Ideas for Valentine’s Day Marketing on Social Media

Over half of adults celebrate Valentine’s Day, generating nearly $22 billion each year. And honoring this holiday on social media can boost your brand and sales for those looking to treat their special someone.

While love is on the brain in February, keep your followers engaged with these ideas for Valentine’s Day social media marketing.

Encourage Followers to Tag Partners on a Post

Engagement is key to social media marketing. Without enough likes, follows, and shares, your posts may go undetected by a platform’s algorithm.

Boost your account by encouraging followers to tag their Valentine’s Day partners on a post. Share a relatable quote or image for couples, and give a call to action in the caption to tag their special someone.

That way, more people will see and like your post.

Run a Valentine’s Day Contest

One of the best Valentine’s Day marketing strategies on social media is to run a contest.

Winners can receive special Valentine’s Day gifts, using your own products or brand partnerships. For example, you could offer a self-care package for singles, a date night package for couples, or a girl’s night out package for Galentine’s Day.

Generally, followers should be required to like and share the post in order to enter. This will help boost engagement and activity on your social media account.

Promote Products for Lovers

Similar to running a contest, but without giving away anything for free, promoting your products for Valentine’s Day will capture the attention of those looking for romantic gifts.

Create posts highlighting your products and how they relate to Valentine’s Day.

This might seem too easy for products like chocolates or flowers. But almost any brand and product can be connected to Valentine’s Day in some way.

If you own an app, market it to couples to use together. If you use social media to promote your consulting agency, encourage followers to “share the love” and refer a new client for a special discount.

There are endless ways to creatively promote your products and services during the Valentine’s Day season.

Share Stats, Infographics, and Tips

Social media users love to be entertained, but they also love to be educated. Share Valentine’s Day statistics or tips to keep them engaged with your account.

Not only will they likely stop to read or watch your post, but they’ll also be more likely to share it with others.

Create Valentine’s Day Ads

Social media ads expose your account to those who may have never seen it before. And February is a great time to create Valentine’s-themed social media ads.

Showcase your product or service, along with hearts, cupid arrows, and other Valentine’s Day-related imagery. You can also offer a discount or other incentive for people who follow your account or purchase an item before the 14th rolls around.

Learn more about how to create effective ads with the help of a marketing and social media management agency.

Spread Love on Social Media

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to boost your business on social media and generate sales, especially among those who are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Use these social media marketing strategies before Valentine’s Day to spread the love through your posts.

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