !, the following year, an opportunity to find his acolyte Fred Test. The year 2011 is that of its consecration: in addition to the undisputed success of the after-sales service, he was propelled to the front of the stage for his role in the film Intouchables, which he co-starred with François Cluzet. The film has met with unprecedented success, not only in France, where it ranked number one at the box office in 2011 but also abroad. His performance earned him several awards: the César for best actor in 2012, the Crystal Globe 2012 for best actor, and the Prize for best actor tied with his on-screen partner François Cluzet. Since then, he has appeared in the film On the other side of the periphery, by David Charon. 

On the private side, Omar Sy has married his partner for several years, Hélène, in Tremblay-Sur-Mauldre in July 2007. The couple has four children. In September 2017, the family grew with the birth of a daughter, Amani-Nour, born in the United States, where the family resides.

Omar Sy Net-Worth.

Omar Sy Net worth is assessed a net worth of $5 million starting in 2021. He essentially makes his riches from his famous profession as a French humorist turned actor.

Ten things to know about Omar Sy, the star who wants to conquer the hearts of Africans

1- stubborn

He is one of eight siblings. Her mother, of Mauritanian origin, was a cleaning lady; his father, a Fulani emigrant from Bakel (Senegal), a worker in an automobile factory in France. “Don’t make waves don’t make noise,” her parents advise her. He persists, self-taught: he plays comedy without going to school and accepts his first role in Hollywood even before mastering English.

2- Network

He has long been friends with other stars who grew up in Trappes, in the Parisian suburbs: Jamel Debbouze, who gave him his first jobs as a comedian, Nicolas Anelka, whom he has always defended against the press and disgruntled supporters… He is also an accomplice with rapper Mokobé, with whom he created “the back pain dance”.

3- Box office

The Untouchables, which propelled his career, is the most viewed French feature film outside of France  : more than 50 million admissions worldwide. For his role in this film, he received the César for best actor in 2012, a first for a black actor in France.

4- Happiness

He has been in a relationship for twenty years with Hélène Sy, the mother of his five children, whom he presents as his “only manager”. She runs the CéKeDuBonheur association, which improves the quality of life of hospitalized children by organizing meetings with personalities, from Marion Cotillard to Nagui, via Leïla Bekhti.

5- Hollywood

He is one of the few French people to pursue a real career in Hollywood. He appears in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jurassic World, Inferno, and will play Harrison Ford in The Call of the Forest, adapted from the novel by Jack London (released in December 2019).

6- Neither black nor white

“I’m not a black actor,” he told JA, saying he wanted to be seen above all as a comedian. He played theoretically white fictional characters in adaptations of The Scum of Days and Knock. We will see him on Netflix in the role of Arsène Lupine.

7- Flop

His appearance in a movie doesn’t necessarily turn a turnip into a blockbuster. As proof: Le Flic de Belleville made “only” 600,000 admissions, while it was broadcast on 500 screens.

Omar Sy Biography, Lupin Series Facts and Net-worth
Omar Sy Biography, Lupin Series Facts and Net-worth

8- Anger

Known for his thunderous laughter, he can also get very angry. For example against the polemicist Eric Zemmour, whom he called a “criminal”, recalling that he was condemned for inciting hatred. Or, more recently, at the Gare de Lyon, against a controller who did not want to let him board a train with seven suitcases … causing the police to intervene.

9- Croesus

According to Capital magazine, he would be, after Marion Cotillard, the highest-paid French actor, with estimated revenues of 3.4 million euros for the year 2016.

10- Roots

In Yao, he is an actor and also a co-producer, because he wanted to invest in this adventure which, according to him, “tells the story of Senegal in 2018”. The first interviews he gave and the previews all took place on site.

 Lupine: 7 unusual anecdotes about the series with Omar Sy

Omar Sy plays Assane Diop, a thief of panache who is inspired by the adventures of the gentleman burglar Arsène Lupine. This tribute to the character of Maurice Leblanc has already toured the world, to the general surprise of the creators of the series and Omar Sy himself. Directed by Louis Leterrier, Lupine, in the shadow of Arsène is revealed in seven crisp anecdotes.

Maurice Leblanc’s saga is tearing up in bookstores

Omar Sy Biography, Lupin Series Facts and Net-worth
Omar Sy Biography, Lupin Series Facts and Net-worth

Would the novel have the coast again? This is what the sales figures for books in bookstores and on the web seem to say. The adventures of Arsène Lupine told by Maurice Leblanc are flying off the shelves. Fascinated by the story of Assane, it is the young people who are the first to get caught up in the books. Hachette, the historical editor of Arsène Lupine, had moreover foreseen the blow: “When we learned that they were preparing a series inspired by Arsène Lupine, we went to see Netflix France and they said yes straight away for an exclusive partnership ”, specified the management of Hachette Romans and Cécile Terouanne Youth Pocket Book in Le Parisien. A special reissue of the collection of nine short stories including The Queen’s Necklace has been available for a few weeks. The book, similar to the one Omar Sy reads in the series, quickly entered the top 5 best sellers on Amazon and Fnac sites. From 1905 to 1941, Maurice Leblanc fed literature with the adventures of his gentleman burglar. 80 years after the author’s disappearance, Arsène Lupine is reborn from the ashes and booksellers are already preparing for the second salvo scheduled for the release of part 2 of the series.

The series of all records

Since the end of 2020, Netflix has exploded streaming statistics. Deprived of cinema, the whole world falls back on the platform which offers more and more original quality content. But no one had seen the Lupine avalanche coming. After having been at the top of the charts in the United States (a first for a French production), Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene is on the way to surpass the two biggest hits of Netflix in 2020: La Chronique des Bridgerton and Le Lady’s game. According to the platform’s calculations, a month after its launch, the series with Omar Should have been viewed by 70 million homes around the world compared to 62 and 63 million for Bridgerton and the chess series with Anya Taylor-Joy.

Sharon Stone is an admirer

“Lupine, another great Omar Sy project available on Netflix! ” It said on the Twitter account of the star of Basic Instinct. Is Sharon Stone addicted to Omar Sy? Since the release of Intouchables, the coast of Omar Sy has not weakened and has crossed the Atlantic. The actress is not at her first attempt at the work of the French actor. To thank her, Omar Sy humbly quoted her tweet with a heart. Perhaps this coming together will one day allow us to see the two artists reunited on the screen.

The Louvre scenes were filmed in the museum

For the spectacular images of the first episode of Lupine, the director Louis Leterrier did not hesitate to apply directly to the Louvre museum for authorization to shoot there. After Jean-Luc Godard, Ron Howard, and a few elected officials, Louis Leterrier had access to the Holy Grail last March: the Louvre, at night, emptied of its visitors. From the Gallery of Italian Painters to the Inverted Pyramid Room, the film crew was able to travel all over the place and capture fascinating images of the museum.“There is a moment when we are turning and all of a sudden, I realize that we are at the Louvre and above all, that I am in the room where there is the Mona Lisa” Omar Sy is still amazed. For the director who spoke to the site, this in situ shooting was a real gold mine: “We were able to film the Louvre differently. We had a blast, uniquely for the stage by the Ferrari. The point was not to submit them millions and tell them “come on, buy you the inverted monument”. It was kindness. They understood that the international influence of this character, of this series, and Netflix could dust off the image of the Louvre. “

Arsène Lupine, the French-style James Bond

Who would have thought that the one who made the whole of France laugh in his mini sketches alongside Frédéric Testot in the after-sales service of the programs would one day be the hero of an internationally celebrated series? After having turned in many comedies and having become attached to the comic register, Omar Sy surprises and astonishes us in The Untouchables by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache. After a Caesar for his role as Driss, he goes on to more serious films and even leaves to take his place in Hollywood. Action, suspense, romance… Omar Sy has touched everything and his role as Assane Diopallows him to bring together all these skills in a single production. At the microphone of Canal +, the actor describes his role in Lupine as James Bond à la française: “I know very few actors who are asked ‘what do you want to play? »If you are British, you say, James Bond, if you are French, you answer Lupine. He is the ideal character, there is everything in it. You can be in the drama, you can be light and funny, there’s action… I touched all this stuff a bit and if I can do it with the same character and for a long time, it’s the perfect toy! “

Omar Sy, poster maker in the metro

To promote the series, Netflix has gone big, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Sent to the Parisian metro, Omar Sy improvises himself as a collector of advertising posters. The actor, wearing a mask, sets up a giant poster with his effigy in front of travelers who have absolutely no idea who they are dealing with. The publicity stunt is brilliant and announces the color and the slogan of the series: “You saw me, but you did not look at me”.

The anachronisms of the series

To tell the story of Assane Diop, the screenplay by Georges Kay and François Uzan takes the viewer to 1995. To remain faithful to the Paris of the time, Lupin’s decoration and costume team, in the shadow of ‘Arsène brought in vintage cars and retro clothing. But a few anachronisms have been spotted in the series. This is particularly the case of a pair of sneakers worn by Mamadou Haïdara who plays Omar Sy young. At the feet of the teenage version of Assane, there is a model from the Artego brand from Décathlon. However, the famous sports store has humorously notified Netflixthat Artego did not yet exist in 1995. Following that, some Internet users had fun spotting the other anachronisms present in the Lupine series.

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