Marketing: Why Is It So Hard For Us?

Marketing: Why Is It So Hard For Us?

Mastery of marketing does not begin when we know the principles of marketing but when we question all those limiting beliefs that paralyze us and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Let’s see an example.

Does the following line of thought sound familiar to you?

“It is so difficult for me to market my business because I think that if I have to do so much promotion it is because my service is not good. After all, if he was that good, people would be talking about him all the time and I would get all the contracts I wanted just from word of mouth.”

The preceding sentence is from a very capable professional I have in my Marketing Mastery program, but who has avoided doing marketing for her own services as much as possible (for years).

But she is not alone. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common belief that prevents those who believe in it from taking care of implementing some marketing strategies that would help them develop their businesses.

My answer to this problem begins by asking this professional a question: is it true that your services are bad and it is not worth taking care of promoting them? After all, if you develop a new and valuable service, how are your potential customers going to know about it unless someone (probably you) informs them of its existence and value?

She had to admit that it was true. Her beliefs had blinded her from acting.

But behind this belief lies another even more deception. It’s the belief that when I promote myself (especially if I’m a service provider) people are going to disapprove of me in some way. Worse still, they will make me look ridiculous, based on my own prejudices:

“How can your services really be valuable if you have to promote them? Their services must be of dubious quality…”

Apparently, marketing seems to be, for many people, a minefield, waiting for us to get careless, step on a mine, and blow up… From this point of view, the best thing is to do nothing, stay still, waiting for that one day we will discover how to get ahead…

The problem is that when marketing we are inherently seeking approval from our customers and prospects. And, if we don’t get that approval, it means that our prospects are not only not interested in our services or products, but they also don’t think highly of us for the fact that we are doing marketing.

So it is not surprising that we avoid marketing at all costs.

There is a solution? To avoid all that suffering, we could start by trying to get our marketing right. And many entrepreneurs do it.

The correct way to do marketing involves sharing our services in a noble and dignified way so that each person who belongs to our target (that is, who meets the conditions of a potential client ) and listens to the benefits of our proposal responds positively. (and, where possible, enthusiastic). In this way, a high percentage will not only respond but also buy. Of course, this is an ideal situation

A reality check: Only about 1% to 5% (and sometimes much less) of those who hear or read a marketing message are interested enough to respond in some way. This means that 95% to 99% simply don’t care about your message, at least for now.

And those who don’t care do NOT hate you or find you ridiculous, they just have other things on their mind. Some will be interested later, some will never be. Your marketing is never going to be perfect, that’s a fact.

But mastery of marketing does not imply perfection. It is about trying to communicate honestly with your potential customers (not all of them are customers) about your products and how these can help them solve their problems. A dignified and integral communication that avoids gross errors.

Here Is A Guide To Running An Honest Marketing Campaign:

.Offer services with real value

.Understand the needs of your customers

.Tell them the truth without sweeteners

.Communicate clearly

.Talk more about results than processes

.Highlight the benefits and advantages of your proposal

.Tell success stories

.Make your message relevant and interesting

.Do not stop doing the corresponding follow-up

.Be persistent but friendly

If you follow this guide consistently, in the end, you will be able to attract the attention and interest of those who need your services.

And even if you get only a small percentage of responses, you will attract the right customers, those who are interested in your services and can afford them.

But you will also get that word of mouth (or word of mouth as they say in some places) that they were looking for.


If something has real value, that information is worth sharing. No one is going to blame you for that, in fact, many are going to respond positively.

If, on the other hand, you become paralyzed and do not dedicate any effort to your marketing for fear of what they will say, you deprive yourself of developing your business and, as a consequence, of having a better standard of living.


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