Marketing: 8 Key Super Powers

Marketing: 8 Key Super Powers

For some time now, TV series and novels that deal with people with “increased” abilities and senses have become fashionable again, in short: they have “superpowers”. From Spiderman, Ironman, the new version of Superman, etc., etc.

The concrete thing is that all people have some kind of superpower. Of course, I am not referring to being able to jump from the 10th floor and go out as easily as possible without a broken bone (or worse…), nor to travel in time.

In some ways, our super powers are more mundane but not realizing we have them often makes us feel, well, underpowered.

But let’s think of it this way: Our superpowers are the gifts, talents, or abilities that we can harness to produce amazing results.

In other notes, we have talked about qualities such as persistence, creativity, courage, confidence, etc., but today I want to talk about the real superpowers of Marketing.

Working with so many clients I have noticed that some have more natural talents in some areas of marketing than others. We’ve talked about marketing superpowers before.

Now I present to you an inventory of what I consider to be the key Marketing superpowers and how the people who have them perform.

8 Key Marketing Super Powers

#1. Conceptualize a business idea. You could call it the ultimate entrepreneurial skill. You can easily imagine new services, present them in a certain way, and offer them to a target group of potential customers. The whole idea comes to him in an instant, accompanied by a feeling of euphoria and energy.

#2. Develop marketing messages. You seem to instinctively understand how to convey something in the most interesting, persuasive, and attention-grabbing way. He knows how to take a simple idea and give it a twist that excites his audience.

#3. Communicate face to face. It’s not so much what you say, or even how you say it, but how you communicate emotionally with the receiver. He’s a great listener, empathetic, and someone people like to be around.

#4. Communicate in written form. You can take any idea and effortlessly explain what it is, why it is important, and how someone can apply that idea in practice. You know how to do something interesting and keep the reader in the text.

Sometimes called the “core marketing skill” you can apply this power to almost everything in your marketing, in your blog, in your presentations.

#5. Speaking in front of a group. This power combines the ability to create a presentation (writing) and face-to-face communication, but it is an entirely different “animal.” Whoever has this power feels very comfortable on stage or behind a podium. He loves performing in front of an audience and getting positive feedback.

#6. Implement a Plan. When presented with a good idea, he knows how to break it down into a step-by-step action plan and put it to work, efficiently and effortlessly. In other words, he manages to make things happen.

#7. Organization capacity. He knows how to handle multiple projects, ideas, and things. He is never overwhelmed when something comes his way; you can prioritize, classify, and archive for later use.

#8. Selling capacity. Closing conversations is his superpower. He knows what to ask, what to say next, and suggests the next step. He knows how to keep the ball on his side of the court and move it toward the goal line, simply put, he knows how to close a deal to work with a new client.

What Is Your Dominant Super Power?

Of course, all of these superpowers are very useful, and in the course of learning and mastering the discipline of marketing, you will improve your skill in all of them.

But you must recognize which of these superpowers comes most naturally to you to find ways to empower them.

For example, some people (and I am one of them), find it more difficult to communicate face-to-face than in writing. I almost always prefer to send an email than to talk on the phone. And for others, it is exactly the opposite.

So it makes more sense for me to spend more time writing my newsletter, improving my website, blogging, and writing presentations and video scripts than having to attend conferences and networking events.

Which Of The Eight Super Powers Do You Most Identify With?

If it’s the ability to organize and implement, you can use that as a competitive advantage. You can collect and organize useful information to send to your potential customers.

Surely you will be great at forging, segmenting, and taking advantage of your mailing list. You have facts, strategies, and tactics at your fingertips to put into practice when the opportunity presents itself.

Trust me when I tell you that a lot of people would be envious of that superpower.

Instead, if selling is your superpower, you should spend more time connecting with and following up with your potential customers. You know your strength lies in the persuasive process, so you could put aside marketing writing and planning activities and spend most of your time on the actual sales tasks.


What you have to understand is that when you use a superpower it becomes the key to achieving your marketing goals, even if your powers in other areas are only average. And, in many cases, you can delegate those activities to others who have other skills and can do it much better than you.


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