Jack Black Major Works

Jack Black, whose full name is Thomas Jacob Black, is a renowned American actor, musician, comedian, and big screen producer, whose films and performances have enchanted many moviegoers.

Jack Black is the cousin of Owen Wilson, another renowned actor in the comic genre of the big screen, so we can assure that this family carries the talent to make laugh in their blood.

Jack Black

Blind Love (2001)

A fun romance and comedy movie that will make you laugh out loud. The story is about a superficial young man who is constantly in search of the “perfect woman” physically.

But everything changes when he meets a counseling guru and he hypnotizes him, ending up falling in love with an obese woman whom he sees as very beautiful because now he contemplates her inner beauty without realizing it.

School of Rock (2003)

As you can see, Jack Black Networth is great at music, and that talent he has been expressed through good films that he has given us all, one of these tapes is “School of Rock”.

The plot revolves around an unemployed guitarist, who was fired by his band and finds himself in serious financial trouble. So he decides to pose as a teacher in a school.

King Kong (2005)

One of the great Peter Jackson movies and starring Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody. Building on the successful franchise about the legendary King Kong character.

The story tells the life of a young and attractive actress who seeks to find a place in the entertainment world and one day a daring director decides to present her with a strange project about shooting a movie on a mythical island in the Pacific Ocean, the discovery will be surprising.

The entire cast and a group of sailors and mercenaries embark towards the island and what they will discover will be more than spooky, being the home of a terrible creature and prehistoric animals, as well as a violent tribe of aborigines,

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Tenacious D: Key of Destiny

Tenacious D: Key of Destiny (2006)

Let’s start this top with a peculiar film by Jack Black Networth, a musical comedy directed by Liam Lynch, a very little known but worth watching. And even more so when you find out that Tim Robbins and Amy Adams are in the cast.

The story centers on musicians JB and KG, who through their friendship see the possibility of creating one of the best rock bands in the world. To accomplish this, the duo set out on a search for a legendary guitar with supernatural powers.

The Rest (2006)

A story that will reveal a beautiful and complicated side of love, where two women (played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz ) temporarily exchange homes once they have both broken up with their respective boyfriends.

They will soon meet and fall in love with two men in the towns where they moved but all their joy will be clouded by their imminent return to their place of origin, which could end their new relationships.

Nacho Libre (2006)

A comedy and action-packed story will tell you the story of Ignacio, a much loved and humble cook who works his night hours as a free wrestler to raise money for his orphanage.

This film is loosely based on the story of the Mexican friar “Fray Tormenta”, who has used that nickname in his competitions, from which the money collected was destined for an orphanage he ran.

Tropic Thunder (2008)

Full of comedy as in almost all of Jack Black’s filmography, here he will share the screen with other great stars such as Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. The story is about the recording of a war film about the war in Vietnam, but these are later abandoned and they face real dangers.

And although they do not know it, they will be in a real conflict in the interior of the jungle, all this with the director’s purpose of “capturing better performances.” Get ready for a highly entertaining and highly recommended film.

Bernie (2011)

In this police comedy, Jack Black shares a cast with nothing more and nothing less than Matthew McConaughey, to star in this film based on a real-life case.

The story centers on Bernie Tiede, who is a dedicated and charming funeral home worker who is well respected and loved by the inhabitants of a small Texas town. However, he will meet a wealthy and controlling widow from whom he will want to get rid.

Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

“Jumanji: the next level” is the fourth film in this saga, it is directed by Jake Kasdan and starring in addition to Jack Black, by Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, and Danny DeVito.

In this continuation of the fantastic world of Jumanji, nothing is what it seems, and the players return to the game but there is a catch: The characters have been swapped with each other.

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