Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Marketing For Entrepreneurs

You have a great product. You have great service. The only thing you lack is customers! If you think that all you have to do to have a successful business is have a good product or service, you need to realign your business thinking.

Without the power of marketing, or merchandising, your business will soon go under. And no one wants to jump aboard a sinking ship!

Remember that success breeds success. And the truth is, your marketing efforts matter just as much as your product or service! The question is how do you market your business in such a way that it stands out and allows us to separate ourselves from the rest?

I was recently approached by a young aspiring businesswoman on the verge of tears. ” I don’t know what to do,” she told me. «I have started my website, I am good at what I produce. But I don’t have any customers!» We sat down and I asked her what “marketing” actions she was doing. She gave me a blank look. ” Marketing ?” She – she asked.

The truth is that even the best products will sit on the shelf if we don’t do some marketing. Your potential or current customers have to know that you exist…

If you have an Internet-based business or have an office or location outside your home, let’s take a look at the basic marketing actions “must have” for any business.

Before directing our actions to any client, it is necessary to first establish who your ideal client is. Who is your client? And what is he or she looking for? Write it down and be specific. For example, you can write something like:

Knowing who your potential client is is essential before starting your marketing campaign. It is likely that, if you are starting out, you will have a very small marketing budget, so understanding who your client is is even more important.

Once you understand who your customers are, then you need to find out where they are, what they read, what they buy, and what they do in their spare time. This can help you develop a marketing angle or approach to reach them.

Consider The Following Formats

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing can include different actions such as catalogs or pieces sent by traditional mail, postcards, or advertising in newspapers or printed magazines that your customers read.

Online Marketing

If your customers are online, then part of your marketing efforts should also be online. The possibilities are very wide: email marketing (without falling into spam), PPC (advertising that pays per click), PPA (pay per action performed, for example, completing a form), banner advertising, Facebook advertising (which provides excellent segmentation options).

Joint Venture

When another person or company has something that you do not have and need, you can access that experience through a Joint Venture. For example, you might have the product or service, and someone else might have the customer base.

A joint venture is a simple temporary and mutually beneficial agreement that allows both parties to benefit from working together. It is definitely a great way to use the experience of others to generate profit.


If you have an online business, getting other people to promote your product/service can help you generate more sales, while others put their energy into trying to market your product.

If you set up an affiliate program, you will need to set a commission that the affiliate would receive from the sale. It is a good way to generate traffic and use knowledge, email lists, and newsletters or electronic bulletins sent by your affiliates.

Of course, for this system to work, you must put into operation a very sharp and transparent mechanism to bring sales and generate payments.

Public Relations / Media

Incorporating a public relations and media campaign including press releases and possibly creating a “media kit” that will ultimately help generate “media gain”.

A media win occurs when a newspaper, blog, website, radio, or television picks up your story.

Developing a concerted public relations effort with an organized event, demo, or interview can generate tons of free publicity for your company.

Writing press releases, preparing media kits, and running events can not only be fun but a real way to increase your traffic. For this reason, you must develop a communication strategy.


Marketing allows you to attract “pedestrians” to your business, they can generate excellent sales and lead to the success of your venture. With a little effort, you can be generating more sales and customers than you ever imagined!


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