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Debunking the Latest Marketing Myths That Are Plain Absurd and Invalid

In 2021, the average business has already spent 6.4 percent of its total revenue on marketing.

If you’re going to spend such a significant portion of your revenue on marketing, you ought to make sure you’re using smart marketing tactics. Unfortunately, it can be hard to separate truly effective marketing techniques from the latest marketing myths. 

latest marketing
Latest Marketing

Read on to learn about some of the biggest myths about marketing. You’ll also find out what you should be doing instead to boost your business.

Digital Is the Only Way to Go

Even the owners of the best digital marketing agency will tell you there’s still a place for traditional marketing techniques in 2021 and beyond.

You don’t have to fully eschew all traditional tactics because we live in a digital age. In fact, mixing digital and traditional approaches can help you expand your reach and make a bigger splash with your audience.

All You Need Is a Website

Most business owners know that they should have a website if they want to attract more customers and generate more revenue. However, some believe the myth that simply having a website is sufficient.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having a website is a good first step. It also needs to be optimized and updated regularly, though, if you want it to make a difference.

SEO Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Speaking of optimization, it’s another common marketing myth that SEO doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s true that SEO best practices have changed quite a bit over the last few years. Furthermore, what was once effective might not necessarily be effective now.

That being said, SEO is still important for local marketing, attracting website visitors, and keeping your business relevant. You should still be focusing on things like keyword optimization, content creation, and regular website updates if you want to experience these benefits.

You Only Need One Social Media Profile

Social media marketing is a staple for many businesses in 2021. There’s a myth circulating, though, that businesses only need one social media profile to reach their target audience.

You may have found that the majority of your audience uses one platform more than any other. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore those platforms altogether. 

According to the experts at Design ME Marketing, only having and updating one social media profile could cause you to miss out on opportunities to connect with new potential customers. Try shaking it up and diversifying your social media presence to avoid this issue.

Have You Fallen for the Latest Marketing Myths?

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, and there’s a lot of room for the latest marketing myths to circulate. They can trick even the sharpest professionals into doing things that are unnecessary or counterproductive.

If you’ve fallen for any of these myths, it’s time to make some changes.

We have lots of other resources available on our site that can point you in the right direction and teach you some innovative marketing techniques. Check out the Digital Marketing section of our site today to learn more.

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