How To Use Surveys As A Business Tool

How To Use Surveys As A Business Tool

How To Use Surveys As A Business Tool
How To Use Surveys As A Business Tool

When you think of surveys, do you think of sleazy business people in suits walking door to door? Luckily, you don’t have to do anything like that to use surveys as a business tool.

Instead, you can send surveys through email or put them on your website. After you receive the results, you can analyze them and make necessary changes to your business.

Read on to learn how you can use surveys as a business tool.

Generate Leads

One of the best ways to use surveys as a business tool is to collect leads. You can compile contact information from people who may want to buy your product or hire you for your service.

Keep the survey simple, so only include a few fields for contact information and one or two questions. When generating leads, you can ask survey respondents how they found your business or what product or service interests them.

If you notice a trend with your lead generation surveys, you can focus on what works. For example, if most of your leads come from Instagram, you can start posting and engaging more on that platform.

When asking about your offers, if your leads all seem to want one type of service, focus on that. Then, you don’t have to spread yourself too thin.

Test Brand Awareness

As you started your business, you might have spent a good amount of time on your branding. You had to come up with the colors and fonts to use to make your business stand out.

However, that doesn’t guarantee that your brand will make sense to consumers. Conducting a brand awareness survey allows to you get feedback on your branding.

You can ask people what they think about the branding you use. Other factors to cover include trustworthiness, memorability, and what people think of when they think of your brand.

Conduct Market Research

Market research is essential if you want to improve your business. Fortunately, you can conduct that research in a variety of ways, including with a market research survey.

While you can research the market by comparing existing products and reading reviews, that takes time. It also requires you to make a few assumptions about your audience.

On the other hand, sending your audience a market survey means you can tackle their specific problems. And you can save those survey results to help guide your marketing to make sure you hit your audience’s pain points.

Combine the survey results with your other market research results. And be sure to conduct a survey any time you want to add a new service or change your business in some way.

Get Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is vital to the success of any business. Because of this, a customer satisfaction survey can be an excellent business tool to help you and your team.

After you make a sale and either send the product or complete the service, send the customer a survey. Ask them if they liked or disliked things like:

  • Delivery time
  • What alternatives they considered
  • How often they use the product
  • If they’d recommend it to a friend

Receiving those answers means you can work to improve your business. And you don’t have to worry about when to send a survey because you can send it after the completion of the service or the delivery of the product.

Analyze Event Success

Not all businesses will host an event, but it can be an excellent way to build a customer relationship. You can host an event to either sell your new offer or to partner with a local business or charity.

After the event concludes, send all of the participants a survey. Ask them what interested them in the event, what they liked the most and the least, and if they’d attend something similar in the future.

When you receive the surveys, go over the results to see what went well and how you could improve a future event. You may even learn that running another event wouldn’t be worth it.

Learn From Your Employees

While surveys are an excellent business tool for learning about your customers, you can also use them to learn about employees. You can send employees surveys regarding general satisfaction and specific job satisfaction.

A general survey may focus on things like the cleanliness of your office or the ability to request time off. That way, you can send the same survey to everyone who works for you.

On the other hand, a job satisfaction survey might vary from role to role. You can ask about things like how the person enjoys the job and what their favorite part of work is.

Review Training Success

Another type of survey to send to your employees is a training survey. After your employees go through training either at the beginning or on a regular basis, ask them how the session went.

Then, you can use those surveys to improve your business training for future employees. You can understand if training is effective and if your employees find it helpful.

Like with employee surveys, you can send different surveys to people who go through different types of training. That way, you’ll receive more specific results to help improve various training programs.

Understand Reasons For Exiting

Finally, you should develop an exit interview survey for your employees to complete. If someone wants to leave your business, you need to know why that is.

In some cases, the employee’s reason for leaving has nothing to do with the business. They may need to move somewhere else, or they might want to stay at home with their kids.

However, some employees might leave for work-related reasons. Maybe they don’t feel like people respect them, or they wish they had more opportunities for advancement. You can use those details to figure out how to improve things for your current employees.

Will You Use Surveys As A Business Tool?

Surveys can be an excellent business tool, but you need to use the right type of survey. Whether you want to collect feedback from your customers or employees, make sure the survey you send covers the right questions.

Then, you’ll get the best possible answers, and you can use those to improve your business. Soon enough, you’ll have the best business you could have.

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