MAKE A LIVING BY WRITING: 10 TOP MUST-SEE POST OF 2020Want to read how to make a living writing during a global pandemic?

Many new writers have set out to make this happen this year. Some pursue a lifelong dream, others are forced to find another way to pay the bills.

For some writers, this was the year to turn a project of passion or small confusion into a real income stream, earn more, and earn a living by writing.

Along the way, many writers have discovered the experience of trying to make a living by relying on content factories and bidding sites.

While others have found that pitching story ideas and sending cover letters to publications and paying companies is the best way.

This year, more than 1 million freelance writers have found their way to Make a Living Writing for help, inspiration, and resources in more than 1,200 blog posts. And some clear winners have made it to the top.

If you’re trying to make a living by writing, making progress, and earning more, these 10 must-read posts from 2020 will point you in the right direction.

There are some clear differences in how you plan, organize, and write an article compared to a blog post.

If you don’t know the difference, you’re missing out on tasks that can help you make a living by writing. Study how these differences are different and get more work done.

What if you could accumulate $ 100 allocations? Would you be able to live writing?

Check out this list of verified websites and publications that work with freelance writers. Study the guidelines and start launching?

For an also bigger list of freelance writing jobs, check out: Fired Up? Launch this monster List of over 200 freelance writing jobs.

Search engine optimization is alive and well. Customers care about creating content that helps them rank higher. And social media strategies are also important than always to get noticed, drive traffic, and attract more readers and customers.

Whether you understand the intricacies of digital marketing or are willing to learn, there are plenty of customers willing to pay. Check out this list to get started.

Can you make a living writing? We have compiled responses to a payment survey to give you a snapshot of what freelancers do.

It is also a useful resource to help you set your freelance writing fees and avoid being surprised by sleazy customers.

Do you want to see your income potential as a freelance writer, find out your position, and get information to help you earn more? Read this post.

It is no secret that traditional print magazines and newspapers are following the same path as the dinosaur.

But instead of going extinct, some great school pubs are publishing print and online magazines.

Some beginner pubs just print anything and start publishing online.

And if you know where to look, online magazines can help you make a living by writing. How about an allocation of $ 500 or $ 2 / contract per word? You’ll get online pubs that pay well on this list

Want to read how to make a living writing? It is not changing, a little extra money, or just enough to cover expenses.

Real money. The six-figure freelance money type.

Freelance writer Casey Morris found a way, but it was hardly a straight path to get there.

Read this post to find out how much she struggled and what changed to help her grow and earn more.

Have you read, seen, or heard something about which you have a sharp opinion and any credentials to justify your opinion being published?

If your reply is “yes”, there is a good chance that there is a customer ready to pay for your idea.

Check out these 10 publications that pay editors for opinion articles and editorial content.

What if your potential customers found you online and asked for help with a project?

That’s the dream, right? While outbound marketing should always be part of your plan to make a living by writing, you can also leverage your LinkedIn profile to generate inbound leads.

Sometimes, taking a look at real examples that you can model is exactly what you need to make a living writing.

Want to improve your chances of getting a mission?

Check out these three guest posting proposals that have turned into paid freelance writing jobs.

When you’re looking forward to getting a freelance job, it’s easy to want to swallow any client willing to give you a bone. But this will cause some indigestion in bank accounts at some point.

There is a better way. Learn to trust your instinct. In this popular 2020 post, freelance writer Nina Doyle explains the process for getting big clients.


Make a living by writing in 2021: start now

If you’re looking for ways to grow and earn more as a freelancer, take a look at what helped freelancers the most in 2020. You’ll learn a lot about where to find clients, how to present sales pitches, set your rates, and more.

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