Is Packaged Foods A Good Career Path

Is Packaged Foods A Good Career Path?

Are you searching for is packaged foods a good career path? Let’s discover the whole scope of the food packaging industry.

The United States packaging industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% between 2021 and 2025, making it the most critical market in North America. Over the years, we have seen new ideas and concepts in the packaging industry. Some of the most vital investments have been in technology, creativity, and sustainability.

Ensuring that the safety of a product goes beyond the product itself. The packaging of a product plays a vital role since you have direct contact with the product and you have to make sure that any element does not have any effect on it. 

The food industry follows strict government regulations to ensure a safe and hygienic food packaging process. 

Let’s learn more about the food manufacturing companies and packaging engineer job’s scope.

What Do Food Companies Do?

Food companies are those that seek to supply customers with good quality consumer products. These types of companies are also in charge of implementing quality processes in their production lines, in addition to the elaboration, transformation, preparation, conservation, and packaging of food for human and even animal consumption.

What Are The Main Processes Carried Out In Food Companies?

The food company classifies food manufacturing into five different processes: food handling, extraction, preparation, preservation, and packaging processes.

1. Food handling process: It refers to the moment in which the trained personnel have direct contact with the food during the different processes. 

2. Extraction process: The pulps, the content of the bones or liquids, to name a few, are extracted, which can be obtained by grinding the food, or by heating, drying, or filtering it. 

3. Elaboration process: Its objective is the transformation of food to another through cooking, distillation, drying, and fermentation (in the case of beverages). 

4. Preservation process: In this stage the microbial activity ends, prolonging the life of the food, it can be through pasteurization, sterilization with antibiotics, radiation sterilization, ionizing radiation (used in the control of containers), and microwave radiation.

5. Packaging process: Once the food is ready, it is packed or packaged according to its state (solid or liquid) and marketing begins. 

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List Of The Largest Food Manufacturing Companies In The United States

  • PepsiCo
  • Kraft Foods
  • General Mills
  • Kellogg
  • Dean Foods
  • Land O’Lakes
  • ConAgra Foods
  • Sara lee
  • HJ Heinz
  • Hormel Foods
  • Campbell soup
  • Dole food
  • Hershey
  • JM Smucker

From this, you can easily understand packaged foods a good career path that how many packaging industry jobs are available in the USA and global market. 

So whether you are a packaging engineer or a salesperson the job’s door is open for you. Let’s explore more about packaging industry jobs and future scope.

Food And Beverage Industry Developing Faster

The food and beverage industry is developing faster and will drive the growth of the food packaging technology and equipment market. 

On the other hand, there is the bakery and confectionery industry, which has a significant influence on packaging and equipment technology due to the importance of regulating temperature, maintaining flavor, and focusing on sanitary measures.

Food Industry Jobs

The agriculture and food production industry employ more than one billion people, which translates to one-third of the world’s workforce. 

Although the number of food companies in the sector is very large, a relatively small number exerts enormous influence. This is how packaging unlimited jobs.

Food Manufacturing Companies

Here are the top 10 food manufacturing companies that are among the largest in the world by several variables. All of them have revenues worth tens of billions of dollars. Five of these companies have at least $ 50 billion in assets, while four have profits of more than $ 6 billion a year. 

In addition, these 10 companies directly employ more than 1.5 million people that contain a large number of flexible packaging sales jobs. Some food companies have taken steps to improve their social role. 

Top 10 Food Manufacturing Companies

Associated British Foods

Coca Cola

Groupe Danone

General Mills




Unilever Group

Jobs In Packaging Industry

If the yogurt pot can be opened gently, the biscuits in the pack stay crispy and fresh, the chocolate bar fits perfectly in the box and the vegetarian schnitzel looks tasty, then engineers have done a good job. 

The food industry is the third-largest branch of industry in Germany, around 570,000 people work here to ensure that the whole of Germany is full and that delicious goods are on the supermarket shelves. So if you are a packaging engineer then jobs are not an issue in that food industry. An exciting industry for engineers.

Types of Jobs In The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is a business sector dedicated to the design and manufacture of packaging products. Packaging includes everything from display cases to boxes used in transit to protect goods during transit. 

Employment Opportunities

The industry is vast and provides employment opportunities for line workers, designers, engineers, lawyers, and many more. Some companies are multinational and offer shares and dividends on public markets, while others are small and privately owned.

Packaging is essential for transporting, protecting, presenting, and displaying large and small items. Food companies in the packaging industry focus on creating safe packaging to protect products from damage such as bubble wrap, molded foam, and other packaging products. 

This packaging is more practical than aesthetically pleasing, as the main concern is protection, not presentation. Other companies are more interested in the packaging used to showcase products with compelling visuals to stimulate consumer interest.

Packaging may need to meet certain legal standards as well as industry standards such as overall dimensions to make it easier for distributors to handle products during storage and transport. 

Challenges In Packaging Industry

Companies in the packaging industry are familiar with legal and industry challenges. Many people focus on packaging certain types of food, such as food, toys, or medicine. 

They gain experience in a specific field to offer their customers more services and can contribute to the development of new packaging standards.

Companies in the packaging industry may be called upon to develop packaging from scratch for individual applications and special customers. In other cases, they produce standard packaging that has the required markings and markings printed on them or supply raw packaging for marking and customization by the customer. For example, glass beverage bottles can be produced in bulk and sold to multiple manufacturers. The manufacturer will apply the private label to the glass during the bottling process.

Current Job Opportunities In Packaging Industry

Job opportunities in the packaging company sector could include developing new packaging products, modifying packaging to solve customer problems, and developing optimized packaging production methods. 

Flexible Packaging Sales Jobs List

Here is the list of industries that are continuously in search of hiring new packaging positions for their food packaging company.

1-Cheese Packager

Waverly, NY 14892

$20.13 an hour – Full-time

The Bulk Packaging role performs a variety of duties to include: inspecting cheese quality, inspecting bulk packaging, packaging the cheese, ensuring packaging quality, rework, and performing general housekeeping duties. 

2-Packaging Machine Operator

Zanesville, OH 43701

$14.90 – $23.15 an hour

As a Manufacturing Packaging Operator, you will help prepare world-class products for shipment in Kellogg Company’s state-of-the-art baking and production facilities. 

3-Packaging Machine Operator

Irving, TX 75061

$25.75 an hour – Full-time

The Packaging Machine Operator is responsible for setting up and operating assigned packaging machines and statistical scales to pack the optimum number of quality packages of product.

4-General Labor, Bakery- Packing

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Assists Packaging Lead with overseeing proper packaging of the product. Monitors the lines for quality of product and worker being done.

5-Food Technologist


Citrus Heights, CA

As a food technologist, you will revise and develop methods for safely processing, preserving, and packaging food along with searching for ways to improve foods flavor retention and nutritional value. You will conduct tests to ensure that products, from fresh produce to packaged meals, meet industry, government, and company standards.

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People with design, manufacturing, and environmental experiences such as waste reduction or hazardous substances control can find many open positions in the packaging industry. 

What Are The Expected Wages In The Food Packaging Industry?

The available wages depend on the skill and type of work being done, with high wages tending to go to designers working on aesthetics and presentation, while people working on the production line receive less.

The national average salary for Food Packaging is $31,730 per year in the United States. 

Conclusion: Packaged Foods A Good Career Path?

Is packaged foods a good career path? Hope to know it’s cleared to you how much growth is available in the food packaging industry.

The food industry is a high-tech industry. But consumers want natural, tasty food that is nicely packaged, has a long shelf life, and is available for little money. At the same time, the convenience food market and online food retailing are growing. 

This creates new fields for engineers when it comes to delivering perishable goods to customers as quickly as possible. Companies such as the biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen are therefore primarily looking for applicants with initiative and willingness to change. 

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