Logos With Animals Help Create Brand

Logos With Animals Help Create Brand

Have you ever wondered why animal logos are so effective for our brand?

Historically, artisans, manufacturers, as well as printers used symbols to indicate their authorship and differentiate themselves from the rest.

These symbols with time and the evolution of the design discipline became logos.

The design of our logo says a lot about our company, and an attractive logo, easy to remember and identify, is a weapon that we will always have at our side.


Our brand is the continent of our values, of what we want our company and our services to represent, or what we would like it to be.

We always have an idea of how we want our clients or society to see us.

Unfortunately, we do not always manage to get closer to that ideal, either because we have not correctly analyzed the situation and we have not correctly identified the actions that lead us to it, or because there is a manifest dissonance between what we would like and what we really do, even though we are aware of it.

But if we clearly identify our values ​​and we always work consistently with them in all our actions, following an established plan, surely the market will end up understanding us.

The Right Animal In The Logo Gives Us An Advantage

Our logo is one of the most relevant elements that serve to be recognized and evoke the values ​​we seek in the market.

It is therefore a basic element of our marketing and deserves the utmost attention.

A carelessly designed logo will say a lot about our company, and an attractive logo that is easy to remember and identify will be a weapon that we will always have at our side.

Today we are going to talk about a tool widely used by brands: the use of animals as an integral part of the logo.

It is much easier for us to remember an animal, which is already something identifiable, than a geometric logo or any other type of design; our brand will therefore be remembered more easily and with less investment.

2.- Depending on the behaviors, the roles that animals have in nature, their habitat, or their state of development, we tend to identify them with a series of values; If we select the correct animal, it will do the job for us of transferring its values ​​to our clients.

3.- We can design the animal as we want, giving it expressiveness and character, making it appear likable, aggressive, or hieratic, according to our needs.

An animal in the logo reinforces the memory of our brand. Tweet

Use Of Animal Symbolism

The characteristic features of a brand can be reinforced by using animal symbolism through the image of living beings, thus achieving an emotional connection with a pet and making it easier to remember.

Brands can use animal logos even when they have nothing to do with a specific animal. It is important to research the meaning and symbolism of animals in different cultures and consider the target market to avoid cultural mistakes.

Here it is very important to remember some failed experiments when a Western brand tries to win Asian markets.

It is also important to consider the logo style and colors to create an even stronger brand.

For example, an ant, although very small, has enormous strength in relation to its size. Ants make up most of the organic material on earth and are found everywhere, they are perfectly organized, and it is surprising to see how they work as a team. Have you ever lifted a stone that revealed ant larvae?; in a matter of seconds, the ants pull them to safety. They herd herds of aphids and even use fungicides and antibiotics. We all have them as great workers.

If we use an ant as part of our logo, or in our brand image, we are identifying with these values, and we are communicating them to our customers. Here is an example of the use of the ant in the corporate image: links.

The woodpecker has some similar characteristics to the ants. He is a tireless worker, and by force of repetitive blows, they manage to pierce the hardest wood to reach their food or store food for the seasons of scarcity. Can you think of a better mascot for an online marketing agency?

Some Examples Of Logos With Animals

Without thinking much, the following examples come to mind: the panda bear from WWF or Panda Software, Jaguar, the Playboy bunny, the Lacoste crocodile, the Peugeot or Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion, the “prancing horse” from Ferrari, Puma, the fox from Firefox, the bat from Valencia or Bacardi, the owl from Hootsuite, the bull from Osborne or from Red Bull, Camel, or the bird from Twitter.

As you can see, the imagination of the creatives does not deprive themselves of anything: bulls, cats, poultry, dogs, horses, rabbits, sheep, bees, lions, tigers, and gazelles, all of them can be the basis of inspiration to design the logo of our company.

TIP: Our recommendation is always to hire professional services, but if you really can’t and need to manage on your own you can always resort to templates. For example, on Envato, you can see a huge number of pre-made logos ready to customize and use at a very affordable cost.


The logo, an element present in all our commercial documentation, like the company name, represents and distinguishes us. Both play an important role in the success of your brand.

Dare to incorporate the image of an animal into your logo and give your brand more visibility. But do not forget to first analyze the attributes of your brand to choose the right animal to accompany it.

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