Nims Purja Net Worth, High, Age, Biography,

Nims Purja Net Worth, High, Age, Biography,

Nirmal Purja was born in 1984. At the age of 22, he enlisted in the Gurkhas’ army, special military service in the British Armed Forces jointly with India.

Considered an elite species of the British Royal Navy, the Special Boat Services or SBS, of the Royal Marines. To integrate it, its members are selected from the Royal Marines Commandos (Royal Marines) and are trained by the 22 SAS (Special Air Service), a special force of the British Army, known for its high capacity in extreme conditions.

Purja’s military career spanned 16 years until he decided to focus exclusively on his Project Possible, which was to climb every mountain above 8,000 meters in less than 7 months.

Nims Purja’s Achievements

Climbing all the Himalayan giants has been a coveted challenge in mountaineering. For the first time anyone managed to climb the 14 mountains it was Reinhold Messner. In 1986 he was also the first to climb all the peaks without supplemental oxygen. In 2010, Edurne Pasaban became the first woman to complete all mountains over 8,000 meters.

The old record for attempting the 14 mountains above 8,000 meters was seven years, 10 months, and six days and was held by Korean mountaineer Kim Chang-ho in 2013.

In addition, his plan, the Bremont Project Possible, was mortally wounded: “A friend, who was in charge of the budget, told me: ‘I’m sorry, I’ve tried for seven months but I haven’t gotten any financial support.’ He had only two months to collect 750,000 pounds (835,000 euros). He would get a little from here and from there but no one believed in my vision”.

“A guy said to me, ‘Maybe they don’t sponsor you because you’re not white.’ That left me cold. The reality is that in life there are more important problems. I mortgaged the house and I got 60,000 pounds (67,000 euros), I saved 10,000 pounds (11,140 euros) so that, whatever happened, I could continue paying the mortgage.

“I started the mission with five percent of what I needed. I remember crying while driving down the freeway. I never cry but I couldn’t stop. He asked me: ‘Why am I doing this project?’ At that moment he wanted to be buried by an avalanche. The project was not for me, but for a greater cause”.

Nims Purja Success 

On April 23, 2019, the Bremont Project Possible summited its first “eight thousand”, the Annapurna in Nepal.

On the descent, Purja learned that the Malaysian doctor Chin Wui Kin had become separated from his group at 7,500 meters. Purja and other members of his team rescued him, though unfortunately, Chin died in hospital. Three days later on Kanchenjunga (the third highest mountain in the world), three other climbers were rescued. From then on, donations began to arrive in his GoFundMe account.

On July 24, 2019, the Purja team summited K2, a mountain that has never yet been conquered in winter.

“For this, there is a very small window, of course, it is possible to do it in winter. What you need is speed,” explains Purja.

Career History Of Nims Purja

Nims began his career as a British Gurkha

After he finished his military career, he began his passion, rock climbing, and mountaineering

His first mountain ascent was to the top of Lobuche East in 2012, despite being fairly inexperienced.

On May 18, 2014, he climbed his first climbable mountain, Dhaulagiri, at 8,167 meters in just 15 days.

He also climbed the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, on May 13, 2016

Purja mainly led the Gurkha Expedition, G200E, to Everest with 13 Gurkhas on 15 May 2017, commemorating 200 years of Gurkha service in the British Army.

On 9 June 2018, Queen Elizabeth II appointed him a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his high-altitude mountaineering.

He broke his own Guinness World Record by climbing Mount Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu in two days and thirty minutes.

Who Is Nims Purja’s Wife? Biography, Age, Parents,

Full name:Nims Purja
Birth date: June 25, 1983
Age:38 years
Wife Suchi Purja
MarriedSuchi Purja
Net worth$1.5 million
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorFor that
BirthplaceMyagdi, Gandaki province
Education english language boarding school
Instagram Nims Purja Instagram

Is Nirmal Nims Purja Married? Who is his Wife?

Yes, Nimal Purja aka Nims dai is married. He tied the wedding knot with his longtime girlfriend Suchi Purja in 2006. They were in a distant relationship for many years, and after meeting and understanding each other, they decided to get married in the year 2008.

Caption: Nims and his lovely wife Suruchi Puja (Source: Latest Celebrity Article)

There is no detailed information about the wedding, but we can assume that the wedding was held in style with friends and family.

Nims is living happily with his beloved wife Suchi Purja in the Hampshire town of Eastleigh. They live near the SBS headquarters at the pool Rm. They are enjoying their married life with each other.

Who Is Suchi Purja, Biography

Suchi and Nims married in the mid-2000s when they were quite young. Nims called his wife an amazing person who was quite strong mentally. A few years after their marriage, Nims decided to leave the military to focus on mountaineering, something that had become his passion. However, this decision was not easy to make. Instead, his brother objected. He wanted him to work until he got his pension. Here is more about the Biography

Nims later said of the time, “I was the breadwinner for my family. Every month I sent money straight from my paycheck to my parents. My father was semi-paralyzed and my mother lived in a room in Kathmandu (Nepal) near the medical facility. It was crazy for me to give it all up now.” In the film, Suchi also spoke about the risky nature of Nims’ mountaineering, but she always knew that he was very single-minded in working towards his goals.

Suchi also recalled how her husband trained when he had to apply for the British special forces. According to her, Nims woke up at 3 a.m. every day to run 12 miles with a 75-pound sack on his back. The hard work paid off when he was commissioned into the Special Boat Service as the first member of the Gurkha Regiment. As Nims’ Project Possible got underway, Suchi spoke about how proud she was of him and helped with background management.

Where is Suchi Purja now?

Suchi is a British citizen living with Nims in Hampshire, England. In a recent interview, Nims spoke lovingly about how important Suchi has been in his life, adding, “I am so thankful to have such a beautiful wife who has been super supportive and lets me do what I love to do. I think in every couple’s life if you stop one person from doing what they love then that person will not be happy and if the husband or wife is not happy then there will not be a happy family. Today, Suchi works as a dental therapist and also appears to serve as a director of Mountain Philantrophy Limited.

Where Is Nims Purja living?

Nims lives happily with his beloved wife, Suchi Purja, in the Hampshire town of Eastleigh. They live near SBS headquarters in the Rm pool. They enjoy their married life together.

How much Is The Net Worth Of Nims Purja?

Nirmal purja, a famous climber and former British army. He earned a large sum of money from his mountaineering career. However, his net worth is $1.5 million as of 2022. Whereas he received around $50K as a cable service in the special boat service.

He is a successful and famous mountaineer, with his continued effort and dedication in his career, his net worth is sure to increase shortly. And we can expect him to certainly disclose his net worth and salary.

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