Throughout our blog posts, we have emphasized the importance of the human resources department for any business.

Not only does human resources help companies source extraordinary candidates who work with passion, but they also handle other tasks such as the legal implications that come with being an employer, staff attendance, and employee performance issues. Besides, the human resources department is responsible for creating a work culture that inspires employees to truly contribute to the success of the company and at the same time, allows operators to grow and discover new people each day.

According to a report published by the professional social network LinkedIn, 69% of HR professionals recognize that training the workforce is the main priority within their organizations; and 27% anticipate an increase in their budget. So most likely, day by day, you are with your team in search of ways or strategies to help your people grow personally and professionally within the company.

Statistics confirm to us year after year that the only way to achieve success in a company is through the good work of its employees. But how can an organization ensure that all its employees are comfortable in their workplace and at the same time trained to achieve the objectives?

Working on their training and development. Luckily, technology is a great HR ally to develop a firm training and development strategy capable of making employees more productive and effective, actively and intimately related to the company, and capable of taking advantage of changes, technical and industry improvements.

If you feel that your training efforts are falling short and not yielding good results, in this post we are going to talk a little about how incorporating technology and training and development initiatives can help companies to be prosperous at the same time. the time they have passionate and capable people.

How technology and training and development initiatives can help your company and your people grow

Develop formal and continuous training for employees

Formal employee training and development is a pretty obvious way to help your employees grow and achieve great results. Exercise not only helps them improve their understanding and skills, but it also enables them to excel in everything they do. It also allows and motivates workers to try harder and go beyond what is required of them.

According to the LinkedIn report, 58% of organizations use their online platforms (such as LMS, or online courses tailored within the organization).

New LMS systems or software allow you to create online training programs with which employees can constantly learn and grow. With this platform, HR managers can expand the available course offerings to motivate employees and create a knowledge base that they can access 24/7 and learn at their own pace.

Ongoing training and development with LMS software ensure that employees reach their full potential and easily adapt to the workplace and work culture. With such a system, they will always be able to stay up-to-date with every corporate change and market trend, as well as stay up-to-date with industry best practices and procedures to continuously grow and make learning initiatives worthwhile in the long run.

To promote teamwork

Encouraging teamwork across departments can have a huge positive impact on your overall organization. When each team works in unison, wonders can be accomplished in the company. Remember that every one of them is an important cog in the company’s machine, so they should be encouraged to work together as such.

As a human resources professional, it is part of your job to connect all employees and ensure that they work together as one team. Luckily, technology can help connect your employees and get them to mingle and attend stand-up meetings and other team briefings so everyone can see how they impact the organization.

Training and development software or LMS software makes it feasible for all workers to learn and share knowledge, be on the same page and grow together, which can be a great motivator for further learning and development.

Incorporate mentoring and counseling

Today’s employees, especially millennials, expect their leaders to work as mentors, help them overcome any obstacles, and teach them to contribute to the company.

New HR technologies allow the development of mentoring and advisory plans in which managers can help those employees who need additional help to improve the way they do their work.

Also, high-tech solutions in HR allow decentralized access for employees to define their own short, medium, or long-term career plans.   Thanks to AI capabilities, some platforms automatically communicate what are the courses, competencies, internal vacancies, etc. for a certain person, in such a way that mentors can help guide employees on the right path according to the interests of each person and of course, the benefit of the company itself.

Improve the soft skills of your employees

Soft skills are exceptionally important for the effective development of employees but rarely sees them as such. HR departments now focus primarily on finding candidates who are trained to perform all day-to-day operations correctly.

However, soft skills can considerably better information and collaboration between teams, which can create an incredible work culture and help employees work in great harmony.

Luckily, your company can harness the power of LMS software to improve employee soft skills and develop emotional intelligence through online pieces of training focused on soft skills that teach them how to write efficiently and be in complete union with their partners.

There is no doubt that new technologies such as HCM software, e-learning platforms, or LMS platforms can help you improve the way you train and promote continuous learning in your company. That’s why at PeopleNext we invite you to get to know the SuccessFactors e-learning platform. Don’t you know it yet? An E-Learning or LMS platform such as SuccessFactors is a resource that provides benefits for both the company and your collaborators, this is a tool that allows access to training plans, accelerates strategic learning, reduces recurring training cycles, reduces turnover and the skills gap, encourages collaboration and knowledge, etc.

Consider the opportunity to purchase training and development software and embrace continuous learning as part of your organizational culture. Remember that the work of your collaborators is essential to achieve success and to the extent that they are more prepared and trained, they will bring better results, increase efficiency and be more successful.

If you still do not have an LMS software in your company, we invite you to know SuccessFactors, the human capital software that through its E-learning LMS module will allow you to motivate, develop and increase the learning of your employees in an effective way and accessible at all times. Request a Demo of SuccessFactors.

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